The Weekly Hufflepuff #6

the weekly hufflepuff

Remember when in my last weekly wrap up I said I had thought of a schedule to combine school, blogging, reading and writing? Also remember how I said I thought I was developing a cold? Yep, I really was! This was not a good week health-wise, which meant I already broke the schedule. On Monday I went to the station to catch the train, but I just felt worse with every second and went back home. I had a huge migraine and felt like I was going to throw up. After sleeping for a few hours I woke up with my throat hurting more than ever – talking actually hurt! (Mom: ‘It’s rather peaceful this way’ thanks Mom).
On Tuesday I went back to school as I couldn’t miss too much, and I no longer had a migraine. Also I could talk again! Until Thursday when everything came out as a whisper- yay. My throat still hurts, but at least I can talk. I’m coughing a lot, and I definitely have a cold, but it could be worse. Anyway, long story short, I would’ve blogged more (and scheduled posts for next week) even though school is busy, but I just felt awful and decided against it. I hope I can get back to blogging regularly (both writing and reading; I’ve barely read any posts this week!) soon.


  • I read some more fairy tales. I especially liked Jorinda and Jorindel
  • I FINALLY GOT QUEEN OF SHADOWS!! So naturally I started reading it yesterday


As I mentioned I’m sick, but hopefully not for much longer!

I went to my old school on Wednesday to keep my friend company during her free period. It was so strange to take that old route to the school and then walk inside of it! It hasn’t changed much, which would be weird of course since the last time I was there was in July but still haha. I also saw my old Spanish teacher and talked to her a bit.

I’m busy with schoolwork! I have to hold an elevator pitch tomorrow (which I’m not looking forward to since not only do I hate to stand in front of a group and talk, but also because of my throat and my coughing) and finish a big article for our magazine (I don’t think I’ve mentioned it to you guys yet, but one of my subjects this term is ‘first issue’ in which you make your own magazine!). Oh and I need to interview someone and then analyse it. Of course there’s also the reading to keep up with.. Especially the article will take up a lot of time though.

Last Friday me and two classmates were terrified we were going to miss our trains (me and another girl had to take the same train). We ran out of the bus with less than two minutes to spare, up the stairs,  and then we sort of separated. I had to check in (in The Netherlands we have these machines that you have to hold your transport chipcard against so you’re ‘checked in’) and of course I had to double-check if I had really checked in because I didn’t want to get a fine. That’s when I lost sight of my classmate who had to take the same train, so I just ran like crazy towards the escalator that would take me to the platform, except when I was running down the escalator, I noticed that it wasn’t the platform I was supposed to be at at all (it’s always the same one), so I quickly ran up the other escalator again and then towards the right platform. I was 99% sure the train would have left already, but when I got to the platform there was still a train there. I almost missed it because I wasn’t sure if it was my train, until I heard my classmate yell my name. Mere seconds after I had run into it, the train left! I still can’t believe I was that lucky haha!

what I posted-2


Like I said, I haven’t read that many posts this week. Instead I’d like to point out some other things!

And that’s a wrap! I only have one post scheduled this week (another tag) and I’m not sure I’ll have the time to post this week. I think I’m going to take a sort of hiatus: I’ll blog when I can, but I might not blog at all! At least not until I’m all better and pretty much caught up on homework. BUT! How was your week? I hope I’ll be able to catch up on blogs and comment more this week, but if I don’t, know that it’s not you but me (lol I just had to use it haha. But in this case it’s really me. I love all of your blogs and I hate that I barely have the time to read them).


25 thoughts on “The Weekly Hufflepuff #6

  1. Hey! I love these wrap ups – I`ve been thinking about having a monthly one:) We`ll see about that!
    Also – about the book awards – if I want to help you, what do I have to do? I`d love to help, but I want to do a good job, so:)
    Hope you get better and have an amazing week ahead! :-)

  2. Great post! I don’t know if you noticed but I was kind of AWOL for about a month, after this I’m going to check out what you did without me for the book awards. :-) The train adventure sounds crazy!

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