Blog Name Change!

Hey guys! It’s been a while and I come back with some pretty big news. I never thought this day would come, but I decided to change my blog’s name. I am no longer The Writing Hufflepuff: from now on, I’m The Writing Lime.

Because I’m a lime. And so are you. Everyone is a lime. Embrace your inner limeness. Be the lime you want to be.

yer a lime

Will you join me and my fellow limes? (we sound a bit like a cult, but I promise we’re not. Or are we…? No, we’re not) 

writing lime

Ps. Happy April Fools everyone! Or as we say here in The Netherlands: 1 april kikker in je bil (frog in your butt)! I might be back with a monthly wrap up later today (without any jokes I promise haha), but we’ll see how tired I am haha.


19 thoughts on “Blog Name Change!

  1. YES LIMECHELLE I’M SO PROUD OF YOU! Hahaha this is brilliant, I’m kinda sad we’re not really becoming the Femilimes and you’re not really the writing lime ;) though I quite like the sound of an overgreen lime! Happy April Fools! :)

  2. I am like the easiest person to trick on April Fools – I BELIEVE EVERYTHING!!! Well, except for ts maybe … but you had me worried for a second. I was wondering if you got hacked hahaha

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