Me right now

I just can’t believe that 500 of you are interested in what I have to say and like my posts enough to follow me. THANK YOU SO MUCH

Feel the power of my love

Once again, I wish I could do something! I’m going to think very hard about this (or take it to Twitter for help haha), and hopefully I can thank you all somehow ❀

Now let me roll around on the floor in glee

Yui Hirasawa is my spirit animal



45 thoughts on “500 FOLLOWERS!!!

  1. CONGRATULATIONS! You really do deserve all the followers you have, your blog is so entertaining. And those gifs? They are simply the cutest a little gifs ever, I adore them. xoxo

  2. Yui is the best. Before she moved to London my sister used to bring me ice cream when I rolled on the floor. Everyone else just thinks I’m weird. Congratulations!! xx

  3. I AM SO LATE but a ton of congrats! :D *showers confetti* *makes that terrible kazoo party instrument sound things*
    For giveaway ideas: I’ve seen a couple of people use The Book Depository to ship straight to a winner, since they have free (mostly) worldwide delivery? :)

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