Young Writers Twitter Chat

Hey guys! I’m excited to share this news with you guys, and I hope you’ll find it exciting too haha. I’m going to of host a weekly (possibly bi-weekly when school starts again) Twitter chat for young writers. Right now I’m thinking Saturday 9 PM (CEST), but of course I want as many people to be able to participate as possible, so let me know in the comments if you want to participate and if that time would work for you! 

How will it work?

We’ll start with introducing ourselves and if you have a blog, don’t forget to mention it! Then I’ll ask five questions, which, just like with any Twitter chat (at least the ones I’ve participated in and have seen around) you guys will answer them with Q1, Q2, etc. and using the hashtag #YoungWritersChat. Of course the point is to chat with everyone, have fun and maybe give advice to each other! Since Camp Nano is around the corner, there will be some focus on that, but the questions will be answerable for both participators and non-participators (I’m not even sure if I’ll be doing Camp NaNo myself yet!)

There will be different topics/themes each time, or at least I’ll try. Of course sometimes the questions can be more general, but even then I think that should be fun!

The first one will be July 2nd, most likely at 9 PM (CEST). If the time changes, of course I’ll let you know! Also please spread the word, so that as many people can participate!

So would you participate? Does the time work for you? Do you have any tips for me on how to do this? It will be my first time hosting a chat so bear with me 🙈 



37 thoughts on “Young Writers Twitter Chat

  1. I love this idea! I actually just tweeted the other day about starting a young writer’s group! I’ll definitely participate, and let me know if you need help with anything!

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