The Weekly Hufflepuff #27

Fun fact: I almost forgot to write something here – woops.


I really started rereading Cress this week, though since I’m busy with school I haven’t finished it yet.


Why is it that every Sunday I have to stare at this banner and wonder what happened. I have such a bad memory. It’s not like nothing happened.

Since I can’t remember what I did, let’s talk about Teen Wolf! (not like I don’t do that every week) I do have some problems with the finale (Kira barely having screen time for one), but overall I really loved it.

OH. How could I forget? It was last night. Damn my memory is terrible. My mom and I went to see a musical last night. It was a modern version of Puss in Boots, but they also parody a lot. It was brilliant and I laughed so hard. Dutchies! If you get the chance to see it (it’s from Ro Theater) I recommend it 100%.

what I posted-2


I feel like at the end of the week I’m either like ‘I’m going to blog a lot this week and read all the posts!’ or ‘Don’t be surprised if I disappear and shit I’m 100 blog posts behind’ and this time it will probably be the latter. This coming week is my last regular school week of the term, which means I have a lot of assignments to do and I need to start studying for my exam (thankfully I only have one this time). I will definitely post my Shadowhunters review and I hope to do In Which I Judge My Own Writing Part II, since the first one didn’t take that long to write so I should have time for it, right?

Anyway, enough about me! How was your week? Let me know in the comments!


24 thoughts on “The Weekly Hufflepuff #27

  1. Parody of PUSS IN BOOTS? Well let me just hop in a plane to go see it!
    *terrible memories unite*
    THANK YOU FOR THE MENTION THANK THANK THANK YOU. Though I think by hilarious you meant atrocious and frightening and evil but same difference anyway hahahhaha

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