The Discussing Hufflepuff: Do You Cast Your Characters?

Hey guys! Today I have a question for the writers among us: do you cast your characters?

When I start a new story, one of the first things I do is think up the main characters, but one thing I really suck at is describing their physical appearance. I have the same problem when I’m reading; I can picture the colour of their hair, eyes, skin and usually their clothes if they’re described, but their faces? What faces? Unless I can picture them as an actor or as a piece of fan art of the character, they have no faces. They are Slenderman. No, just kidding. Thankfully I don’t imagine them all as Slenderman, but the face is kind of blurry and not very detailed, so imagine describing that when writing a character. I find it so much easier to already have a detailed image in my mind and describe them. Plus, casting characters is really fun and I love the feeling I get when I find someone and think ‘It’s [insert character’s name]!’.

So this week I got a new novel idea and one of the first things I did when I started planning this (more on this in tomorrow’s wrap up) was casting them.


Meet Yong Sun An (Ok Taecyeon), Andrew ‘Drew’ Lewis (Daniel Sharman), Reyna Vélez (Cierra Ramirez) and Hye Su Seung (Arden Cho), the main four of my new wip. GUYS. IT’S A CONTEMPORARY. NO MAGIC. NO DEMONS. NO ONE GETTING KILLED (probably). This is a first for me (not counting short stories).

Anyway, as I started writing it (someone kick me if at the end of the year I actually finished this but not The Army of Quermo) it was so easy for me to picture the characters doing things and describing them, as I could picture these actors perfectly well. It’s the same when I’m working on The Chosen Ones and my very vague, much mysterious project (I’m just going to refer to it like that from now on).

So my question is, do you cast your characters? Do you find it useful? Or just fun? (because I certainly do). Let me know in the comments!


28 thoughts on “The Discussing Hufflepuff: Do You Cast Your Characters?

  1. I guess when I read I have sort of background idea of what their face looks like and I know it deep down, but I can’t really picture it when I describe it (that made no sense) I think casting is a great idea!

  2. I mostly find it fun to cast my characters, but also sort of necessary. When I have trouble describing a person’s appearance I can take a look at a photo and just find what’s most prominent or beautiful about them.
    Also, I don’t like to think of it as stealing, but sometimes you associate actors or actresses with certain characters and if there is an aspect to them that I really like, I will probably incorporate that as well. Not copy the entire character of course!! But like small things, someone always fidgeting with their hair or stuff like that.

  3. I haven’t casted my characters in the past, but I’m not that into film, movies, and TV shows, so I don’t know that many actors. BUT this sounds like a good idea, as I usually imagine the faces as slenderman, unless they are based off someone I know.

  4. I’ve actually just recently started doing this! It’s so amazing when you actually find the perfect person. Where do you find the pictures? I know there are websites with random pictures of people for role players, but I don’t have their names. :P

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  6. So I try to cast them but it’s kinda hard because I watch media dominated by Caucasian actors but my characters often are not? So it takes me a long time to find the right actors. I have cast a couple of Vogue China models as some of my characters, though! But I prefer not to, personally.

  7. I’M SO ANNOYED. I bookmarked this post to comment and then never did. Hmph. I am just going to share my thoughts completely late!
    Before I haven’t cast my characters at all — instead I just sort of pictures them vaguely, or based their appearance off descriptions off another character. I tend to amalgamate (is that the right word?) images of a) models/people I find on Tumblrs or model sites, b) famous people and c) artistic interpretations of characters. So, like, right now I have a character described as Noelle Stevenson crossed with a character from Les Mis. BECAUSE I’M STUPID.
    I have a lot of feelings about facecasting. Yep. XD

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