Halloween at the Amsterdam Dungeon

As I mentioned in my weekly wrap up I went to the Amsterdam Dungeon on Halloween. It was my eight time, but the last time I was there was three years ago so quite a few things had changed! It was just as fun (if not more) than the previous times. If you’re not familiar with the concept (I know there are several other Dungeons in Europe, like in London and Berlin): you go through several rooms, all dedicated to a piece of gruesome history of Amsterdam. Basically it’s informative, funny and scary at the same time. I definitely recommend it!

In honour of Halloween they would be open until the next morning, but we didn’t go that late haha. We did have to stand in queue for two hours, but it wasn’t too cold and we had fun since a lot of people in costume passed us haha. I was so excited to see how many people were dressed up! It’s still nothing like in America, but maybe in a few years we’ll really celebrate Halloween here as well.

When we finally got inside we got our picture taken (after debating several times who’d be beheaded while still in queue haha).

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Happy belated Halloween! 👻🎃

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After that we had to wait a bit inside until we had an entire group and then we really entered. I won’t tell you guys that many details (that won’t be fun in case you decide to go yourself!). In every room they tell you a story, but they also pick someone from the audience. Since I was wearing Stitch ears I figured they’d definitely pick me, so I took them off haha. I still got picked though.

But it was all good. As soon as she learned I was from Amsterdam I got to go back (while the audience had to boo Amsterdam). My mom was laughing so hard- like thanks for your support Mom.

Okay I have to admit I laughed really hard a few years ago when she was picked (in the same room even haha), but ssh.

There were two new rooms (since I was last there), one that was dedicated to the witch burnings. A girl who was dressed up as Wednesday Addams was ‘burned’ which I thought was pretty ironic haha. I won’t tell you guys anything about the last room (*River Song voice* Spoilers!), but I will show you this picture:

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😱😱😱 #halloween #amsterdamdungeon

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Look at my cousin’s face

Anyway, I had a lot of fun that night! I hope you guys all had a great Halloween too. If you have any questions about the Amsterdam Dungeon, let me know! If you don’t think you’ll ever go to the Amsterdam Dungeon and want to know what’s going on in the last photo, let me know as well! 


12 thoughts on “Halloween at the Amsterdam Dungeon

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  2. It’s on my bucket list to go to Amsterdam, it looks so beautiful! I’m guessing this is a lot like The London Dungeons, which is BRILLIANT, so this is probably just as good :D

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