7 Things Shadowhunters Is Doing Right

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I feel like there’s a lot of negativity towards the show lately. Of course I’m negative in my reviews too, but I’m also optimistic and I like to see my criticism as constructive. Also I try not to be downright mean or harsh, but to wrap it in some humour (I really hope I’ve accomplished that so far haha), but I’ve seen a lot of negativity especially on Tumblr and apparently people have actually tweeted Cassandra Clare to ask how they could petition for different writers. Since I already wanted to do a post of all the good things they’re doing (since it’s really easy to focus on the bad things), I decided now is a good time. This is in no particular order

1. Alec and Izzy Baewood being actual main characters and getting screen time

They barely appeared in both the book and the film, so I’m loving the amount of screen time they’re getting in the tv show. I love the books, but I didn’t really like how much the first book focused on Clace and the love triangle with Simon. Now they get just as much screen time as Clary and Jace and even their own plot line.

2. Magnus Bane wearing trousers and being a main character 

Magnus’ wardrobe is perfect. So is his hair and make-up. While I got a bit anxious since he barely appeared in the first few episodes, it looks like he’s now really a part of the main cast. Who doesn’t love seeing their favourite Warlock more?

3. The diversity of the cast

Like Cassandra Clare herself pointed out, a lot of the characters’ ethnicity was never specified in the books, but since white is the default, a lot of people assumed that they were white (though if they’re not white, shouldn’t you describe them that way?). I love that the casting didn’t care about ethnicity, but about talent. Plus representation!

4. The Lightwood family

We barely saw them in the books and they feel a lot more like a family now. A warm one? Not really, but it’s a realistic one and we know that Maryse and Robert aren’t exactly the best parents. In last week’s episode we did see that Maryse was human and does care about her kids. Yes, she’s still not treating Izzy right, but that comment about how Izzy reminded her of herself? And that passion wasn’t something good? I think Maryse is just looking out for Izzy and is afraid that she’ll make the same mistakes she did. Of course Izzy doesn’t understand that and only sees a coldhearted mom, so of course it isn’t the best parenting choice, but I really love this choice the writers made. Alec and Maryse’s scene was adorable to watch and so were all the scenes with Max. We didn’t see much of Robert, but so far he seems on point. And of course the relationship between Alec and Izzy. She’s constantly looking out for him, standing up for him, protecting him and doing whatever she can to ensure his happiness (I’m not crying you are)

5. Alec, Izzy, Simon, Luke and Magnus being on point

If you’ve read my reviews this is nothing new to you of course, but these five are just perfect. It feels like I’m really watching the characters come to life. Since I’ve already gushed about them a lot, I’ll keep it short and continue with the list (otherwise this post will get really long haha)

6. Clizzy

I do NOT like the relationship between Clary and Izzy in the first book. Just a big nope. No, I’m down for healthy girl friendships like they’re portraying on the show. This is definitely one of my favourite changes

7. Malec

Okay who didn’t see this one coming? Of course they still have time to screw it up, but I hope they’ll continue to go down this road. Matthew Dadario is portraying Alec’s feelings towards Jace and Magnus and all his insecurities so well and Magnus’ understanding is so important. I hope we’ll eventually get to see their first date from The Bane Chronicles because it’s just adorable and I know Matthew and Harry will do it justice.

I chose the number 7 because it’s a nice number (has nothing to do with Harry Potter at all *cough cough*) and I don’t want to make this post too long. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t more than 7 things though. These are just the ones that came to mind right now and that I love the most. Besides I should really stop writing because I keep messing up the order of my sentences (I most the love like what even).

Let’s keep up the positivity! What do you really like or love about Shadowhunters so far? Let me know in the comments!



23 thoughts on “7 Things Shadowhunters Is Doing Right

  1. I still can’t understand why people are reacting this way. The show is not perfect and it has a few problems but it’s not that bad and it’s getting better. They also should know Cassandra Clare has nothing to do with the show. Yes she wrote the books but she can’t decide what’s happening in the show.
    But yeah, I agree with the 7 things the show is doing right, especially Malec and Alec XD

      • I agree. Let’s be honest, the first season of Teen Wolf wasn’t that good. It was enjoyable but it had a lot of problems. But they improved a lot, even on CGI, and that might happen with Shadowhunters if they have the chance to improve

  2. Yes yes yes ! More people need to see this. I know it’s far from perfecr but I really like it. Plus as long as I get to see some Malec and Sizzy I’m happy haha! (Especially Malec)
    And I agree with you on the Clizzy point, I didn’t like how their relationship was written, it just felt unhealthy to me and I love how Izzy just welcomed Clary into the group.
    And Matthew Dadario is swoooon worthy especially when he smiles -which we don’t get to see that often- my heart skips a beat.
    Overall, I agree with aaaaall 7 things, great post

    • Yes it has it’s flaws, but that doesn’t mean it’s not enjoyable! :) Haha Malec and the hints of Sizzy make me really happy too! Exactly! It’s so unhealthy and it really bothered me, especially since readers of the books are probably as young as 12/13. Matthew Dadario- I just can’t *swoons* Maybe it’s a good thing that Alec doesn’t smile that often because I think that would’ve killed me 😂 Thank you! :)

  3. Yes Michelle let’s keep up the positivity! Yes the show isn’t exactly perfect but they are doing some things right of course! Trust me when I watched Magnus and Alec’s first meeting I nearly fell of my chair with feels! I also love the change in the Clizzy relationship because I also didnt like their relationship in book 1! I think Shadowhunters is successful in some ways and I’m sure that if they do get a 2nd season (which I hope) they can improve things! Loved the positivity this post gave off!

    • Yes let’s spread the positivity! I squealed so hard I probably looked like a mad seal or something when they first met XD Clizzy’s relationship is much healthier in the show and I wish it had been this way in the book :( Yes definitely! I hope it will be renewed, ’cause I really think they’ll learn from their mistakes and just continue to improve. Thank you Nisha! :)

  4. I totally agree with you. This show is receiving so much slack but its not bad at all. Besides Clary in general. I think the show it’s is heading in a good direction and I like it :)

    • I’m glad you agree! :) Haha yeah I’m not a fan of Clary on the show either, but I care more about the other characters anyway so it doesn’t bother me THAT much. Same! :) I feel like the writing is getting more solid and the pace is getting better every episode. It’s a new show, of course it’s not going to be perfect

  5. This is awesome! I completely agree with why the show is awesome (though tbh, if i made a top 7 it would go: magnus, magnus, simon, magnus, magnus, the lightwoods, magnus.) I do dislike Jace and Clary’s portrayals though, but that might because I never likrd their characters in the first place. Awesome post!

  6. I completely agree with all of these!! Thank you for saying this!! I feel like all I’ve been seeing online is just negative reviews and nobody’s focusing on what they’re doing right!! (And yes the Malec is amazing in the show!!)

  7. You are so right about these, Michelle! Honestly, the only thing that messed up the show is Clary. I hated her on the book but I didn’t think I’d despise her more here. I think I like Lily Collins as Clary more. Haha!

    And of course, I love how they didn’t screw the real ship here which is Malec.

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