Pronunciation Crisis | Shadowhunters 1.05 review

Warning: Once again, pretty detailed! Proceed with caution. Siriusly, there are actual spoilers in here. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

I really think Shadowhunters is starting to get better with each episode from last week on. Okay, so we barely had any Malec, but I felt the plot was pretty solid in this episode and most of the actors are really growing (even the ones that were already on point). But let’s start from the beginning!

I’m really glad that Alec took away that stupid necklace. As I said before, it’s just a convenient way for Clary to know things she shouldn’t and it just seemed like lazy writing to me. I’m glad Izzy told Clary that Alec meant well, because it’s so important to show that Alec isn’t a grouchy jerk, but a caring, smart person. Also we had a Clizzy scene again! I’m so glad that they’re immediately friends on the show, since I hated their relationship in the first book.

Then Maryse showed up and she was perfect. She was exactly as I pictured her in the book (minus the clothes. OH GOD I DID NOT PICTURE HER NAKED I MEAN THAT I THOUGHT SHE’D WEAR DIFFERENT KIND OF CLOTHES. THAT SOUNDED SO WRONG I’M MORTIFIED). She’s tough, a strong leader, a cold mother and well, a bitch. Her acting was just perfect and so was Emeraude’s. It hurt so much when Maryse hugged Jace just when Izzy told Clary that Shadowhunters aren’t huggers, and in front of Izzy too.

Also um HELP PRONUNCIATION CRISIS HERE. That’s not how I pronounced Idris. I pronounced it like Ai-dris. Please tell me I’m not the only one.

Rafael didn’t have much screen time in this episode sadly, but at least he was on point. I love his sass and I hope we eventually get to see more of him and Simon. I loved their relationship and interactions in the book, and I really think Alberto and David could pull it off.

Okay so the Malec in this episode was VERY short, but also VERY perfect. You guys should have seen my face. It was this emoji 😊 but my smile was like a million times bigger. I loved Magnus pick-up line: ‘You seem sympathetic’. I’ve already praised Harry’s acting in my last review and Matthew is once again perfect too (he’s perfect in the entire episode. ARE YOU GUYS SICK YET OF ME PRAISING AND SWOONING OVER MATTHEW DADARIO BECAUSE TOO BAD I’M NOT GONNA STOP)

So I can’t review an episode without leaving out the CGI. I think the werewolves actually looked pretty decent, until they transformed back into their human body. What’s with the green flashes? I’m glad that Luke became the alpha in the end, since it’s pretty important to the plot. I do wonder what it will mean for his job as a cop?

I love how much screen time Alec got this episode. Of course he gets a lot in every episode, but the focus was really on him and Clary this episode and he wasn’t in the background. I’m glad they’re giving them scenes together, so that eventually they’ll become friends like they did in the books. In the books, Alec realised she wasn’t a bad person (if I remember correctly), so it will be much easier for him to realise that if they spend some more time together. But back to Alec himself. In this episode the writers really focused on the fact that Alec lives by the rules. He doesn’t want to switch assignments or sneak out (even to go on a date with Magnus), he quotes ‘the Law is hard, but it is the Law’, he wants to go back to the Institute immediately and he tells Jace that they need to report to Maryse. I’m glad that they’re showing us this, because it’s so important for his future character development. Also his comments are life, there are so many that I couldn’t write them all down, but my two favourites are ‘the world’s been ending for a thousand years. It’s time to get used to it’ after Simon’s simple ‘it’s not the end of the world’ and the winner: ‘Almost certain I don’t want to hear this story’.

Also Simon got more screen time again! But you guys already know how perf I think Alberto Rosende is and though I don’t think I should stop praising him (he deserves it after all), I don’t have anything new to say except share some quotes. Like his cute ‘after me’ and ‘have you ever seen an action movie?’ I doubt it Simon, since he’s never even seen a mango. I also applaud the writers for Simon being witty even when he’s hanging upside down and asking ‘again?’. By the way, am I the only one who yelled ‘GHOSTBUSTERS’ when Simon found a phone and asked himself who he was gonna call? Yes? Okay then.

