BPC: Things I Love About The Book Blogging Community


The Blogger Positivity Campaign is a campaign hosted by Jillian @ Jillian’s Books to spread love and positivity among book blogs.

When I first started a (book) blog last year, I didn’t even know about this amazing community that existed. Now, I can’t imagine not being a part of of the (book) blogging community and not being friends with all the amazing people I’ve met so far. So here’s a list of what I love about our community.

(Almost) everyone is super nice, supportive and chatty

I personally haven’t met a rude and/or mean person in the book blogging community yet, but sadly they’re probably out there. But the majority really is nice, supportive and chatty. Siriusly, if you’re relatively new to the (book) blogging community, don’t be afraid to talk to people! In my experience everyone wants to talk and I personally get all happy and giddy and giggly when people approach me. When you’re not feeling well, for WHATEVER reason, people in this community will be there for you, support you and comfort you. In my experience, most of us will always be there for you and will tell you that you can always talk to us. We all worry about each other and it feels like we have this big family in our little corner of the internet.

On that note, making so many new friends!

I do hope that our friendships will actually last forever unlike Tod and Copper’s friendship

Since everyone is so nice, supportive and chatty, and you already have one interest in common (spoiler: books) it’s actually quite easy to make friends! Not to mention what kind of friends (another spoiler: amazing ones)

Having people to fangirl about books with

I think a lot of us started a book blog because we didn’t know that many people that loved books as much as we did, so finding a community that shares your love for books is amazing. I know there’s always someone I can discuss my newest read with. If you want to fangirl, the book community is the place for you.

The book blogger community won’t judge you for having a harem of book boyfriends/girlfriends

I mean, most of us have a ton of book bfs/gfs, so it’s not likely you’ll get judged! The book blogger community understands that guys in fiction are so much better.

Waiting for new releases is much more bearable when you’re waiting together

Let’s face it, waiting for new releases will never be completely bearable, but being able to talk about the agony and your predictions and such with others does make the wait seem a little less longer (okay that’s a lie, but you’ll feel understood and talking about books is always fun!)

And 243247365 other things but 5 is a nice number plus I’m lazy (which is nothing new). What things do YOU love about the book blogger community? 


34 thoughts on “BPC: Things I Love About The Book Blogging Community

  1. A fab post. I agree with them all (well maybe not the fangirling ha). I really enjoy hearing other people’s take on things I’ve read. And the inspiring quotes and pics put up. And the constant reminders about why I love Harry Potter. And you have the best gifs around btw :)

    • Yeah exactly! At first I was afraid if I shared an unpopular opinion like ‘I didn’t like this popular book’ but everyone is so nice and understanding and doesn’t attack you if you don’t like a popular book/author/character!

  2. Great list and so true. There is always someone here to talk books, book bf / gf, new releases and also great recommendations for new books. I love to read reviews of books I have loved too.

  3. Hahahah I love the last one! It’s so much easier to deal with the pain of waiting when you’re not the only one and there is someone to talk to it about! So much love for the book blogging community <3 Great post!!

  4. Hahaha I seriously agree with everything you said here! I love how supportive everyone is. When I’m at twitter, I don’t feel like people are judging me because they understand my love for books instead of judging it. Also, the fact that they also know how it feels to have a book bf to die for is = <3 When I told my family that I loved this fictional guy, they were like: "HE'S NOT REAAAL." And that just made me sad lol.

  5. Hello, fellow Hufflepuff! :D I always get so excited whenever I meet another Puff, there needs to be more of us out there! Anyway, I burst out laughing at that ‘agony’ GIF, and I totally agree with that point! It’s so fun to see others who are waiting for the same releases. Though then sometimes people get the book before I do, and that adds to the agony a little bit haha. Great post!

    • HI FELLOW PUFF! :D I always get excited too haha. We should start a Puff Bloggers Club or something :) Haha as I was writing that point the gif just came to me :D It’s the perfect gif for it. Ah yeah, while I’m happy for them that they have it and that they can read it, I’m just like ‘ME TOO. I WANT IT TOO’ Thanks! :)

  6. Awesome post! I love all these things about the blogging community too, but particularly having people to talk books (and fangirl) with. I don’t know all that many people in real life who are into books, so it’s amazing to have an entire community of book lovers to talk to.
    However, I do still find the whole approaching people thing a little tough, which is weird, because as you say, everyone in the blogging community (as far as I have seen anyway) seems to be super nice!

  7. YES, YES, YES to all of these! There are so many kind and supportive people in the blogosphere that it’s super easy to make new friends, which is amazing. There’s nothing better than having some friends who share your love of books to rant and fangirl with. <3 Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous post! <3

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  9. yESSSS It’s so so awesome that mostly everyone in the book blogging community is super nice and welcoming. :’) I’m just kicking myself that I spent like 2 years blogging not knowing the community was out there! I MISSED SO MUCH. XD I love fangirling with everyone AHHHH. Best of ever. :’)

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