In Which Alberto Rosende Is Still On Point | Shadowhunters 1.02 + 1.03 Review

I didn’t have the time to watch and review last week’s episode because of my exams, so I decided to review episode 2 and 3 together! I took notes this time, because boy is there a lot I want to discuss!

WARNING: This is a pretty detailed review. If you haven’t seen the episodes, but you’ve read the books, you’ll be fine of course! But if you want to watch the episodes without knowing too much, I suggest you come back after you’ve seen the episodes!

As my title suggest, I want to praise Alberto Rosende as much as I can, because he’s just perfect as Simon. He’s still slaying these episodes and dare I say that he’s the most talented one of the four main characters? (speaking of four main characters, WHERE HAS MAGNUS BEEN. THANKFULLY HE’LL BE IN THE NEXT ONE). His expressions, one-liners… everything just screams SIMON to me. I also love his relationship with Clary, though most of that really is more because of Alberto than Kat (I wrote ‘CLIMOOON’ several times during episode three). Oh and high Simon is so cute.

The CGI is still really odd; the way the Institute was restored, the way those vampires disintegrated and don’t get me started on the speed of the Shadowhunters and vampires. I bursted out laughing when I first  saw Izzy move that fast, and then later Jace does it too. IT REMINDS ME OF TWILIGHT GUYS. AND THEN THE ACTUAL VAMPIRES IN SHADOWHUNTERS LOOK LIKE THEY’RE MOVING IN SLOW MOTION? I’m still laughing about this. Also that vein at the end. I lost it. I won’t go too hard on the CGI and such, since it’s a new show and I assume they have a small budget, but oh my god.

Like last time I’m also going to swoon about Alec, because how can I not. I just loved his expression when he found Simon at the Institute

Basically me watching Shadowhunters went like this:

Alec: *breathes*


But I love all of his sassiness (basically most of my notes say ‘omg Alec’ because he said something sassy again) and him looking out for Jace. I just love seeing more of Jace and Alec’s Parabatai bond, how Alec didn’t miss a beat to tell Jace he was ‘never a stray’ and just constantly worrying about Jace. AND HIM AND IZZY IN EPISODE THREE. Lightwood sibling time yes please. His conversation with Izzy was just perfect and I hope we’ll see more of that soon. Also them slaying vampires together. YASSS

I loved the little hints of Sizzy (my notes just say SIZZYYYY a few times without any explanation. Okay Past!Michelle, thank you for being so helpful). I loved how she looked after him when he couldn’t come with. Also Jace’s warning about the food and later on Simon’s face when he’s eating said food. Priceless. I don’t remember why, but I wrote down that Izzy is a cutie. I wrote down the exact same thing during episode 3, so apparently I find Izzy really adorable (which she is), especially when she was so proud of Clary after they fought the vampires. YES TO ALL THE CLIZZY FRIENDSHIP.

I had a big problem with Hodge’s ‘vow’ and how he couldn’t speak about the Circle and Valentine without getting hurt. How convenient. It was really annoying to watch and a bit ridiculous. It’s just a way of stretching out the storyline so that they won’t find everything out at the beginning.

Another problem I had was with Clary’s necklace. Once again very convenient so she’ll know things she shouldn’t. Also I don’t get how it works. In the first episode when her mom gave it to her, I thought it was supposed to show her her mom or something, not Dot? HOW DOES THE NECKLACE WORK. Someone please explain it to me. Is it because Dot is a friend of Jocelyn’s so the necklace shows her too? Michelle confused (kudos if you got that reference).

I loved Magnus sass at Dot, but um. Magnus baby where you going you’re kind of integral to the plot. Aaaaand he’s gone. And he doesn’t appear in episode 3. The preview of episode four showed him though, so let’s hope he’ll get some more screen time this time.

Was I the only one who thought of this when Simon said ‘You’re Clary Frickin’ Fray’?


Not okay Jace, not okay

I thought it was odd how they immediately jumped into things the moment the Silent Brothers appeared. It just felt too fast-paced, but it could’ve just been me. And then I have a note that says ‘Alec omg’ so I’m guessing Alec was sassing Simon. Also I went on a kind of rage when Simon said he was an ‘only son’ SIMON YOU HAVE A SISTER. Who is of course not exactly relevant to the plot so it’s not really a big deal that they cut her out of the story, but sometimes you can’t control that little bookworm inside your head that wants to scream at all the changes.

So then Simon and Izzy go off to the van so that Izzy can listen to Simon’s music (‘Where is IT going’ omg Alec) and Izzy thinks she hears something so she tells Simon to stay in the van and goes of to find out what it is. Of course Simon puts on those headphones so if something that wants to kill him comes along, he won’t hear it. Is it bad that I laughed when that hand appeared out of nowhere?

