Have No Fear I’m Still Here

So…. My last post was on October 5th. I didn’t even do a weekly wrap up (after boasting about the fact I hadn’t missed one yet- HA. Irony).

I’ve not just been incredibly busy (just when I had recovered from my cold and felt excited to regularly blog again, school interfered), I’ve beenΒ exhausted. There have been plenty of times I could’ve grabbed my laptop to write a post, but I just wasn’t feeling it. I needed to lie down and do…Well, not much. I’ve watched some shows (GUESS WHO’S FINALLY CAUGHT UP ON DOCTOR WHO AND READY TO WATCH TONIGHT), read a bit and replayed Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney because I’M SO HYPED FOR ACE ATTORNEY 6 AND THE ANIME GUYS (*she screams loudly on her book/writing blog at book/writing bloggers haha*). ALSO SHADOWHUNTERS HSABFJHADF. I started rereading City of Bones (while I’m still reading The Silkworm woops) because I’m just so excited. THOSE TEASERS AND TRAILERS AND SNEAK PEEKS

But yeah, I haven’t really felt like blogging (or reading blogs) lately. I’m not sure when exactly I’ll be regularly active again, but I just wanted to let you guys know I’m okay.

So… What have you guys been up to since the last time I blogged? Anything important/exciting I missed? Or just anything you want to share? Let me know!



24 thoughts on “Have No Fear I’m Still Here

      If this was your reaction, then yes, I liked it as much as you did XD

      • That was perfect XD haha I woke up and my phone was going crazy with Twitter feeds and blogs I follow, and when I saw what it was I started screaming and flailing around in the bed because I was so happy and it was so good! My room mate thought I was going crazy, lol. I love Dom, I love Kat, Emeraude is a goddess, and Matt is bae ❀️ like, I would fight Magnus for Alec because I want him that badly haha

      • Oh my god yes Matt is gorgeous and so adorable like Malec is my OTP but sorry Magnus if I get the chance I’ll snatch him away haha <3
        And the flailing haha. I even showed everything to my mom and she was just like 'that's nice' XD I just had to share it with someone haha. I think my mom thought I was crazy too :P
        Emeraude SLAYS and Dom is the perfect Jace.

      • Exactly : P I love the cast of the TV show so much more than the movie cast. I mean, I might be a little biased – but I think the TV cast looks way more like the characters than the movie cast did. One of the things that has been pissing me off the most is everyone complaining about Kat’s hair being too orange, and I’m like, guys – Clary’s hair is described as being carroty and she hates it because it isn’t auburn like her mothers.

        Anywhoos… I’m so excited for this thing I’m going to explode. Did you see the TV tie in edition cover?!? ITS GORGEOUS!!

      • YES EXACTLY HER HAIR IS SUPPOSED TO BE THAT COLOUR. Like seriously, her hair is EXACTLY as I pictured it.
        I do too! I love Lily Collins- she’s one of my favourite characters, but she just didn’t feel like Clary. And Alec and Izzy didn’t appear that much, so I don’t even know if the actors could actually portray them.
        I just looked it up! I usually don’t like tie in covers, especially if the actors are on it, but this one is really pretty! <3
        Let's explode together haha. Though on second thought if we explode we won't be able to see it, so maybe not :P

      • Thank you for having common sense and remembering what the book says <3 HAHA. I love Lily Collins too, and Jamie Campbell Bower – plus I got to meet them, but they just didn't do it for me. And yea, in the movie Alec looked like he was in his thirties or something – which sort of ruined it for me. Plus they didn't bring up parabati, which has already proven to be a big part of the show.

        IT'S SO PRETTY! I need it now.. like, right now. I can't wait till December. I don't usually buy two copies of books, especially since the first one is signed by Cassie and the movie cast – but I want the pretty cover o.0

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