The Weekly Hufflepuff #34

I can’t believe my first full week of the holidays is already over! I really hope the rest of my holidays won’t fly by this fast, even though I had a good week haha.


I finished Monsters of Men and am not okay. Damn was this a rollercoaster of emotions. Every time it looked like things were going to be alright, I looked at the amount of pages I still had left and just

I started The Unexpected Everything yesterday and am enjoying it so far. Friendship, family, dogs and a cute love interest. Plus there’s a pug. But it looks like the pug won’t play a big role. I feel kind of betrayed because it’s on both the cover and back of the book so I expected it to play a bigger role.


This was such a relaxing week. No deadlines, no homework, no exam… I could read, blog and write as much as I wanted. I’ve been keeping up with all the blogs, which makes me feel so accomplished haha. I’ve been searching for a job as well. Oh and I’ve been putting books on Marktplaats (a Dutch website where you can sell old stuff), so basically I feel like I’ve been very productive this week.

Yesterday we celebrated the birthday of a friend of my mom’s, where I ate waaay too much. I hadn’t eaten that much yet when we got there, so yeah

This was me

And today we’ll be booking our flight and hotel for our trip to London! My aunt and cousin should be here in less than two hours, so that should be fun.

Oooh and oh my God do any of you watch The Fosters because it was INTENSE and I need the next episode now (which looks like a horror movie like what even?? I’M SO SCARED).


It feels so good to be able to add this section again! I’ve been working on the outline for my contemporary wip that I mentioned here and it’s been so much fun. I also shared a snippet of it for Snippet Sunday. Hopefully I’ll be able to write a lot this week as well.

I’m still debating whether or not I should participate in Camp Nano, and if so, what wip to work on. I really want to finally finish The Army of Quermo, but then again I’m also really in the mood to work more on the contemporary woops. Are you participating in Camp Nano?

what I posted-2


So how has your week been? What books have you been reading? Have you been writing? Are you participating in Camp Nano? Let me know in the comments!


34 thoughts on “The Weekly Hufflepuff #34

  1. I’m reading The Unexpected Everything too and that book has so much cuteness. Can I have all of Clark’s shirts and all of the dogs??? I can’t stop staring at the boom cover because the pug is also too cute XD

  2. I’ve been thinking about participating in Camp NaNo since I loved NaNoWriMo last year but I feel like it’ll be different since it’s summer and not Nov. I’m afraid that I’ll end up procrastinating most of the time, but then again I might feel motivated if I buddy up with someone or a group even!

    • Yeah exactly! I have the exact same struggle. But in Nov I was super busy with school after the first week so I failed. Now I have free time so… But I’m also aftaid I’ll end up procrastinating haha. Yeah that does sound motivating!! Aah the struggle 😂

      • I was busy with school too but I was able to write those 50K words because I had a tight schedule, I didn’t have so much time on my hands for anything else so I always had 2 to 3 hours everyday for writing and those would be at night!

  3. Yay! I’m happy you’re finally on break :) I love the eating gif XD I signed up for Camp NaNo but don’t have anything to continue. I don’t know if I’ll actually participate or not.

  4. Thanks so much for the shout out!! And Cátia and I are reading TUE right now as well :D Can you believe how long the chapters are? I was at 200 pages and at chapter 8 or something. I am really enjoying it as well. Matson is just always the perfect choice for a summer read.

  5. I have ever known anyone else who read the Chaos Walking Trilogy. Interesting story, right? It’s one of those books that, at the time, I didn’t love, but in the 4 years since, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about. I’ve almost re-read them just to soothe my brain :)
    And The Unexpected Everything is sitting in my table waiting for me to read next. I liked her Since You’ve Been Gone book so I have high hopes for this one.
    Lastly, Camp NaNo…summer is my favorite time to do NaNo because I get way more written than I can in November (with thanksgiving here in the US, I feel like the month is so crazy). So do it! Do summer camp nano and update us on your progress. I haven’t been able to write all of June and I’m so looking forward to having no more excuses :)

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