Do You Want To Go On An Adventure?

A while ago I wrote a short story for Sam’s blog. I had a lot of fun writing it and hope that you guys will have fun reading it too :) Don’t forget to check out all the other short stories that other bloggers wrote!

A Blast Of Random

          When Adelaide Brennan had gotten up that morning, she wouldn’t have thought she’d be skipping school, breaking the law and running from ghosts that following afternoon, and all for a girl she had just met.

            Hailey Akiyama she had said her name was, and she had asked Adelaide if she really wanted to go to school, or if she’d rather have an adventure.
            Adelaide had to admit that she had said yes because it had reminded her of Doctor Who, but she had kind of forgotten the more dangerous part of the TV show. You know, the part where you had to run for your life and where there’s the possibility of death. 
            So she had said yes, without even knowing who the girl was. She had never seen Hailey at school before, nor had she heard of her. 
            ‘’Not to be rude or anything…

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3 thoughts on “Do You Want To Go On An Adventure?

  1. It is a wonderful story, thanks for writing it!
    Also, I think I should mention that every time I think of the title of the story, I start singing the Anna-Elsa song… Hehehe!
    It’s been days now but I haven’t been able to stop :P

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