Still Waiting For Peter Pan – Siriusly Dude I’m Less Than A Year Away From Turning 20 This Isn’t Funny Anymore Take Me To Neverland

That title became a lot longer than I intended, but oh well. It’s the truth. I don’t want to turn 20 and no longer be a teenager and be an actual adult and have ‘responsibilities’. I literally dream of buying Tsum Tsums does that sound like a fully functioning adult to you? I don’t think so.

Anyway, my birthday was roughly two weeks ago, but since I was busy with exams and assignments I didn’t write a post about it. Though I did talk about how I celebrated with my family in my update post if you’re interested. Anyway, here are the presents I got:


The Tsum Tsum planner is a birthday gift from me for me lol. Not really, but I ordered it along with The Hidden Oracle (yay for people giving me book vouchers!). The books are gifts from my mom, grandfather and my close friend/brother from another mother (I don’t care if that term is cliché haha). The Tsum Tsums were given to me by my mom and a friend of my mom’s. I already had a small Minnie Mouse and a medium one, but apparently there’s another size because this one (and Alice) is slightly bigger than the small one. Plus they blush

I’ve thought of things to write in this birthday post. Like 19 things to do while I’m 19, but honestly, there aren’t any things I want to specifically do while I’m 19. There are the same things I wanted to do when I was still 18 and there are some new things, but those have nothing to do with me turning 19. There are also no ’18 things I learned when I was 18′ because honestly, I didn’t learn much from being 18 lol. My 18th year was a good year and I feel like I’ve grown a lot. I wish I could write some inspiring, beautiful post, but alas earwax (I wasn’t the only one thinking that, right?).

I’m excited for everything that’s to come, but can I stay a teenager please?


Surely there are some of you out there who feel the same way about growing up right? And to those of you who have already ‘grown up’ (I’m a firm believer of always staying a child at heart), any advice? 


31 thoughts on “Still Waiting For Peter Pan – Siriusly Dude I’m Less Than A Year Away From Turning 20 This Isn’t Funny Anymore Take Me To Neverland

  1. I feel the exact same way! I turn 20 in November *shrieks and runs away* Part of me is excited, but mostly I just don’t feel ready to be an adult. Does anyone ever feel ready for that jump, or is it something that people are just forced to accept? AHH o.o

  2. I turn 29 in October and that is so close to 30 which is also close to 40 😱 I don’t feel that old yet. But hey, if I got here fairly okay (and somewhat young at heart) you will too. Just do what fits best for you, and don’t let others dictate. Those tend to be the biggest regrets.

  3. Happy belated birthday :D
    Don’t worry about buying Tsum Tsums after turning 20. I’m 26 and I still buy them to myself XD. Sometimes adulting is boring as hell but it can be fun sometimes :P

  4. Oh man, it hit me a few weeks ago that I was actually going to turn 20 in October and I’ve been lowkey panicking ever since. It’s not that I have a problem with aging, but rather that time just goes by so fast (I can’t even believe 2016 is halfway over already)!

  5. Agh, I don’t want to grow up either *sobs* WHERE CAN I TAKE BACK MY ADULTHOOD? IT’S DYSFUNCTIONAL AND I WANT A REFUND. #PeterPanSyndrome Oooooh, but RAVEN BOYS. *flails happily* That book is only everything glorious of ever and The Crown’s Game is FANTASTIC and Patrick Ness is afjdksalfd wonderful so basically that is an epic bookish birthday haul! HAPPY 19TH!! JUST THINK YOU’RE NEARLY HALFWAY TO 40!!! :D

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  7. Well, I’m not a grown up by any means (not even technically- still a teenager), but if it helps any, on Once Upon a Time, Peter Pan is totally psycho and there is no way you’d want to go to Neverland. Being an adult is different and looks scary, but as any other major milestone, it’s just a new start to the next bit of your life. Wow, that was preachy.

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