Celebrating 20 Years of Pokémon With The Pokémon Book Tag

So back when I was a smol blogger (I’m still smol, just less smol than back then) I created a Pokémon Book Tag. Since today is the 20th Anniversary of my favourite game franchise, I decided to do it again!

Your starter Pokémon – The first book you started your journey as a reader with

I’ve been reading since I was very small, so I’m not sure what my first book was. It could’ve been one of those ‘learn how to read’ books, but since that’s a boring answer I’ll go with Jip and Janneke by Annie M.G. Schmidt. I remember my mom and grandmother reading them to me, and I’m sure that as soon as I knew how to read I’d want to read them by myself.

Gotta catch ’em all! – Five books you really need to ‘catch’ right now

The English bookstores still don’t have Stars Above, so that one is definitely a priority. Also of course Lady Midnight, which is almost here! I have to wait a bit longer for The Hidden Oracle, but I really, really want that one. I also can’t believe I still haven’t gotten my hands on Monsters of Men after that cliffhanger and I really want to continue Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children so Hollow City (two years ago I used Landline by Rainbow Rowell for this question – I still haven’t read it woops)

A legendary Pokémon appeared! – A special edition/signed copy you own

Sadly I’ve never met Uncle Rick, but at least I got a book signed by him!

Magikarp has evolved in Gyarados! – A book that started out weak but turned out to be really good

I’m going to go with the same answer as back then and say The Maze Runner. The first 80 or so pages were incredibly dull, but I’m glad that I kept reading! I know not everyone loves this series (I feel like you either love or hate it?), but I really enjoyed these books.

Jigglypuff uses Sing! – A book that made you fall asleep

a thousand nights

If you read my review, this won’t come as a surprise. I’m still not sure why I finished it? I hoped that it would get better haha.

Skitty uses Attract! – A book you recently fell in love with

I’m not ‘in love’ with Miss Peregrine’s yet, but I really enjoyed the first book in the series! I haven’t reviewed it, and I probably won’t as my memory is really fuzzy.

The Elite Four – Your top four favourite books 

Why did I create such a cruel question back then? I’m going to go with four books I’ve recently added to my favourites

Your Pokédex – A photo of the books you’ve ‘caught’

IMG_0291 IMG_0293(1) IMG_0294

My shelves are a mess right now, so I’ll only share this one haha. It’s on top of one of my closets

Masterball – A book you need a Masterball for to ‘catch’ it – a.k.a. a lot of money

I want all the special editions of all the books (especially the Barnes and Nobles ones) but alas. Money. No have. The Picture of Dorian Gray is definitely on the top of my list though; it’s one of my favourite books and definitely my favourite classic and I love Oscar Wilde.

Tag at least five other trainers

Since I have no idea who of you are Pokémon fans and who aren’t, I tag everyone of you who wants to do this!

If you are a Pokémon fan, how are you celebrating the 20th anniversary? Have you downloaded Red, Blue or Yellow yet? I got Yellow this morning and got all emotional haha. I’ll continue playing tonight, as I have to get back to homework now!


32 thoughts on “Celebrating 20 Years of Pokémon With The Pokémon Book Tag

  1. I LOVE Pokémon! Can’t believe it’s been twenty years already :)
    Recently started watching the Anime show again and it’s pure nostalgia. Haven’t caught up with the recent generations yet, though. I took a break after Ruby/Sapphire and been revisiting the 2nd Gen Games ever since cause that’s the best gen imho. I am curious about all that came after R/S, though, cause my brother and sister really like the games and the pokémon, so in due time I’ll catch up.

    Going to this tag as well! Loved your answers :)

    • Right?! I’m not even twenty yet haha. You should definitely catch up on the recent generations! I love them all, though XY is a bit too easy for my taste it’s still a lot of fun. And the Ruby/Sapphire remakes are gorgeous. Yay! I’m looking forward to reading your answers :)

      • I will def catch up! But I don’t really feel like spending too much money on it, though. Cause even though I really like the games, I think it’s such a cheat that you need both games to catch not even all the Pokémon. And I really want to catch ’em all :P So when I play Silver once in a while, I play it on my laptop (my gamecard sadly crashed some years ago :( ) so I can use this little cheat that enables me to catch every Pokémon O:) Bit cheating, but it’s so much fun to actually have and train Pokémon like Celebi and Mew.

      • Understandable! If the games weren’t so expensive I would gladly buy both, but I don’t have the money to do that. It’s always such a struggle to choose which game to buy when looking at the exclusive Pokémon. Oh I feel your pain :( My Gameboy died years ago because the batteries melted; so I’m really happy that they made the old games available on the 3DS. Who cares about cheating, as long as you’re having fun! (uh when it comes to these kind of games, not in other situations 😂 Just realised how that sounds haha)

  2. Omg, this is SUCH a great tag. (I don’t remember seeing it before! But now I totally need to add it to my list of to-do tags. *nods*) I used to be a pretty crazy Pokemon fan, but sadly I’m not very good at remembering stuff about it now haha. I can still sing the theme tune to the Black and White TV show, though… XD
    That photo of your shelves is SO pretty! Loving all the Tsum Tsums as well as the fabulous books. :)

    • Thank you! :D I created it when I just started blogging so it makes sense that you don’t remember it haha. Maybe we didn’t even follow each other back then *gasp*? I didn’t really watch the anime anymore when Black and White started, but I’m still a loyal fan of the game 😊 Haha I still know the original theme song XD Thank you!

      • *gasps* WHAT OMG MAYBE NOT. This is a terrible thought. I think I need to improve on my Pokémon song skills, tbh. It’s going to be the next radio hit. ;)

  3. This tag is so awesome! I love Pokemon so much and sadly, I had no idea that it was the 20th aniversary. Thanks for reminding me of that, and I loved your answers. :)

  4. Ahaha! I love this! I’ll do it too. Maybe not soon but def when I get the time. I wasn’t a huge Pokemon fan but I enjoyed the show and still watch it sometimes. Jigglypuff is my fav. I love when it gets upset.

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