The Weekly Hufflepuff #32

I’m so exhausted I blame Eurovision. Also disappointed but not surprised that Douwe didn’t win. If you’re a bit confused right now: Eurovision is the European Hunger Games a ‘friendly’ singing competition between European countries, Israel and for the second time Australia. It’s not friendly though. Alliances are broken, new ones are formed, wars are started (EVERYONE GAVE THEIR NEIGHBOURS A LOT OF POINTS EXCEPT GERMANY AND BELGIUM THANKS GUYS). Anyway, there are two semis and of course a big finale, so basically it’s one week full of partying


I’m still reading Uprooted, but that’s not the book it’s fault. It was a busy week with school and Eurovision. I am enjoying it though, but I think I’m shipping the wrong ship (what I mean is that it will most likely sink because I’m pretty sure the other ship is going to be canon)


IT WAS EUROVISION AND I HAVEN’T RECOVERED YET. They had a new voting system this year so that until the last second you have NO IDEA who is going to win. IT WAS SO INTENSE GUYS. But it was also a lot of fun haha. This year was probably my favourite edition: Sweden was a great host and the hosts themselves were hilarious and fab. Ukraine you know how you can top this right?

You have the opportunity, so take it.

There was also the fact that this year I had the Blog Squad to talk to about Eurovision and it was so much fun not to mention hilarious. Shading on countries together, cheering others on, making jokes, mishearing things (‘so who’s gay now’, ‘I lick my boobs’ and ‘massive balls’ instead of ‘so who’s scared now’, ‘I lick my wounds’ and ‘massive walls’), joking, yelling at Australia (sorry we do love you guys but we take Eurovision VERY serious) and just having a great time. Thank you guys for making Eurovision even better ❤

Eurovision took up my entire life this week guys, I’m not even kidding. Like what happened for the rest of the week? Who knows. Not me

what I posted-2


And that was it since Eurovision took over my life and I barely read posts 🙈

There’s a big chance I won’t be active this week, since I really need to focus on school right now. If I get a chance to take a picture for one of the reviews I’ve already written I might post that, but otherwise I probably won’t post or read any blog posts.

Anyway, how was your week? If you watched Eurovision: HOW ARE YOU DOING? If you didn’t watch Eurovision: what are you reading? Or eating? Talk to me about books and food guys (can you tell I’m hungry)


38 thoughts on “The Weekly Hufflepuff #32

  1. Hahaha… Eurovision took over my life too. If it was on I wouldn’t do anything else (which means that there was no reading for me yesterday since I was busy watching it XD). But I’m still not ok that Ukraine won. Now can we get a petition where Mans and Petra have to present the show every year from now on??

    • Saaame haha. Yeah I preferred Ukrain’s song over Russia (and honestly I kind of didn’t want Australia to win because apparently I’m sort of nationalistic when it comes to Europe as well XD), but it was not the best song. And I feel like people voted for it because of political reasons :/ YESSSSS. Give us Mans and Petra every year please. Or just sent them to represent Sweden next year. I would’ve voted for them if I could haha

      • I preferred Ukraine to Russia’s song too. And I understand you. I still can’t understand why Australia is in Eurovision.
        I would vote for Mans and Petra too if Sweden sends them next year. Their performances this year were way better than than some of the contestants.

    • Hahaha they were invited back because apparently we liked them so much last year? 😂 I hope Europe learned from this year BECAUSE THEY ALMOST BEAT US AT OUR OWN COMPETITION. They weren’t the worst either, so I’m not that mad :) Who was your favourite?

      • I liked France too! A lot of people in The Netherlands were supporting you guys :) Austria had a fun song and I feel bad for the UK – they ended up 24th or something but their song was fun and better than others’? Oh well. I was supporting the Netherlands of course :P But I also really liked Sweden!

