This Week’s Young Writers Chat


Hey everyone, I wanted to post this a bit earlier, but I haven’t been feeling well (more on that in my weekly wrap up). Anyway, this week’s chat will once again be at Saturday 9 PM CEST/3 PM EST. This week’s chat will be about how to fit writing into your schedule. Now that it’s Summer it will be less of a struggle since we don’t also have school besides work, social stuff, and God knows what else besides writing, but it’s still something that I think a lot of us (young or not) struggle with, so maybe we can help each other out by having a chat about it! Hope you guys can make it! :)

If you have any questions, let me know!Β 



6 thoughts on “This Week’s Young Writers Chat

  1. Always struggling to find the time to write and normally when I do find the time I’m too tired to do anything! I’m so excited for the summer, because I’ll have more opportunities to write.

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