What I’ve Been Up To

Hey guys! It’s been a while but I’m finally (sort of) back. I still have a sort of presentation on Thursday that I need to prepare for, but hopefully I’m done after that (depends on whether or not I passed everything). So what have I been up to since my last weekly wrap up?


The reason why I decided to take a hiatus. I first started the hiatus to focus on my analysis about the Chibok girls who were kidnapped two years ago by Boko Haram. I got a nine (in The Netherlands our grades go from 1 to 10) and my teacher said it was ‘vakwerk’ which means ‘craftsmanship’ so obviously I’m very happy with that. While I was writing it, some girls were thankfully found or rescued, so hopefully soon all girls will be reunited with their families and friends.

I’ve also had other assignments to work on and exams to study for. I don’t have a great feeling about my research exam (which started great because my laptop froze within the first minute – it always works fine but it chose THAT MOMENT to betray me. Thanks laptop), but as my mom said ‘I’ve done my best’ (that doesn’t mean that I’m okay with it, but I shouldn’t get all depressed until I get my grade back). So if it turns out research went well anyway, I’ll be done after my ‘presentation’ this Thursday. It’s not really a presentation, but I don’t know what else to call it haha.


My days have been a bit of a blur, with only a few moments standing out to me. Two weeks ago my  mom and I went to ‘Totally Stripped’, an event in Paradiso (a music venue), where they showed an old concert from The Rolling Stones. When we got there I noticed a poster with Douwe Bob, so my mom took a picture for me to send to Em, who is a big fan


So I sent this picture to her and we were inside, sitting on some stairs, when my mom suddenly said: ‘Douwe is here’ so I looked up and he was only a few meters away from me, moving in the other direction. At that moment the video was starting, so obviously we didn’t want to bother him. Sadly he left early so there was no opportunity to go ask him for a picture haha. If you want to know more about the story, go read my tweets (tweets from June 2nd, I’ve barely tweeted this month so it shouldn’t be that hard to find if you’re curious haha) about how I was basically stalking him lol (Douwe if you come across this I’m sorry I hope it wasn’t my glancing that made you leave early)

It was also my birthday last week! I can’t believe I’ve been 19 for a full week already. Fun fact: I had to fill in my age somewhere on my birthday and of course I first clicked on 18. Unfortunately I had deadlines on my birthday (thanks teachers), but fortunately I had already finished everything during the weekend. I still had my exams left, but at least I didn’t have to worry about missing a deadline. Because of school I didn’t really get to celebrate it, but my mom and a friend of hers did give me these adorable Tsum Tsums that I’ll share with you later this week along with other birthday gifts. I didn’t feel like blogging all day and now it’s too dark to take proper pictures. We celebrated with family last Saturday, which was fun. At the end of the afternoon I took my nephew to the playground. He wanted me to climb too, but it was hard since I was wearing a dress and flip flops haha.

IMG_1307 IMG_1325


When I sent that selfie in our family group chat on Whatsapp they all made a selfie and sent one back haha (without my poor grandfather who was on the toilet missing out on all the fun). In the second pic we we were on these small bikes, which I was waaay too big for so when he started to pedal really fast, I almost fell off.

What I’ve Read

In my last weekly wrap up I was still reading Uprooted, which I finally finished this weekend. It took me over a month, and I’m honestly not sure how I feel about it. Hopefully I’ll get around to reviewing it soon. In the meantime I had also started All The What Ifs by Angela Lynn, which was a fun read. The two books I finished after that (Introductions by C.L. Stone and Forever by Eric Marier) were less fun. And right now I’m FINALLY reading The Hidden Oracle. I was still reading Uprooted when it came out, and since I barely had the time or energy to read, I decided to put it off.


Hopefully I’ll be able to blog quite a lot this week, but I do need to prepare for Thursday (it shouldn’t be that much work – and I’ve done a lot worse in such a short time span this year) and I’m exhausted. I’m full with lots of exciting blog posts ideas and I can’t wait to catch up with you all and stalk your blogs, but I might just rest for a few days, depending on how I’m feeling. I’m already feeling more energetic than yesterday (I was a zombie. Not literally. Don’t worry, my mom’s brains are safe. For now)

So what have you all been up to?! Are you almost done with school? What have you been reading? Any blog posts that I MUST read? Let me know in the comments!


30 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Up To

  1. I hope your presentation and exams go well! It made me smile so much reading about the ‘Douwe encounter’ again!! Glad to hear you had a nice birthday, despite all the studying! :)

  2. Happy belated birthday! It sure sounds like you’ve been busy! At least you’ve had time to enjoy yourself a bit. Good luck with your exams, presentation and the end of school!

  3. I am glad to hear that at least part of what you needed to do for school went well. My laptop always decides to get difficult whenever I really need it too … it’s unnerving. Good luck with your final presentation :D We will be happy to have you back!

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