I loved that we finally got more of Luke in this episode. I mean, I loved his one second last time (‘never too early for teriyaki’), but it wasn’t enough. I can’t wait to see more of his relationship with Clary. Is it just me, or is Kat’s acting best when she is with anyone that isn’t Jace? I mean, I love all of her scenes with Izzy and I loved this week’s episode in which most of her interaction was with Alec. And I really love the Climon scenes (though that’s mostly because of Alberto). Anyway, I hope they’ll be able to pull off Luke and Clary’s relationship. I did love how Luke took her stele away from her and carried her off. He has no time for your shit Clary (by the way, this doesn’t mean that I think Dom is a terrible actor! I just think his and Kat’s chemistry is off. I feel like Dom’s acting is also best with other characters)

Some other points:

  • just when I thought there was barely any CGI in this, they bring back the tracking. It really bothers me, since once again I just think this is lazy writing so it’ll become easier for them to find people
  • Clary really deserves the ‘most observant’ award for her ‘you’re werewolves’ comment
  • I don’t remember what he said exactly, but Jace made a sarcastic comment towards the end of the episode and the delivery was good. Hopefully this means his sarcasm is improving!
  • Oh and was that foreshadowing when Meliorn said The Fair Folk/he would choose the winning side…?
  • SIZZY WAS SO CUTE. It was like a second but still

I really like where the show is going. Of course there’s always room for improvement and obviously there not on the same level as some already established tv shows (let’s not forget that it’s the first season and that not every cast member has that much experience), but I really think it’s improving and that my ‘I can already tell that this is going to be one of my favourite tv shows’ comment isn’t going to come back and bite me in the ass (hopefully)

What did you think of this week’s episode? Let me know in the comments!


22 thoughts on “Pronunciation Crisis | Shadowhunters 1.05 review

  1. This week’s episode is my favourite so far and I wish the first episode had this quality. The acting was great compared to the previous ones and it actually felt like the series is finally going somewhere. I can’t wait to see the next episode! (have you seen the Malec stills from next week? I NEED it now!)

  2. Omg this show is actually cracking me up with how bad it is but I do agree with you that it does seem to be getting better with exam episode!! I hope that means by like the end of the season (hopefully even sooner) they’ve found there groove! I’ve decided I LOVE like everyone in this show – Isabelle, Alec, Magnus, Simon, Luke ect EXCEPT Jace and Clary! I honestly feel like they are given the worst lines and they deliver them really really badly. I’ve never read the books (I know, I should be arrested by the book police) but I am totally shipping Magnus and Alec and I’m guessing by the fact they have a shipping name that it becomes an actual thing??! I’m hoping so!

  3. I think the show is at least getting better each week, but it could be because this one had a lot more Alec and Simon and those two are my favourites so far. YOU CAN NEVER FANGIRL ABOUT MATTHEW DADDARIO TOO MUCH! Not possible!

  4. Maryse was as I pictured her too ! Plus the clothes haha!
    I pronounced Idris the exact same way, so when I heard it, I was like ” Wait what? No that’s wrong! Or am I wrong? SOMEONE HELP!!”
    And I think that the tracking is so ridiculous that it makes it hilarious, I just crack up laughing each time (and I cringe at the same time hah! )
    Mmm, the acting is getting a little better but still I just want to put my hands on my ears hearing some lines, but overall the show is really improving
    Lastly, I have 2 fangirling moments : SIZZY !! and MALEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEC ! oh my god those guys are perfect (Matthew Dadario makes my heart skip a beat, mmm? Anyone else?)

    • I’m so glad I’m not the only one who pronounce it that way! Oh God same. I laugh and groan at the same time. It’s just so ridiculous. I’m fine with changes, but don’t add stuff that don’t even make sense. Plus the CGI *bangs head against wall* Don’t use CGI unless it’s necessary please πŸ˜‚ SIZZY AND MALEC YESSSS. You’re not alone. Matthew Dadario where have you been all my life

  5. I actually really liked this episode! I finished it and was like “huh. That wasn’t too bad!” MALEC THOUGH. LIFE.
    On a totally different note, I was rereading City of Bones and it mentioned Alec had never killed a demon before which I totally forgot and the TV show just ignored! Clary and Alec’s main bonding moment is when she told him he killed the Great Demon and now that chance is gone 😒

    • Yes same! The writing was pretty good (especially compared to previous episodes). MALEEEEC. Just one second and I died of feels πŸ˜‚ I did remember that Alec hadn’t killed a demon before, but I forgot about that bonding moment! πŸ˜” Hopefully they get a different bonding moment

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