The Weekly Hufflepuff #26

I’m feeling a lot better today and even scheduled a post for tomorrow. If I do take a short break, it will be because I’m catching up on schoolwork and not because I’m not feeling okay – yay!


I started rereading Cress, but I barely read anything since I wasn’t feeling well


Like I mentioned in my monthly wrap up, I wasn’t feeling well mostly mentally, but also physically (the mental part resulted in the physical part), but I’m feeling a lot better today and I once again want to thank all of you for your lovely messages <3

I had to make another radio item, this time I had to go to Ikea and find out how students with not a lot of money could decorate their room. I felt very awkward at first, walking there talking into my recorder, but I got used to it pretty soon. Plus a friend of my mom went with me so I wouldn’t feel like I was talking to myself haha. She also bought me an adorable panda plushie (pandas are my favourite animal) since it was only 3 euros! (I don’t know if the prices are the same in other countries, but if you or someone you know loves plushies go to the Ikea seriously they were all so cheap)

TEEN WOLF 5B FINALE THIS TUESDAY I AM SO NOT CALM. There’s so much that needs to be resolved??? AND IT’S VERY LIKELY THAT SOMETHING STYDIA WILL HAPPEN? (the Stydia in the last episode omg) And I want confirmation of my precious cinnamon roll Kira Yukimura being in season 6 because I’m so scared that she won’t be. Also can the desert wolf leave please

MAYA FEY HAS BEEN CONFIRMED FOR ACE ATTORNEY 6 I REPEAT SHE HAS BEEN CONFIRMED. I’m not ashamed to admit I cried. My burger queen is back. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, I will soon do a post about Ace Attorney to convince you all to play it

what I posted-2


And that’s my week! I’m actually in the mood to write another blogpost for this coming week, so maybe you guys won’t even notice that I’m busy with schoolwork ;)

How was your week? Are any of you just as excited about Maya being in AA6 as I am? AND TEEN WOLF FANS. I know you’re out there. Are you ready for the finale?! 


23 thoughts on “The Weekly Hufflepuff #26

  1. Glad you’re feeling a bit better now! I would have felt so awkward walking round Ikea whilst voice recording and I NEED to check if their plushies are just as cheap in the UK because they are so adorable! :)

  2. Yaaaay Michelle’s coming back ! I really missed your posts this past week, they truly are a delight and so fun to read, I hope you’ll catch up with your schoolwork pretty soon and come back to us reguvenated !

  3. Glad you are much better! Thanks for the mention <3 I'm having a difficult time keeping up with blogging and replying this month since we're busy planning our vacation XD

    Where is this Ace Attorney post you keep mentioning? LOL I'm dying for you to convince me to play itttt. Right now, The Sims is using all my phone's battery and I don't know how long I can resist buying Simoleons for a ridiculous amount of real life money XD

    • Thank you, I’m glad too! Oh that’s understandable, but at least it’s for a good reason :D Planning vacations is fun 😊Haha it’s in my head XD The anime is coming out next month, so I’m definitely going to do it this month! Hopefully next week. Hunt me down if I haven’t posted it by then XD Haha I used to be obsessed with The Sims, but I haven’t played it in years!

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