    • I had already accepted that Australia had won, when BAM. Ukraine VS Russia haha. I preferred Ukraine over Russia, and I do like the song, but it wasn’t the best. My favourites were our song (and not because I’m Dutch haha) and Sweden. I really didn’t like Georgia, but that was mostly because of the light effects and camerawork. You?

      • It was a bit political wasn’t it? Kind of thought that was outlawed. The Australian one was pretty good. What did you think of the UK one? A friend of my sis actually baked a Eurovision cake btw.

  2. I was really disapointed Sweden didn’t win I love the song and the singer is really cute. I didn’t like Ukrain’s song at all and the performance was really creepy.

    • Yeah Sweden was my second choice after The Netherlands, I really liked the song as well! I thought Sweden or Australia would win, not Ukraine. I’m afraid they won because of political reasons instead of musical ones, but I hope that’s not the case! I liked Ukraine better than some other songs but still. Oh well *sigh*

  3. YESSS EUROVISION. The TV highlight of my year. Mans and Petra were honestly such great hosts! I mean, Ukraine wasn’t my favourite, but I think it would’ve been super weird if Australia won. (Although their song wasn’t bad.) Most acts this year were actually…surprisingly tasteful? Like, where are my giant circular pianos and people dancing in Pyrex boxes. XD
    AND THE UK GOT NIL POINTS IN THE TV VOTE. Ha. I’m kind of offended Ireland didn’t even vote for us, tbh, although I think everyone hated us more than usual because of the EU referendum.
    OKAY. *takes deep breath* Enough Eurovision, Eve. :P

    • YESSS! I’m already having a Eurovision hangover :P Yeah it would’ve been so weird! I think Europe would have had a breakdown haha. Their song was pretty good ,but I also didn’t think it was the best. Yes oh my God what was going on? Bless naked wolf guy haha (though sadly he didn’t make it to the final :( XD) Oh and it was Cyprus I think that had half their band in cages so at least that was weird lol. BUT YES IT WAS TOO CLASSY. Aay at least you didn’t end up last place! Germany had it a lot worse with their 1 point from the jury and 11 in total lol. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS ENOUGH EUROVISION EVE.

  4. I’m definitely the American who didn’t know Eurovision existed until a couple years ago, and felt completely left out of YEARS of excitement and hilarity. How is Eurovision not a thing in the States? How could such awesomeness have been going on all my life AND NO ONE TOLD ME?

    That said: I never wrote it down on my calendar, so I totally missed it this year. Whoops.

    Thank you so much for linking to my recap! I’m so glad it gave you some lols. :D

    • Haha aww I don’t know if the entire show is up online, but the separate performances are all on Youtube! So at least you can enjoy those :) Oh and it was aired in the US for the first time on LOGO or something? Who knows it might become a thing in the US as well :)
      You’re welcome! :) It definitely did haha

  5. The biggest mystery of the year is WHAT IS AUSTRALIA DOING IN EUROVISION ? It is EUROvision for a reason people hahaha.
    Though “Eurovision is the European Hunger Games ” made me laugh so hard because since the hungers games came out, that’s what I’ve been comparing it too and I’m glad I’m not the only one haha !

    • WHO KNOWS?! Actually I do know lol. Because they’re such big fans they were invited to participate last year for the 60th anniversary, and apparently we liked them so much they were invited again? 😂 I don’t want to be mean but I kind of hope they won’t be invited again next year because they almost beat us at our own competition and like you said, it’s EUROvision. Not Australiavision. Haha yes you’re definitely not the only one! And this edition was so brutal it really was like the Hunger Games!

  6. Oh my stars, you would have had so much fun with Cátia, Astra, Marie and me on Twitter during the Eurovision finale on Saturday. We were live-tweeting the whole thing and it made the experience so much better!

  7. Glad to hear you are enjoying Uprooted, I’ve heard so many good things about it, I’ll get to it someday. Thanks for featuring my Q&A!

  8. I must be the American whose out of the loop… But then I’m out of the loop with most American events too! :)

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