The Rip It Or Ship It Book Tag

Thank you Analee for tagging me! I always thought this tag looked like fun, so now I’m finally doing it! If you’re not familiar with this tag, you have to write down a bunch of characters names and pick two at random without looking. You either ship that couple or rip it. Since I’m lazy I used a random group generator that did all the work for me haha. Let’s take a look at the ships, shall we?

Carswell Thorne + Cress 

Don’t you love it when this happens? As you may know I absolutely love Cresswell, so this makes me very happy. Obviously, I ship it.

Percy Jackson + Magnus Bane

I have one word for you: Malec


Wolf + Scarlet Benoit 

Once again, don’t you love it when this happens? While I ship Cresswell and Cinder and Kai more (what is there shipname? I thought long and hard about it but… Kainder? That sounds so much like Grindr lol), I love Wolf and Scarlet together. I ship it

Kai + Annabeth Chase 

You know, I actually really like this. If I put Percabeth and Kaindr (lol) out of my mind, I really like this. I think they’re pretty compatible. Annabeth and Cinder have quite some things in common, and so do Kai and Percy, so I think they’d hit it off.

But only if Percy and Cinder don’t exist.

Simon Snow + Hermione Granger 

Since Penelope is a lot like Hermione, I think Simon and Hermione would be great friends, but I don’t think it would ever be more than that. I ship their friendship but I rip their romance

Isabelle Lightwood + Alec Lightwood

I do wonder why I put Magnus and Alec in the generator if I was going to go ‘nope Malec’ anyway? I sometimes don’t understand my own brain. But this was a lot of fun! I loved that two out of three Lunar Chronicles ships were put together automatically.



Because this is fun and you should all do this. Not at all because I’m too lazy to tag people

Do you ship any of these ships? I hope you don’t ship the last one… 


29 thoughts on “The Rip It Or Ship It Book Tag

  1. Omgggg Carswell! And Wolf and Scarlet (Warlet? Scolf)?, yassss. The fact you got these pairings is just perrrrrrfect. (LOL I still remember my pairings, aha yeah.. let’s not mention that. I like these much better! :P) Ahhhh MALEC yes. <3 That is all.

  2. I agree with basically all of your opinions on these. Also, the ship name for Kai and Cinder is Kaider. I love how Cresswell was a ship and Scarlet and Wolf were too. The only one I disagreed with was Annabeth and Kai because Annabeth belongs with Percy and nobody else can have here.

  3. This is the third time I see Throne and Cress together in this tag (even if the 1st time was in my own XD ). This has to mean real love, right?? :D
    I’m almost sure that Cinder and Kai ship name might be Kaider but I might be wrong.
    Also, poor Alec and Izzy that were sorted together

  4. I CAN’T STOP LAUGHING ABOUT THE FACT THAT YOU GOT IZZY AND ALEC TOGETHER! I thought Cath and Sebastian were bad, but that would be incest right there hahaha Also Magnus and Percy wouldn’t work in my opinion, even if Malec wasn’t a thing (Which I will ship forever though!)

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