The Weekly Hufflepuff #35

*insert freak out that it’s already July like what even how is this possible*


And now I’m realising how behind I am on reviews – eek!


On Monday I went to the Mediamarkt with my mom and grandfather, where my grandfather got to spend his birthday money on music and where I also bought him his birthday gifts. He got quite a lot and needless to say he was very happy. I also bought myself a little something because how could I resist:

Look how adorable she is. I can’t stop staring at her.

While my grandfather and mom were looking at all the cds, I watched Zootopia

Afterwards my grandfather treated us on Starbucks. Sadly the muffin I had wasn’t as good as the last time I had it.

I finally got around to cleaning my room, rearranging my bookshelves etc. I’m thinking of maybe doing a room tour post soon, but I still need to hang up some things, so I’ll probably do it after that.

Other than that I’ve just been relaxing, reading, writing, blogging, watching tv shows (The Fosters was so good omg. And is anyone watching The Real O’Neals? I love it), gaming and other fun stuff. I’m going to meet a friend in less than two hours, so actually I kind of need to hurry up haha.

Oh and I was sorted into Pukwudgie! Any Pukwudgies out there?


I continued to work on my outline this week, but I didn’t get to finish it before Nano started. So far I’ve written 2442 words. Friday went really well, yesterday not so much. I’m not really sure what happened haha. I had to focus on a job application, but I’m pretty sure that still should’ve left me with some time. Oh well. I don’t have any plans for tomorrow so hopefully I’ll be able to catch up then! If I don’t forget I’ll share a snippet in Snippet Sunday this evening!

Speaking of writing, yesterday I hosted the first Young Writers Twitter Chat and it was a lot of fun! I’ll be hosting another one next Saturday, again at 9 PM CEST (3 PM EST). There will most likely be a theme this time, which I’ll announce sometime later this week. Hope to see you guys there!

what I posted-2


So that was my week! Hopefully I’ll be able to write a lot this week, but I’m also meeting with another friend on Tuesday, maybe going to Haarlem with my Mom and maybe meeting up with another friend, so who knows how much time I’ll actually have (plus it’s likely I’ll get lazy woops)

How was your week been? How is Nano going? Read any good books? Watching a good show? Let me know in the comments!


22 thoughts on “The Weekly Hufflepuff #35

  1. Mediamarkt has Funkos in there?? I’m revolting against Mediamarkt in Portugal. It’s unfair :P Pocahontas is such a cutie in Funko form :D

    • Haha well technically it was the Fame, which is a Dutch store inside the Mediamarkt (inside the one in the centre of the city). Other Mediamarkts here don’t have them. Isn’t she? I knew I needed her the moment I saw her :P

      • Ohhhh… I need to find places that sell Funkos. She’s super cute but it’s Pocahontas. She’s one of my favorites since I was a kid.

  2. I just realized how behind I am on book reviews as well… I go through phases of staying really on top of them and then slumps of lagging behind. I have a feeling that I won’t be writing many of them with Camp NaNo going on haha glad your month has gotten off to a good start! :)

    • Yes same haha. A little while ago I was doing so well and now it’s like ‘what happened?’ Haha yeah me too. I’d rather work on my WIP than write reviews right now. Thank you, hope your month started off good as well :)

  3. I can’t wait to pick up a Funko from Pocahontas :D I love her! Isn’t Zootopia the best? I was sorted in Wampus, although I don’t really understand the houses at this moment. Seems like you had a great June, on to July :D

    • You should definitely pick her up, she’s so cute! And it is. I love all Disney films of course, but Zootopia is high up there among my favourites. Haha I don’t really understand them either, but I love William the Pukwudgie and it’s a cute name so :P Hope you’ll have a great July!

  4. Wow you’re so busy?! I feel bad not doing anything hahha I’m just hanging around, rewatching Tudors with my mom :’) oh and work! And I finally got out of my readingslump ^^

    • Haha well I do make myself busy :P I guess I don’t have to be but I want to do all the things haha. Don’t feel bad! That’s fun too :) Ooh yay that’s good! Reading slumps are the worst

  5. Thank you so much for including my post! Good luck with NaNo & it’s definitely a legitimate reason to be behind on reviews. I’m not even doing NaNo and I’M behind on reviews, LOL.

  6. You started reading The Raven Boys??
    I recently made my friend read The Raven Boys…two weeks later and she’d finished all 4…and she loved them! I hope you love them too!

    And I LOVE Zootopia! Such a fantastic movie.

    • Yes I did! I finished it last night and can’t wait to start The Dream Thieves :D I’m seriously regretting not buying them all in one go HAHA. Zootopia is amazing. Definitely one of my favourites

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