2015 Wrap Up

2015 wrap up

Can you believe it’s the last day of 2015? I sure can’t! I was rereading sort of wrap up from last year, and I can’t believe that was now a year ago. Last year I started blogging and barely knew what I was doing. Now blogging is such a big part of my life that I can’t live without. I’m going to look back on this year month by month; talking about what happened and my favourite blogposts from that month.


January wasn’t a very eventful month. I was mostly busy with school and stressing (I still get anxious when I think about the breakdowns during that month), so I didn’t blog that much.


  • I introduced the main teens of my wip – It’s interesting, because I changed two of the characters ‘actors’ (I’m not the only one who finds it helpful to ‘cast’ actors right?). I wasn’t very happy with Ashelle and Mick’s in the first place, but they were the closest thing I could find. Lucy Hale’s size and personality fit Ashelle, but she doesn’t look like how I pictured Ashelle at all. And I don’t know why I thought Benjamin Stone looked like Mick. I guess it’s I saw a gif of him and Skyler Samuels and in that moment they looked like Mick and Sophie
  • I also introduced the main adults
  • I talked about what my fictional gang of friends would look like


Woah, I had to actually look at my February wrap-up, cause I couldn’t remember what happened this month. In my defence, it’s been almost a year. Anyway, this month I went to two musicals: Billy Elliot with my mom and grandfather and ‘De Zere neus van Bergerac’ (based on Cyrano de Bergerac) with my mom. Both were really fun and I’m looking forward to seeing another one this year!



IMG_2779March was the month of Dutch Comic Con! I had a ton of fun and can’t wait for this year’s addition. It was again a busy school month, which is probably why I did a lot of tags.



The month ba24ed-dug-i-do-not-like-the-cone-of-shame-up-2009efore my national exams! I’m surprised at how much I blogged (MICHELLE IF YOU HAD STUDIED INSTEAD OF BLOGGED, MAYBE YOU WOULD HAVE STRESSED LESS?).
At the end of the month my friend and I had to attend the opening on an exhibition that we had helped set up, where we met the king! Which was nerve-wracking but pretty cool of course!



Ah,aca7e610-353e-0132-09d3-0eae5eefacd9 the month of national exams. A.k.a. the month in which I became a zombie. I don’t look back on this month with many good memories. I liked how united I felt with all of my classmates, but um. That’s probably the only thing I liked. Let’s just forget this month ever happened. I mean, I literally forgot words. WHAT ARE WORDS. Was basically me this month. That’s how exhausted I was. Oh! But we did have a barbecue after my final exam which was fun. I guess the month wasn’t that bad.

I barely posted at all (no surprise there!) and a lot of those posts were tags. I don’t really have a favourite post that month.


34My birthday month! A.k.a. the month I wondered where Peter Pan was when you needed him. Why did he not take me to Neverland? I WASN’T READY TO BECOME A LEGAL ADULT AND I’M STILL NOT. This was also the month in which I went to America and thus The Wizarding World and Disney World! ❤
I also graduated, but I wasn’t there woops (when we booked our vacation, I completely forgot about my graduation ceremony… This is what exams do to you guys) I also changed my blog’s lay out this month, which I’ll do again hopefully soon. And The Feministas was born! I’m really proud of what we have achieved so far and hope we’ll continue writing amazing posts in 2016!



For the most part I just enjoyed my Summer this month! I celebrated my birthday with my friends, went swimming, played with my nephew (he took me on an adventure in ‘the forest’ – a couple of trees – where we had to look out for bears and dinosaurs), read a lot, blogged a lot, wrote quite a bit… I also found out I had been accepted into journalism school, which of course was very exciting (and which meant that I could finally really relax).



I enjoyed my last month of freedom (this sounds so dramatic haha) and met up with some friends before school started again. Thankfully I met up with them again a few times by now. I was afraid we’d grow apart, but so far it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen! I’m not sure what else happened. My memory is really fuzzy haha.



My first full month at my new school! It was a lot of fun, while also very busy. I’m glad to say that I felt at home pretty quickly and that I gladly went to school in the morning (except when I had to get up at six, but can you blame me?). I also saw Lifehouse live, which was amazing since I’ve been a fan of their music for so long now. It wasn’t a good month health-wise since I was sick for almost the entire month.




I completed my first term of school, went to theAmsterdam Dungeon to celebrate Halloween, got tickets for YalFestNL AND HARRY POTTER AND THE CURSED CHILD, and I read some amazing books this month, namely Made You Up and Carry On.



We presented our magazine this month! I still can’t believe that we managed to make a professional looking magazine in such a short time; I’m really proud of what we achieved. November was also the month of NaNoWriMo; I did really well the first week 62(because I had the week off from school) but when school started it was a lot harder to keep up. I wrote though; that’s all that matters! I also met up with a friend AND FRANCESCA ZAPPIA, THE AUTHOR OF MADE YOU UP, RETWEETED AND FAVOURITED MY TWEET, REPLIED TO IT, LIKED MY PHOTO ON INSTAGRAM AND EVEN REPOSTED IT (yeah I still haven’t recovered from that). I also participated in The Blogger Positivity Campaign, which was a great experience!


I’ll talk about December in my December wrap up, so stay tuned for that!

While the first half of this year was very busy and stressful (that doesn’t mean I didn’t stress in the second half of course), I think I had a pretty good year!

Of course a lot more happened, but I’m not sure when all that happened. The Blog Squad was created, I met a lot more lovely bloggers that I consider friends and can’t imagine not having in my life, I’ve had great conversations with them, had a lot of fun with my friends in real life and family too, read amazing books (see my top 10 here!), saw some in14credible films and tv shows… Thank you everyone who has followed me this year and left such sweet comments. The blogging community really made my year <3 Siriusly, I love you guys! <3

I can’t wait to see what 2016 will bring! I’ll talk about what I’m excited for in 2016 probably tomorrow. How was yours 2015? What are you looking forward the most in 2016? Let me know in the comments! HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE! 


39 thoughts on “2015 Wrap Up

  1. I think no one ever feels like they really are ready to be an adult … I’ve been waiting for Peter Pan way too long as well. Love the gif you chose for that one though! :) Eleven was so goofy!

  2. I read your post like a Calendar and shot straight to September, my birthday month. It’s a cool entry, especially as you saw your favourite band. Maybe you could buy a lot of stuffed toy pugs so you could fool your mum like in that photo haha.


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