Chronicles at Hogwarts: Epilogue


I can’t believe the project is already over! I had such a blast creating and writing Min Hye and her and the others’ story and of course meeting amazing new bloggers. I was actually supposed to post this yesterday, but things didn’t go as planned. Woops. Better late than never though, right?

Disclaimer: None of us own Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling does. We do however own the words we have written and the characters we have created ourselves. 


Previous chapters: Chapter I: Indira | Chapter II: Aislin | Chapter III: Min Hye | Chapter IV: Yoki | Chapter V: Percy | Chapter VI: Dalton | Chapter VII: Ashley

Epilogues (in chronological order): Ashley | Yoki | Indira | Aislin | Min Hye | Percy | Dalton




Min Hye had to admit that she was a bit bummed out that Hufflepuff had lost the match. Of course she was happy for Aislin, who had played spectacularly, but she was a Puff through and through; naturally she had hoped her own House would’ve won.

”Better luck next time.” Percy walked towards her, a big grin on her face. Min Hye glared at her, but a good natured smile formed on her face.

”We still have a chance at the cup.”

”Keep telling yourself that.”

They discussed the match a bit, waiting for Aislin to join them so that they could all go to Hogsmeade together. The Hufflepuff team quickly made their way past them, before Min Hye could call them out. Angelica Rivera quickened her step when she noticed the fellow Hufflepuff; clearly she hadn’t forgotten Min Hye’s ‘threat’.

”I was just kidding!” Min Hye called after her, Percy laughing beside her.

Min Hye shook her head at the new Keeper, when she noticed Aislin not too far away from them, watching Brian Langley’s back. Min Hye nudged Percy, nodding towards the two Ravenclaws. Percy’s eyes sparkled at the sight of the two of them and grinned at the small Puff.

Aislin smiled at them as she joined them and Percy congratulated her. Aislin promised the younger Ravenclaw that she would teach her her signature move (Min Hye had rolled her eyes when Aislin had said she didn’t even know how she did it. Sure, Aislin, sure. It’s not like you do it at every match, the Hufflepuff thought to herself).

“Ahem, more importantly,” Min Hye interrupted, linking her arm around Aislin’s, “What’s going on between you and Langley?”

Aislin sputtered before she started laughing, “What? There is nothing between us. At all.”

Min Hye and Percy exchanged knowing looks, and Aislin continued to protest as they left the pitch.

”So there’s nothing, huh?”

No.” though Aislin’s face was so red it looked like she was supporting Gryffindor instead of her own House.

”I wonder why you’re so red then?”

”We beat your little Hufflepuff ass.” Aislin quickly said, knowing that this would immediately distract the small girl. And indeed, Min Hye gave her her glare that made her known as ‘The Demon Puff’ among the younger students, though it didn’t scare Aislin.

”Like I told Percy: we still have a chance at the cup.”

”So are you going to go after Rivera?” Percy asked, stifling her laughter since she already knew the answer.

”Merlin’s beard! I was kidding! I don’t take Quidditch that seriously.”

”Riiiight.” both Ravenclaw girls replied.

A silence fell over them, but it wasn’t an awkward one. They had gone through so much together the past few days, that it felt like they had known each other forever. That’s why Min Hye had decided to talk to them about something that had been bothering her ever since they had found out about the Muggleborn plan.

”Hey, have you guys wondered what you would’ve done if you had been in Ashley and the others’ position?”

Though Min Hye was staring at her feet, she could feel the other two girls looking at her.

”’Cause I have. Ever since I got here, people have been treating me like a Pureblood, because my adoptive parents are both magic, but I don’t know who my biological parents are, let alone if even one of them was a wizard. If they’re Muggles, and they hadn’t given me up for adoption, would I have joined Ashley and Yoki?”

”Like hell you would’ve,” Aislin immediately answered. ”You would’ve found another way to stand up for the Muggleborns and yourself; you wouldn’t have done something like this. You’re too kind for that.”

Min Hye smiled at her.

”Thanks Ash.”

”Min Hye, Aislin!” the three of them turned around and saw a couple of fifth year Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws coming towards them.

”What an exciting match, eh?”

”Such a shame Hufflepuff lost. Such a shame.”

”Shut your little Raven beak, Harris.”

”I’ll go on ahead,” Percy told them quietly. ”I’ll save you some seats?”

”Definitely, we need to celebrate.” Aislin grinned.

”Uh, you mean grieve.” Min Hye pointed out, to which her fellow Hufflepuffs agreed.

Aislin rolled her eyes.

”Fine, you grieve, we celebrate.”

They waved goodbye to Percy, but soon found themselves taking the same path, having parted from their Housemates. It was odd, but Min Hye found herself closer to Aislin, Percy, Indira and even Yoki and Dalton than to her fellow Hufflepuffs. Not that she minded. She felt like this would be a good year, with her new friends by her side.

And that’s a wrap! Don’t forget to read the other epilogues! Again, I had so much fun with this project and I’m sad that it’s now over. I’m not ready to let this story and these characters go yet haha! I hope we’ll be able to do something like this again soon. Also, thank you Joan for organising this. YOU ARE AWESOME.



18 thoughts on “Chronicles at Hogwarts: Epilogue

  1. Min Hye is seriously witty, I love her! Yeah, we can’t say goodbye to these seven amazing people yet…not entirely, but they can have a bit of a rest for now :) I love how Percy and Min Hye communicates with knowing looks, and I love the conversation between the three of them too! Ahh I wish we can explore Min Hye’s story some more, like trying to find her birth parents! That would be awesome!
    So glad you joined and helped me arrange this project, Michelle! Can’t wait to do it again!

    • Ooh it would be so cool to find her birth parents! I’d love to see more of all of the characters interacting and their growing friendship too though. And Aislin teaching Percy her move! Aah I just can’t let them go yet haha. You’re welcome! I had a lot of fun :) Same!

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  4. I actually really like the writing and how you maintained the aspects of Hogwarts culture and the like :D This is so cute! I hope you get to do this more! Min Hye seems like a cool character <3

    Jillian @ Jillian’s Books

  5. Ahh I love how this became a cool friendship thing for the group! Even for the black sheep, Yoki! I really hope we can write about them some more. Or just have more Story Mash Up!

  6. Min Hye, Percy, and Aislin have such a lovely friendship. <3 And Min Hye is so witty! SHE'S AWESOME ARGH. (Although maybe it's not such a good idea to chase down the Hufflepuff Quidditch team haha.) I hope we can do something similar again too, this has been amazing!

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  9. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH <3 Min Hye,Percy and Aislin make such good friends ahhhh. Min Hye is such a fiercely adorable character. She would've been a lovely person even if her Muggle parents hadn't given her up for adoption. *nods vigorously* I loved working with you guys so much! Hopefully we get to do something like this soon in the near future *massive hugs all around*

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