Chronicles At Hogwarts: Chapter III

storymashupfinalEek! It’s my turn to post! If you’ve missed my previous post about this, this is a collaborative Harry Potter story I’m writing along with Joan, Eve, Ash, Trisha and Vineeth. Please check out my previous post for more info! :)

Disclaimer: None of us own Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling does. We do however own the words we have written and the characters we have created ourselves. 

Previous Chapters: Chapter I: Indira | Chapter II: Aislin Bennet


Min Hye Summers hated patrolling. She was sick of finding couples in cupboards, of Peeves trying to throw whatever he could find at her and of the cold breeze in the hallways. She’d much rather be in the common room right now, with her fellow Hufflepuffs. Or in the kitchen, baking. But no, patrolling was part of being a Prefect and she – though somewhat reluctantly – accepted that. She just wished that something exciting would happen for once.

As if some Fairy Godmother heard her prayers, she heard voices coming from the Astronomy Tower.

‘’Finally!’’ she muttered as she made her way towards the stairs. She put her hands on her hips, trying to get rid of the ‘cute-little-Hufflepuff’ image and tried to glare at the three students halfway at the stairs as hard as she could.

‘’Can you both shut up so we can go upstairs and find out what they are doing?’’ she heard one of them ask. So there were even more students up there. Interesting.

‘’Not so fast.’’

The trio turned around. One of them groaned at the sight of her.

‘’Care to explain to me what you three are doing out here?’’ she asked slowly, ‘’or would you rather tell the Professor?’’

One of the students, the smallest and thinnest of the three, started muttering in what Min Hye recognised as Japanese. The one next to the lanky boy, started playing with her ring and made some incoherent noises, what might have been an attempt at an explanation.

‘’Well?’’ Min Hye turned to Aislin Bennet, a fellow fifth-year and a Chaser for the Ravenclaw team who she admired.

‘’Just taking a walk.’’ Aislin answered, clearly refusing to tell the truth.

‘’At the prohibited Astronomy Tower? What’s next? A walk in the Forbidden Forrest? It could be arranged.’’

The eyes of the younger students widened as they gasped.

‘’Unless you have a very good reason for being here?’’

‘’There are some students meeting up here tonight and we think they’re up to no good!’’

‘’I just wanted to do my homework!’’

Min Hye could just make out Aislin rolling her eyes at her two accomplices.

‘’Which one is it?’’ Min Hye asked the two of them.

‘’Both,’’ Aislin responded. ‘’Percy and I came up here to spy on some students when we ran into Yokitori.’’

Min Hye lowered her hands from her hips and nodded.

‘’Well, let’s see what these students are up to, shall we?’’ she made her way towards them as the other three stared at her in confusion,

‘’We’re not getting punished?’’ the girl named Percy asked with a tiny voice.

‘’While you’re definitely breaking the rules, you were trying to do a good thing,’’ Min Hye took out her wand, just in case. ‘’I hope.’’ she added as a last thought.

The four of them walked up the stairs quietly, Aislin next to Min Hye, her wand also out. The underclassmen were right behind them, also clutching their wands. They stopped at the door, putting their ears to it.

‘’You’ve got the pictures?’’ a deep voice asked. Min Hye wished she could match it to a face, but she had no idea who that voice belonged to. It was definitely a boy’s though.

‘’Yeah, right here.’’ a high, feminine voice responded. They didn’t hear anything for a while, until a new voice spoke up.

‘’How is anyone supposed to tell this is Indira Marshall? These aren’t any good, Emily.’’

Min Hye and Aislin looked at each other at the same time, both putting two and two together.

‘’Please, she’s my friend…’’ Emily’s voice wavered.

‘’You should’ve thought of that when you agreed to this.’’ the first voice responded.

‘’No, she should’ve thought of that when she took these lousy excuses for pictures in the first place.’’ another new voice, this one sounding very familiar to Min Hye. Yokitori gasped.

The other three put their fingers to their mouths and glared at him. The young boy looked down in shame.

‘’Obviously we won’t pay you for these,’’ the familiar voice continued. ‘’They’re useless.’’

