The Monthly Hufflepuff: May

Bit late, but hey I didn’t have time before this plus better late than never right?


  • The Dark of Twilight by Kate Danley ★★
  • Crystal Magic by Madeline Freeman ★★★
  • Gods and Warriors by Michelle Paver ★★

Not the best reading month, both in quantity and quality. This month I’ve already read more than in May (though two of them are 1-star reads) and I have a feeling I’ll read some good books this month (I’m currently reading The Hidden Oracle and I’ve got Monsters of Men by Patrick Ness waiting for me). I’m not going to review Gods and Warriors, but I’ve already reviewed the other two, so hopefully I’ll get around to posting them soon (I still need to take pictures)

This is where I'd post my 2016 goals section, but I haven't made any  progress in May (except on my Goodreads challenge. Three books closer to my goal!)

what I posted-2

I feel like I barely blogged this month, but looking back it wasn’t that bad!


We’re already in the middle of June so I don’t know why I’m even including this section haha. If all goes well I’ll finish my first year of journalism this month so fingers crossed! Hopefully I’ll be soon enjoying my freedom. I’ve got lots of plans for this summer (probably too many haha), but most of all I need to relax and have fun.

How was your May? Read any good books? Or maybe books you wouldn’t even recommend to the worst person on the planet? Let me know in the comments! (also if you see me on Twitter tomorrow and there’s no tweet stating that I’m all prepared for my presentation on Thursday please yell at me)

8 thoughts on “The Monthly Hufflepuff: May

  1. Sorry to hear it hasn’t been a great reading month for you. But Monsters of Men is freaking amazing and I think things will turn around for you as soon as you read it. Good luck with the rest of June and your first year of Journalism.

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