The Blogger Positivity Campaign: Dear Mom

The Blogger Positivity Campaign is a campaign hosted by Jillian @ Jillian’s Books to spread love and positivity among book blogs.

This was actually supposed to go up yesterday, but I was exhausted when I came home and though I felt guilty for not posting, I just needed to rest a bit. Sadly I can’t blog when I’m that tired (who knows what kind of gibberish I would’ve posted!). Anyway, I figured one day later won’t be that bad! I’ll schedule the next one, so it won’t happen again next week!

So this week we have to write a letter to something or someone that inspired or helped us as a reader. This can be a fictional character, an author, an OTP, a favourite book or something/someone of our own choosing. For things like this I always choose something Harry Potter (surprise, surprise), but I’ve already written an essay about why I’m grateful to Hermione Granger and since I talk about Harry Potter so much, I think I should talk about something or someone else for a change.

Dear Mom,

I have these warm, fuzzy memories of you and Grandma reading to me. I know it didn’t take that long before I no longer needed you to read, but I know that you reading Jip and Janneke and all those fairytales to me helped me become the reader I am today.
Thank you for always encouraging my love for books. You understand that I need books to make me happy, and for that I’ll always be grateful. Thank you, for buying me a book when I feel really, really down, even though we’re not exactly rich. Thank you for always coming with me to the bookstore, even though you’re always working so hard, you still make time to come with me. Thank you for (barely) complaining while you wait. I know I take a long time. I wish I could promise you that I’ll try to be faster, but we all know that that’s never going to happen. Just thank you for supporting my love for books.

Love, Michelle

Who or what inspired or helped you as a reader? Let me know in the comments!



23 thoughts on “The Blogger Positivity Campaign: Dear Mom

  1. Love this! My mom definitely inspired me as a reader, as have the many librarians I’ve had the pleasure of meeting over the years. I also owe a lot of my reading tastes to my best friend from middle school- she opened my eyes to the world of fandoms! Great post! :)

  2. This is a beautiful post <3 In all honesty, it made me cry. I miss my mother so much right now. I've only got seventeen days left until I get to go home and see her (not that I'm counting or anything.)

  3. Such a sweet post!! My Mum (and my Dad) both definitely inspired me to read sooo much! My Mum used to read to me and my brother every night and then I’d sneak out the book and read ahead!

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  5. Aw, I LOVE this! And now I’m jealous and feeling bad because why didn’t I think of writing a letter to my mom??? Haha. But seriously, lovely letter! My mom is also who influenced me as a reader, meaning she forced me to read Percy Jackson and Harry Potter and then I just fell in love with all the books! It’s the greatest thing to have someone in your family to encourage your reading and who just *gets* it. =)

    • Thank you! Haha don’t be, I’m sure your mom knows you’re thankful :) Ah that’s great! My mom basically threw HP at me as well as she knew I’d love it. I discovered Percy on my own though :) Yes definitely! I know there are sadly parents that don’t understand it and even discourage reading, so we’re very lucky!

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