Falling Even More In Love With Lifehouse


Last Tuesday one of my favourite bands – Lifehouse – performed at the Melkweg here in Amsterdam. I was still sick, but it was so worth it (resulting in me feeling like crap the next day and my throat being worse haha).

Lifehouse is the only band I never stopped listening to the moment I heard one of their songs (Hanging By A Moment) roughly six years ago, which is amazing considering how my taste has changed these past years (even though I’ve always listened to rock). I absolutely love their music – it’s beautiful and inspiring yet so easy to rock to haha. And oh my Gods they made me fall in love with them so much more last Tuesday. But let’s start from the beginning!

I had school until 5:30 pm, so I hurried to the train station to catch the train. Sadly I missed the train I initially wanted, but this was no problem as the band itself started at 09:00 (though I did want to hear the opening act, as they sounded good as well, but I ended up missing them). I got home around 06:30 and had to change, eat and grab my stuff. We ended up at the Melkweg around 08:30, so in time for Lifehouse themselves! Not to mention for a quick trip to the bathroom haha.

I have to admit I was a bit anxious before the concert started. I’ve never heard them live before, and what if they weren’t good?? I’ve been a fan for so long; it would be such a disappointment! Thankfully this wasn’t the case- at all! They were absolutely amazing live. My mom filmed a bit, but those videos could never do them justice. They made me fall in love with them more, not just because their singing voices and the way they played their instruments was incredible, but because they were genuinely nice to their fans and funny (‘I was asked to say something in Dutch, but I forgot what. Sorry.’ Later he did say ‘hallo’ which is Dutch for hello haha).

They played a lot of their older songs, which made me really happy. Of course I love their newer songs as well, but the older songs are the ones I pretty much grew up with (teenage years count as growing up too!) and I’m more familiar with those. I sang along a lot, but yelling ‘WOO’ at the end of every song was a no go: I opened my mouth and literally nothing came out. Then my mom scolded me for even trying, because apparently even when nothing comes out it’s bad for your throat (so learn from my mistake guys haha). But but they were so good and they’re one of my favourite bands and I wanted to show my excitement and clapping like a seal just didn’t seem to convey that that much (I don’t think I can clap like a human being. No, I have to clap like a seal)

This was the only gif of seals clapping I could find??? This is scandalous. I need gifs of real life seals clapping thank you very much

When the concert was over I got myself a hoodie (which I have no picture of but it’s comfy and soft and warm and on the front it says ‘Lifehouse’ in white letters which makes me feel like I’m part of the crew – thus cool. I’ll take a picture soon and show you guys!) and just floated in band heaven haha.

Do you listen to Lifehouse? Have you ever seen them live? Have you been to a concert of a different band/artist lately? Let me know in the comments!

Ps. If you’re not familiar with Lifehouse, ‘falling even more in love with you’ is a line of their song Hanging By A Moment thus the title of this post


18 thoughts on “Falling Even More In Love With Lifehouse

  1. Lucky girl! Hanging By A Moment, You and Me and Falling In are my favourite Lifehouse songs.
    The most recent concert I have been to was Against the Current, they are a kind of indie/rock band that began by doing covers on YouTube but now do world tours.
    I’d like to see The Script, Ed Sheeran (my friend’s been to O2 London this year), Foo Fighters, John Mayer and probably The Killers.

    • I hope you’ll get to see them live! I definitely recommend it! :D Those are some of my favourites too, but pretty much all of their songs are on my favourites list haha.
      I don’t know Against the Current, but I’ll look them up! I’d love to see The Script and Ed Sheeran as well :)

      • Thanks :) I’d love to, but Sheeran is ridiculously expensive now he’s really big. :/
        Yeah check them out! I do posts about songs I listen to recently and they’ve appeared a few times.

      • Yeah it’s so sad how expensive some of the bigger artists are :/ They have so many concert and they’re usually, if not always, sold out, so can’t they make the tickets a bit cheaper?? They’ll earn a lot of money anyway. At least that’s how I see it haha

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  3. Going to a concert of one of my favourite bands is on my bucket list of things to do before I die! I feel so sad whenever I see people sharing their experiences at concerts because I so desperately want to go!!!
    Sadly I have never heard of Lighthouse but it sounds like you had a fantastic time.. Thank you for sharing with us 💋

  4. You and Me is one of my favourite songs by them. Sounds like you had such a fantastic time – sorry this comment is so late. I hope you’re feeling better :)

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