The Discussing Hufflepuff: Being Clumsy is Not Cute

One of my blogging goals this year was to post a Discussing Hufflepuff every month, but since I failed to post one during February, March, April and May, I decided to post another one this month! Besides, this was bothering me a lot lately.

I’m sure we’ve all come across The Cute Clumsy Girl trope at least once. Being clumsy is usually the girl’s only flaw (except that she’s usually ‘too naive’ as well) and everyone thinks it’s ‘so adorable’ and they fall head over heels for her. Because such a clumsy girl has to be protected! !

Okay, IΒ do need to be protected from my own clumsiness. But everyone around me needs to be protected from my clumsiness. The amount of times I accidentally hurt someone is not funny (especially my Mom, she’s my biggest victim. Mom if you’re reading this: I’m sorry). Is being clumsy a flaw? Yes (though it really shouldn’t be the only flaw a character has). I hurt myself, I hurt others. I break things, spill things, basically I make one big mess. So that’s definitely a flaw. But that’s not how being clumsy is often portrayed in fiction, especially when it comes to the ‘cute clumsy girls’.

Can my clumsiness be funny or even hilarious? Oh yes. My clumsiness has been the protagonist of a good, funny story at many family gatherings and I often crack myself up by thinking about my antics. But I also internally cry when I remember that I almost burned the house down (okay I make it sound way more dramatic than it actually was) when I tried to bake some bread or the time I threw my new jumper on a BURNING candle. And did I mention that I’ve hurt other people a lot? I’ve accidentally hit my mom many times. Or head butted her a few times too. And there are of course the times I fell down the stairs, slipped on pavement (okay that one was hilarious. But it did hurt), jumped into a pond (I know that sounds like it was on purpose, but it wasn’t. My friend and I were dancing on a bridge, jumping up and down and I just jumped backward more and more until BAM. Foot in pond. Okay that one was also hilarious. But also sucked, because wet sneaker), ruined books, broke precious stuff, somehow got sauce on the ceiling and boy could I go on. Point is, while it can be funny, it can also be disastrous.

And honestly, if you spend a lot of time with me, while you’ll find my antics hilarious, they will also annoy you at some point. AΒ lot. My mom usually laughs when I do something clumsy, but that doesn’t mean she never gets angry. Because sometimes it’s exasperating, and I agree. I hate breaking and ruining things and accidentally hurt people (duh). So when I read or watch one of those ‘cute clumsy girls’ whoΒ never portray clumsiness realistic, it bothers me.Β A lot. Especially when everyone falls in love with her because she’s ‘so cute!!’.

How do you feel about The Cute Clumsy Girl trope? Are you clumsy as well? Does any of this sound familiar to you? Let me know in the comments!


46 thoughts on “The Discussing Hufflepuff: Being Clumsy is Not Cute

  1. Yeah, it really bothers me too when people just make clumsiness a “flaw” of a character without actually making it be a flaw. I get injured and break things constantly because of clumsiness, not just trip gracefully every once in a while with no repercussions.

  2. Thank the heavens that I’m not the only one who thinks this way! I do find the cute clumsy girl trope, well…cute (though only in graphic novels and anime) but what you say is very true too. Really, if someone had to deal with my constant tripping on flat ground, or my near-death experiences like falling halfway-off cliffs simply because I didn’t pay much attention, the amount of panic attacks would highly likely amount to annoyance and frustration very quickly :/

  3. Oh my gosh I am SO clumsy!!! It’s totally unfair when people think it’s “cute” or whatever because it’s terrible when I knock over precious items or practically trip my grandma. Seriously, not fun.

  4. I wouldn’t go as far and say I’m graceful but I’m not really clumsy, haha. However, I do know that it’s natural and not anything forced (or something people do “to seek attention”) seeing that my bff is so clumsy in a very cute way. To be honest, in literature and reality I don’t think those characters bother me all that much. However, if it’s done way to exaggerated, it may seem less authentic in fiction. I probably just refuted my initial response… but I hope that made sense. XD

  5. I haven’t actually read that many books with the Cute Clumsy girl! Kind of upsettingly, I associate the “cute” dumb girl trope with clumsiness and I hate that trope. Personally, I wouldn’t say I’m clumsy but I’ve had my fair share of whoops! moments XD

    Thanks for stopping by Princessica of Books!

    • I haven’t read that many either, but I read one lately and that inspired this post haha. Ooh the ‘cute’ dumb girl trope annoys me too. Haha I think everyone has those moments, clumsy or not! If there are people who don’t, I want to learn their secret

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  7. I agree, the actual act of being clumsy isn’t cute, (I am very clumsy myself, and it’s jolly annoying)! Nobody would watch someone drop something and go “ahh”. Often though, I think it’s the character’s reaction to his/her clumsy acts which is the cute thing, so the clumsiness just allows them more opportunities to display cute embarrassment/bashfulness…

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