First Term of Journalism

Hey guys! So yesterday the first term officially ended with the presentation of our magazine. I can’t believe how fast it went by! Anyway, when I started I said I’d write a post about my experience so far, so here it is!

One half of all the freshman started with Culture and Lifestyle and the other started with ‘News’. I started with the first one, so I can’t tell you anything about the latter yet. Culture and Lifestyle mainly focusses on ‘soft journalism’: magazines. Every term we have three subjects. This term’s subjects were: Interview, First Issue and Human and Media.

Needless to say we were taught how to properly interview someone and had to interview a few people ourselves. This was my least favourite subject, mainly because I felt like I didn’t learn much. I’m not saying I didn’t learn anything at all, but looking back I just don’t feel like I know a lot more about interviewing than I already did. This subject was also the most stressful as we had to find someone, interview them and write the interview in a very short time a few times.
Interview also consisted of lessons on ‘speech’, but I really didn’t learn anything at all in those classes. I tend to talk fast when I get nervous and my articulation isn’t always spectacular either, so I really hoped I’d learn how to improve that. While she did give advice on how to stop the nerves, they didn’t really help.

First Issue
I’ve already talked a bit about First Issue, but I never named it! The magazine we made was for this subject. I feel like I learned the most from this subject. I learned so much about magazines and I look at them with a completely new eye! Also thinking up an original concept for a magazine that doesn’t exist yet (in The Netherlands) is hard. It was a lot of fun to write articles and though editing other people’s articles isn’t always fun, I really had a great time with my fellow editors. Here’s a hug for you guys (not that they’ll read this haha)

Of course First Issue wasn’t just writing articles, we had to design them as well. So we had one hour every week in which we learned how to work with Adobe inDesign. I’m happy to say I can sort of work with it haha. But I won’t need it for the rest of the year I believe, so I’ll be clueless again next year! Designing articles was fun when I knew how I wanted my article to look, if not:

Human and Media
Woah almost wrote it in Dutch haha. I’m very used to call it ‘mens en media’ (‘interview’ is the same word in Dutch and ‘First Issue’ is the actual name. Probably because it just sounds better in English haha). Anyway! While I found Human and Media very interesting, I’m glad it’s over. We had work groups, but we didn’t really do much during those hours. It wasn’t really boring though, the teacher was nice and everyone had to hold presentations, most of which were fun to watch (one group held a quiz and now we don’t trust this girl with lollipops anymore haha. Whenever someone got a question right they’d get a lollipop, but the way she threw them…). The lectures were more interesting; they were divided in ‘human’ and ‘media’. Though the ‘human’ part was interesting, I already knew a lot of the information thanks to having followed social sciences in secondary school. The ‘media’ part was… Well, it was interesting, but the teacher just didn’t help. While the woman who gave lectures about the ‘human’ part just stuck to the point, he was the complete opposite (the ‘human’ teacher even made a joke about that). Also he liked to promote his own work a lot. The test was multiple choice and really easy though (I don’t have my grade yet, so maybe it wasn’t easy haha. Wait, that’s no laughing matter).

Anyway, so far studying journalism is fun and stressful. It’s a lot of work and not every teacher really explains everything, but hey, that’s education right? I’m a lot happier at this school than at my previous one. I feel like my class is an actual class, unlike my previous ones. I like the subjects (when I said that interview was my least favourite subject, I didn’t mean I disliked it! Well, I kind of did, but not because of the subject itself haha) and they’re useful. I know that everything I learn, I’ll need later on in life. Plus, if I get sick of a subject, I only have to take it for a few more weeks and then BOOM the term is over and it’s time for new subjects. If you have any questions about studying journalism, feel free to ask! I’m happy to help (though of course I don’t know everything yet either!)


27 thoughts on “First Term of Journalism

  1. Oh my Galligaskins! That sounds like so much fun (although stressful fun), and I’m glad you enjoyed it! It would be hard to sit through a class where you already knew everything, though! I love you, and glad you enjoyed that experience! I wish you many more moons (What, exactly, do I think I’m doing?) of fun!

      • Well, I’m glad. Otherwise you might have fallen asleep. I did in class once… It was math class and I was reading The Bane Chronicles…… Tru story, bro.
        -Nikki the Gangster
        P.S. And yes, saying “bro” once qualifies me as a gangster. Get used to it, homie!

      • Yooo Nikki let’s start a gang bro (I suck at being a ganster haha. Oh wow look I can’t even spell it) Someone did fall asleep during that class once XD Wasn’t me though. I guess it also helped that I had my laptop out so whenever I got bored I went on Tumblr XD Haha I hope it was math that made you feel sleepy and not Magnus fabulousness?

  2. Sounds like you actually learned more in your first semester of Journalism than I did in my first class for Journalism. Then again, my university, for whatever reason, doesn’t include magazine writing in their Journalism curriculum (that’s why our writing department was able to get away with creating a magazine writing course for the writing majors, whereas we create our own writing course for grant writing and the public admin/non profit major doesn’t want to share with us). Glad to hear you’re enjoying yourself. I ended up switching from Journalism because the professors were crap.

    • Oh that’s a shame! At my school they focus on all sides of journalism, so newspaper, magazine, radio and television. That’s why I chose it and not the two other colleges offering journalism. According to one of my professors most journalists end up working for a magazine so it’s strange they didn’t include magazine writing at your university! I hope you’re enjoying what you’re studying now more.

      • I switched to Professional Writing and I found myself much happier with the more business type writing. Of course, I ended cramming four years in to six going that way, but it was worth it. Ended up much happier, until they revamped the writing major program for the umpteinth time and included courses I had wanted to take from the start switching over. But I had graduated by that point, so I tried to be positive about it by thinking that people going into the writing program were going to get a better experience out of it than I did, and they’d have a better chance at getting where they wanted to than me.

  3. That semester sounds great sdl;dkly. I’ve been taking debates recently and I feel like I can relate to your Journalism class SO MUCH. There are so many people, and you have to talk to them (which ISN’T my best aspect haha) so my introverted self in pushed out into the open. You also have to learn stuff in a very short amount of time and it’s /hard/. Oh, and speaking. Publicly. I’m better at that though, thank god. Your class sounds really fun though, tbh :’) It’s good to be back blogging again.

  4. Oh wow! I am so glad you finally made a post about your journalism! How exciting, I bet it must be a bit stressful though of course. It all sounds so interesting, but it’s definitely a shame that they didn’t help with your communication and nervousness! I feel like that’s something crucial.
    Great post! 😊

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