The Weekly Hufflepuff #36

Okay I have to be quick this time because I have to leave in about an hour and I’m not ready yet woops. But I know that when I get home I’ll be too tired lol


I finished The Raven Boys and loved it! Should’ve started it a long time ago haha (story of my life). I also read The Canterville Ghost because I need to read more of Oscar Wilde’s since I love him and his work so much. This story didn’t disappoint. I started both Anne of Green Gables and The Rest of Us Just Live Here.


As I mentioned in my previous weekly wrap up I met up with a friend on Sunday. We walked to the center of the city; did a bit of shopping; had a McFlurry (this is essential when I go out with friends); took some pictures; ran into another friend/old classmate at the supermarket and then went to Westerpark where we sat on a bench, talked and watched dogs haha. It really was a lot of fun.

On Tuesday I went on a sort of road trip with another friend. In The Netherlands you travel for free if you’re an university student, though this doesn’t last the entire Summer (after July 16th we travel with a discount) so we wanted to take an advantage of that and just take a random train. We ended up in Hilversum though we didn’t really know where to go there. There was a bus leaving in 1 minute so my friend was like ‘let’s go!’ even though we had no idea where we’d end up. Thankfully we saw some shops soon so we quickly got out before we ended up in the middle of nowhere. We shopped a bit there and ate our lunch, and after that we went back to the station to catch another train. This time we ended up in Apeldoorn, which is pretty far. There we did some more shopping (mostly my friend shopped haha) and I found a medium Alice tsum tsum which I’ve wanted for a while now (siriusly I have a problem I bought a small blushing Chip one on Sunday). Before we went back to the station we stopped at McDonalds for a – you guessed it – a McFlurry.


Look at my beautiful attempt to take a selfie (with my regular camera, not my phone I’m so stupid) with the cow). I always climb into those kiddie cars to take a picture #kidatheart. Also free wifi on that bus. Get on with it Amsterdam.


Passing the time until my friend was finished trying on clothes. I finally realised my lifeling dreams of becoming a panda AND a witch #score

roadtripcollage3 roadtripcollage5

Story behind the mustache one: I tried to recreate another photo but then my mustache disappeared when I took the photo.

Wednesday and Thursday weren’t good days for me, which I talked about here. Especially Wednesday was bad, but eventually I started to feel better on Thursday. While I had to go see my psychologist on Friday and felt a bit down afterwards, I had a great evening at my friend’s graduation. I’m so happy for her that she passed all her exams in one go. She was held back in our fifth year (we have six years of secondary school) and it was incredibly unfair (I could write an entire post to rant about it). Quite a few friends and old classmates showed up and it was fun to see some of the teachers (and I was so glad other teachers weren’t there haha).

There was another friend but he didn’t want to be in the picture sadly


Writing was a bit slow this week, since I went out and didn’t feel good two days, but I still managed to write between 1500 and 2000 words I think. I’m planning on catching up this week! If I remember I’ll post a Snippet Sunday tonight, otherwise it will be a Snippet Monday again.

Thanks again to those who participated in the Young Writers Chat yesterday! I posted a poll for what next week’s theme should be. I want to talk about all these topics at some point, but I can’t choose:

what I posted-2


Once again this segment is reminding me of how behind I am woops. I’ll catch up soon though!

 And now I really need to go and get ready. Hope you all had a lovely week; let me know about it in the comments! What did you read? How is Nano going? 

18 thoughts on “The Weekly Hufflepuff #36

    • Haha yes! You need to be at least 18 and in college though (and there may be a maximum age too? I’m not sure) and it’s only during weekdays and part of Summer holidays (this is the last week, thus why we needed to take advantage of it :P). The other days you travel with a discount though, so that’s good too! Yes you do! It definitely was a lot of fun :) Thanks!

      • Yep, I will definitely do a post! I am so excited to find out whether I get a good or evil box. AND THERE IS A POP FIGURE IN IT TOO! But the post probably won’t be up until either the last day of July or the first of August because I don’t want to spoil anyone.

      • Ooh yay I’m looking forward to it! Yeah understandable :) OOH POP FIGURE!! And that’s so exciting that you won’t know which one you’ll end up with :D

      • Yes! All the mystery is the best part about these boxes. But depending on the August theme, I am thinking about maybe switching it up sometime soon. Try some other boxes.

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