I’m not sure how I feel about Clary finding out that Valentine is her father that quickly, but we’ll see how that goes. What bothered me more was Kat’s acting in this scene and then the way she ran off…

The whole Jace teaching Clary how to fight scene was a bit too cheesy for my liking, especially when Clary said ‘it felt like you were still with me’. I lost it at that. I’m glad they didn’t kiss though, because that would be too fast. Things are still going a bit too fast with Clace for my liking, even though of course things went pretty fast in the book too.

I loved Simon’s breakdown and especially Rafael’s face. Rafael was just perfect; his 100 procent done attitude, his sass and being such a little criminal mastermind (I love how he manipulated Camille at the end). Speaking of Camille, I loved her acting, but um. She froze Simon? What? Could vampires do that in the books? If this is a thing all vampires can do, I assume it only works on Mundanes, because if they can freeze Shadowhunters that would be very useful to them.

Then we have Izzy and Meliorn. I wasn’t a fan of them in the books (and I’m still not), but Meliorn is a lot more interesting on the show and they have more chemistry. But um. ‘The only thing I have to do is you.’ NO. JUST NO.

So that was my combined review of episode two and three. There’s no chronological order, but I hope it made sense anyway haha. I had quite a few problems with episode two, less with episode three, but both were enjoyable. It’s still not mind blowing, but I’m looking forward to the next one.


I was dying of laughter. Dying. And the CGI. WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO YOURSELF SHADOWHUNTERS.

Also if anyone wants to see screenshots of my notes, let me know.

So! What did you think of these two episodes? Do you have the same problems I had? Do you have different ones? Let me know in the comments!



23 thoughts on “In Which Alberto Rosende Is Still On Point | Shadowhunters 1.02 + 1.03 Review

  1. I have to say I agree with you!! Simon slayed his lines, Alec was just as bag full of sassiness and Raphael was so good!!! When I heard of the memory demon I was like what the hell is a memory demon..? I also really enjoyed the Lightwood sibling moments! I felt epsiode 3 include way too much intimate stuff..It was just too much! I’m excited to see Magnus come into the story but I’m nervous too because Magnus is my favourite character ever!

  2. Simon and Alec are so perf, they’re the reason I’ll be watching next week’s episode after this one. I have to admit, I liked episode 2 a lot but episode 3 was very disappointing in my opinion, the acting’s back to being bad, the CGI WAS terrible (I glanced away from the show right before the motorcycle chase and when I looked back at it, I thought something was wrong with the colours on my screen before I realised it was in fact just the CGI). I’m excited to see Magnus next week, but, um, memory demon? What?? Stop wasting your CGI budget on memory demons and vampires bursting into flames! Use it to make other parts better!

    • Exactly, I get that they don’t have that big of a budget, but don’t waste it on unnecessary things when other parts need improvements. The vampires didn’t need those special effects and the memory demon just needs to go. I just want to delete it from my memory (pun not intended haha). Bless Simon and Alec <3

  3. Alec is my precious little baby…. honestly, you should ask my roommate to tell you how many times I squeal when watching the episodes over and over again. HE’S JUST SO PERFECT! Matthew Daddario has forever transformed Alec into sheer awesomeness.

    As for the rest of the cast, I don’t mind them. Simon is adorable and also perfect. Jace has his sass though his delivery could use some work on some of the lines. Isabelle is a freaken goddess. Clary is the only one I’m a little bit ehhh on. She’s not bad, I just think the script doesn’t do her justice in some parts – but then there are others where I’m all “Yea girl!”.

    Don’t get me started on the CGI…. just, no.

    Lovely review by the way <3 Now we can squeal over Alec together haha

    • I live for the moments Alec comes on screen 😂 Don’t worry, you’re not the only one who squeals. I agree that Jace has to work on his delivery. I like how many sassy lines they give him, but there’s something odd about the way he says them. Yes Izzy needs to be worshipped like kneel down before Queen Izzy. I’m not sure how I feel about Clary yet. I completely know what you mean, one moment I’m yelling ‘SLAY CLARY’ (like when she kicked that vamp in the crotch and said ‘you’re right, I do know how to hurt a guy’) and then there are scenes that are a bit awkward to watch. Thanks! :)

  4. Girl, you’re gonna be even more excited to know that in the forth episode 1. jace is shirtless; 2. MALEC IS GOING TO HAPPEN!!!! MAGNUS POINTS TO ALEC AND CALLS HIM THE PRETTY ONE!!! 3. more fighting and 4. MALEC FIGHTING TOGETHER!!!! YAS!!

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