The Weekly Hufflepuff #19

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I wanted to blog earlier, but I haven’t been feeling well since New Year’s Eve. I had a terrible headache (thankfully I still had a fun evening) and now I’ve had a stomach ache for two days. I hope you guys are all feeling better and had a fun evening on the 31st!


I finished and started- woah I mean the other way around of course. I started and finished Shatter Me. I’m not sure yet how I feel about it, but I’m intrigued enough to want to read the rest of the trilogy! I’m not going to read another book until I’m caught up on my reviews

I don’t know if I ever mentioned it, but I started rereading Ouran High School Host Club for the billionth time, which is my favourite manga, and I continued this reread this week. I’m on volume 16 now


I met up with one of my friends who also slept over. We had a lot of fun just catching up and doing karaoke. We love doing karaoke together even though neither of us can sing but boy, do we wish we could! We also watched Once Upon a Time as I’m slowly turning her into a fan (also I missed the first two seasons so now I can rewatch those haha). It’s really funny because she keeps hating on Regina and I’m like ‘NOOO ONE DAY YOU’LL LOVE REGINA LIKE I DO’. We actually went to bed ‘early’ (not really, but my mom thought it was early) but then stayed up talking a lot and reminiscing about our secondary school days (that sounds like it was ages ago, but really it was like half a year ago)

I picked up my grandfather before dinner so he could eat with us (nasi goreng ❤) and around eight the rest of the family arrived. Of course there was a lot of food (strawberries covered in white chocolate – bless you Mom. I’m ashamed to say that I ate most of them and some of my relatives may have only had one. Sorry guys). If you read my Christmas post you may remember that my nephew said he would bring his swords. Thankfully his father didn’t let him haha. Instead he decided to ‘attack’ my mom with balloons.

I watched The Good Dinosaur and fell in love. Spoiler in white: I had such a bad feeling. I was like: I feel a Mufasa coming up. DISNEY STOP DOING THIS TO ME. It’s such a funny, cute and beautiful film (both the story and the animation like oh my God the scenery often looked real. Did they animate that or did they just film the actual landscapes like?? HOW)! I definitely recommend it. 

what I posted-2


I’m not sure how much I’ll blog this week. I really want to blog of course (and there are so many blogposts I want and need to write!) but I really need to study this week. So while I’ll definitely be reading your posts (I don’t want to get behind!) I won’t blog that much myself. I’ll definitely post my December wrap up and hopefully a review (because like I said, I’m not going to read anything (except my reread of Ouran) until I’m caught up! Good luck to those of you who have school tomorrow and extra luck to everyone who has GCSE mocks or any other kind of exam! YOU CAN DO IT.



25 thoughts on “The Weekly Hufflepuff #19

  1. Oh boy I love me some Ouran Host Club! I don’t read manga that much but the anime series was hilarious and insanely fun. :D I miss watching that series <3
    Strawberries with white chocolate sounds heavenly, I never tried it before but just thinking about it makes my mouth water. I hope that wasn't the cause of your stomachache! Haha!

    Have a great week and good luck with your exams! :D

  2. Woohoo! Thanks for spotlighting this week’s Story Mash Up chapter, Michelle! *huuug*

    OMG My friend’s nagging me to watch Ouran High! I said I will after finishing my marathon of School Rumble. Is it that good??

    And girl, my mouth just watered on that chocolate-dipped strawberry. That was a great holiday weekend! :)

  3. Oh no, Michelle! I hope you feel better soon! A headache and then a stomach ache? That’s horrible. But I am glad to hear you had a good time regardless.
    You talk about karaoke and now I have the biggest urge to do karaoke. I really need to et my squad of friends to agree on a karaoke night!
    Great post, as always. 😊

  4. I LOVED Shatter Me…the rest of the trilogy? Not so much.
    But other people love it, so I hope you do.

    And Once Upon a Time is the GREATEST show!!
    And I am SO EXCITED for Shadowhunters!!! Not long now!

  5. SHADOWHUNTERS. omg. Can I scream??? So. Excited. It’s literally what us readers ever wanted, a book series turned into a show, with a season for each book, and an episode for the general happeneing for the chapter. YES.

    The sleepover sounds the cutest, the last time my friend came over, we stayed up till four talking, by the time we were so tired that we confessed a lot of deep, dark things. It was amazing XD Sounds like you had a great week <3

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