The Weekly Hufflepuff #33

The first Weekly Hufflepuff in a while now! This was actually supposed to go up yesterday, but I was too busy preparing for my grandfather’s birthday party and when finally everyone had left I was too tired to blog. Better late than never though right?


I started and finished The Hidden Oracle and loved it to pieces. I’m really glad – I expected to, but I also expected to love The Sword of Summer more. I also started (and finished it this morning) a short non-fiction book about Renoir that my mom bought me a few years ago along with some others by the same author but about different artists. Reading it really made me miss my secondary school art class haha. And I finally started Monsters of Men! Which I’ll continue after I finished this post.


Like I mentioned in my update last week I had a sort of presentation last Thursday and I’m happy to tell you guys that it went well! I passed that subject and in the meantime got some other grades back that I’m really happy with. In my update I also talked about my research exam that I’m worried about, and of course that’s the one grade I don’t have yet. Today is the deadline and it really wouldn’t surprise me if I got my grade at 23:59. So as I’m writing this I’m also stressing out but ay what’s new.

I’m technically on holiday now (WOOO 11 WEEKS OF FREEDOM) but if failed my research exam, I have to retry next week. So fingers crossed that I passed because I’m 100% done and ready for the holidays. I have made a pretty long list of things I want/need to do this summer and it’s still expanding haha. I doubt I get to do everything, but I still love making lists like these.

It was my grandfather’s 80th birthday yesterday which we celebrated of course. It was a lot of fun and there was great food. I was so full yesterday omg it wasn’t healthy. Not to mention the stomach ache haha #totallyworthit. I also discovered that this photo app that I’ve been using for a few months now has some great filters:

Collage1 Collage2

We took a lot more haha. I can’t wait to force my friends take some pictures with my friends 😇 It’s called Fotorus by the way!

An employee at my grandfather’s nursery home made him a birthday hat haha.

thumb_IMG_1566_1024 thumb_IMG_1568_1024

Also I just watched Liv and Maddie’s season finale before writing this post and got so emotional. I need season 4 now

what I posted-2


I’M ALL CAUGHT UP. At least I was Saturday evening. Naturally I’m a bit behind again, but there were only 16 posts in my Bloglovin feed last time I checked. I don’t know how many there are in my WordPress feed, but some of those are in my Bloglovin feed. But there are definitely not as many as there were during my hiatus haha. Anyway, boy do I have a list for you!

OMG GUYS. As I was writing this I got a notification that I have 700 WordPress followers – THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH ❤❤❤❤❤. And get this. As I was tweeting about that, someone in our class’ group chat said our grades were in. I PASSED. 11 WEEKS OF FREEDOM HERE I COME

So how has your week been? Is school over yet? Any exciting plans for the holidays? Let me know in the comments! 


34 thoughts on “The Weekly Hufflepuff #33

  1. awwh, your family is sooo cute! and these pictures are so funny ☺

    and about my week, it’s going pretty well. Today I meet with my best friend and we cooked some cookies together! And on wednesday I will be going to camp! I’m kinda scared, but excited!

    And I hope your summer will be amazing, good luck with your plans! fingers crossed that you passed your exam well! :)

  2. I’ve really been wanting to read The Hidden Oracle but I haven’t gotten around to it yet! I also saw the first season of Liv and Maddie but I don’t think any more is on Netflix, so unfortunately I’m way behind. Happy birthday Grandpa!
    HUGE CONGRATS ON 700!!! That is so incredible! You totally deserve it and I’m not surprised in the least. :-)

  3. The pictures had me laughing so hard! They’re all adorable and especially that of your grandfather wearing the hat.💙
    I’m so glad that you’re finally on vacation, Michelle! You can now read and do all that you love doing without having to deal with the nagging thoughts of YOU NEED TO STUDY etc etc. Also, I remember saying this months ago but I should really try doing a weekly or monthly wrap up, it’s nice to see all that’s happened listed in a post. :]

  4. AAH YAY CONGRATS ON 700 FOLLOWERS! And also finishing school for the summer. And also passing your exams. CONGRATS ON ALL THE THINGS. *flails hands* I’m glad you liked The Hidden Oracle; I actually enjoyed it rather a lot! I guess it made a change from the…maybe slightly repeated PJO formula. (I love Rick Riordan. But sometimes you have to change things up.) And thanks so much for the shout-out! <3

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