‘’Please, I need the money…’’

‘’If you’re that desperate, you should’ve taken better pictures.’’ the first voice snarked.

‘’It’s not easy!’’ Emily cried out. ‘’You try taking a picture of a werewolf without getting ripped in half!’’

The four students at the door all froze. Indira Marshall was a werewolf? And whoever was out there with Emily was going to use that against her. This wasn’t good.

‘’She has a point there,’’ they heard another new voice say. ‘’Besides, it’s not like they need to know it’s Indira Marshall at this point. They’ll find out sooner or later. All they asked for is pictures of a werewolf, as proof that there really is one at Hogwarts. Give them these, see if they’re happy, and pay this pathetic excuse for a Slytherin.’’

One of the voices sighed.

‘’We agreed that we’d be using these pictures for…other purposes as well.’’

‘’We can still get better pictures for that. The next full moon is in, what? Ten days? We’ll take them then.’’

‘’Fine. All in favour?’’

They heard what sounded like at least ten different voices say ‘aye’. Min Hye removed her ear from the door and gestured that the others should do the same.

‘’We need to go. Now.’’ she mouthed. They quickly made their way down the stairs, careful that they didn’t make a sound.

As soon as they got downstairs, she ushered them inside a classroom where they could hide until the students up at the Astronomy Tower were gone.

The four of them sat there in silence, not even daring to look at each other as they watched the shadows of the strangers pass.

‘’What the hell was that about?’’ Aislin whispered, though Min Hye knew that she had already figured it out.

‘’Listen, what you just overheard, you can’t tell anybody, except Indira herself and the teachers, understood?’’ Min Hye told them, back in Prefect mode.

The underclassmen nodded, still looking shaken from what they had just learned.

‘’They want to expose her,’’ Aislin said, disgusted. ‘’They wanted pictures that clearly showed that Indira Marshall is a werewolf and hand them out to the entire student body.’’

Min Hye nodded.

‘’I can’t believe Emily is helping them. I thought they were friends.’’ she frowned. Call her a stereotypical Hufflepuff, but she valued loyalty.

‘’But who are they going to send the other pictures too? And what are those people going to do with them?’’

‘’Wait. When we overheard them earlier at the Greenhouses, they were talking about doing something at the next full moon, and they didn’t know the pictures weren’t that good at that point. So what are they going to do?’’ Percy pointed out. Aislin looked at her, a bit of awe in her eyes that Min Hye only recognised because she had known the girl for five years – though not that well.

‘’That’s a very good question.’’

The four of them turned towards the door. Without any of them hearing it, it had opened. Standing in it’s opening was none other than Indira Marshall herself.

‘’What are they going to do to me?’’

What are they going to do to Indira? Who was that familiar voice? Does Yokitori know? Just what is happening at Hogwarts? If you want to know how the story continues, then please visit Trisha @ The Bookgasm next Sunday!


22 thoughts on “Chronicles At Hogwarts: Chapter III

  1. This is BRILLIANT, Michelle! I love the interaction and where the story is going. I also love Min Hye the Prefect and the Curious Witch. I wonder what’s going to happen next? And who are the other people in the tower? Why does a first year know one of them?? XD I can’t wait to read the next bit!

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  3. *gasps* AAH OH MY GOODNESS THIS IS AMAZING. Min Hye is fabulous. <3 And it's so fascinating to see where everyone is taking this — especially when it's not what I'm expecting!
    UGH wow I need the next instalment! :D

    • AAAH THANK YOU <3 I'm happy you liked it :) Haha it will be so hard for me to let her go. Maybe I'll recycle her afterwards and use her in a different story ;) Woah, if you take that recycling bit literally it gets a bit disturbing… Same! Who knows where it will go from here?! Me too :D

  4. Wow. The adrenaline is pumping. I love that cliffhanger in the end, Michelle! So on point!

    I love love love this. I can imagine tiny cute Min Hye bossing around them all. Haha!

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  15. HUFFLEPUFF!!!!!!! Yay Min Hye! I love how the story is developing. :-) I like all the characters by now, and of course I want to know who’s collaborating against Indira, and how and when she became a werewolf in the first place.

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