The Weekly Hufflepuff #24

*insert awkward introduction* *insert usual ‘I can’t believe February is almost over already!’* Siriusly I have no idea what to write here this time


I finished my reread of The Perks of Being A Wallflower and was even more emotional this time.

I started rereading Cinder. I guess I’m in a reread mood haha. I just looked at my bookshelves and Cinder basically spoke to me: ‘REREAD ME REREAD ME’


While I still managed to have three posts up last week, this week was less successful sadly. I was very busy with school, not to mention tired, so while I could’ve made time, I just didn’t want to blog. I was too tired and didn’t want to force myself. I’m still behind on reading blogposts, but I did read quite a few on Friday during class! (I wasn’t slacking off, I promise. My task was done so I had a lot of free time)

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before, but this term we’re making radio. I hate the sound of my own voice so I’m struggling with that haha. Last week we had to make our own items and went to the studio to practice with an already made script. This week we made our very own script and used our own items, which was fun but I was quickly done with my task so I felt like I was sitting there for nothing. It was pretty cool listening to our own broadcast though.

Today I went to the Neighbour Food Market to write a report on it for school. It was just a lucky bonus that I got to eat haha. We will definitely go there again (it’s once every month) because there was so much food that I didn’t get to try! I mean, I could try it because so far everyone we met gave us a sample of something, but my stomach. I’m actually sitting here with a hot water bottle. I ate too much

what I posted-2

I reviewed this week’s episode of Shadowhunters. Hopefully I’ll post more next week


So how was your week? Did you eat any good food? Read any good books? Let me know in the comments!


33 thoughts on “The Weekly Hufflepuff #24

  1. Oh no, it’s so annoying when you’re so tired and feeling not motivated to blog. I understand the feeling and I hope it’ll get better! <3 and ohh, I completely understand about the voice thing, I don't like listening to my own voice either, it's SO weird! Other than that, this must have been very cool to do! Miss you around here Michelle, good luck with classes and everything! <3

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  3. I sometimes feel the same with not feeling motivated to blog but then I suddenly want to write 29238432 posts, it’s completely understandable. I just love these posts by the way and good luck with the radio!

  4. Thanks for featuring my post again!! I definitely relate to you with being stressed from school… Teachers just have no mercy when it comes to giving homework and assignments. I love your blog so much though Michelle!

  5. I have been the same lately! When I do have time to blog I kind of usually just want to lay around instead! I hate when it gets to that point because I love blogging so much but sometimes school just takes over! Thanks for featuring my post! :) xx

  6. I’ve been feeling that way too, like I need to write some posts but I’d rather do something else. I wish they can type themselves up and I just need to proofread it before publishing. Someone needs to invent this.
    I sadly haven’t been in the mood to watch Shadowhunters since the second episode. I can’t seem to get past my dislike for Clary’s acting skills, though the rest of the cast is okay to me. I’ve caught up with The100 instead.
    Radio sounds cool! What did you guys talked about?

    • Ooh that would be great! Like you just think them up and they’re automatically written for you. Someone make this possible 😂 Yeah I’m not the biggest fan of Clary either (though I think she’s improving), but I love most of the others so much that I keep watching :) I really need to watch The 100! I’ve seen the first two eps but that was months ago so I’ll probably start at the beginning again. It was cool! :) Though awkward haha. Our theme was culture, so we all talked about different things. I interviewed someone about the New York Fashion Show :)

      • Yes you have to go watch The 100! I have so many thoughts about it and I need to talk to someone about it, lol. that sounds interesting! were you nervous at all? I probably would have tripped over my words when I know I’m being recorded. It makes so self-conscious, lol.

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