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Life update: I’ve been exhausted these past few days, thus why I haven’t been blogging. I really, really want to, but I just didn’t have the energy. I had already written the answers for this tag a few days ago, so it shouldn’t take up too much energy. I’m hoping to be full of energy again tomorrow though! I need to be because there are so many posts I want to write and I’m really behind on NaNo – eek!

Thank you Evi for tagging me to do this fun tag!

Instructions, if you are tagged:

  1. Write your name!
  2. Write your blog name!
  3. Write your favorite word and its definition!
  4. Write something nice!
  5. Write the name of your favorite song right now!
  6. What’re you writing with?
  7. Write a fun fact about yourself!
  8. Write/draw your favorite emoticon!
  9. Write a silly message!
  10. Write who you’re tagging!

In case you can’t read my answers (because I was busy thinking of the aesthetic instead of the readableness lol):

  1. Michelle
  2. The Writing Hufflepuff
  3. Alexithymia: difficulty describing feelings to other people – which is something I relate to *nods*
  5. Young Blood – Bea Miller
    Sixth Sense – Brown Eyed Girls
    Girls Like Girls – Hayley Kiyoko
    4 AM – Olivver the Kid
    I Get To Love You – Ruelle
    Fools – Troye Sivan
    Wait you asked for one?
  6. A blue pen (not the one in the picture lol. The one I actually wrote with was really boring and ruined the ~aesthetic~)
  7. Fun fact: I often wish Stitch was real :(
  8. *drawing of the laughing emoji which turned out pretty okay* is my most used one
  9. This is haaard. I’m trying too hard to think of something silly. uuuuh…. PI-KA-CHUUUU (speaking of which I want Pokemon Go already can The Netherlands be next please)
  10. AOT @ Mixolydian Musings (just noticed that I misspelt it in the picture. I EVEN LOOKED IT UP JUST IN CASE HOW COULD I FAIL LIKE THIS)
    Kira @ (don’t know what happened there lol – my @ turned out really weird) Delirious Dreams
    Em @ Adventures of a Lost Teen

Don’t feel obligated to do this if I tagged you!

Do you like your own handwriting? I’m okay with mine. If I concentrate it’s pretty neat, but usually it’s a mess. Thus why I really like typing out my notes in class. Let me know in the comments!


21 thoughts on “This Is How I Write – The Handwriting Tag

  1. This looks like a fun tag – congrats on the nomination, and sorry you’ve been feeling really tired. I have as well these past few days, and it’s meant I haven’t been able to do a lot of things I want to do, so I feel ya. Funny you should ask about handwriting: My handwriting has improved DRASTICALLY in the past three days. I’ve started writing slanted regularly and it makes a lot of difference. Yes, I like my handwriting now :)

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  3. A) awesome handwriting and b) awesome picture omg, I was not thinking of the aesthetics at all when I made this XD but it looks so cool! Oooh, I’ve been obsessed with Troye Sivan’s music lately, and Girls Like Girls is such a great song ahhh! (also real-life Stitch would be great tbh. OR BAYMAX OMG.)

    • Thank you! :D Same here! I really need to listen more to Troye Sivan (Hayley Kiyoko too). AND YES REAL LIFE BAYMAX TOO. STITCH AND BAYMAX NEED TO BE REAL.

  4. Love your Pikachu sticker! Pokemon isn’t one of my (many) fandoms (yet lol. I watched a little bit of it and both me and my friend adore Jigglypuff), but I love when people are passionate about things and have fandom paraphernalia (my computer has a sticker, too from my favorite fandom!).

    My handwriting is so terrible even I can’t always decipher it hehe. It’s because it physically hurts to write so I tend to make a slop job of it. I’d say I have arthritis in my fingers, but my handwriting has been awful since time immemorial. Oddly enough I prefer writing stories by hand before I put them in word, but sometimes (see first sentence of the paragraph above).

    • Thanks! :) Pokemon is one of my biggest fandoms haha. And Pikachu is dressed up as Harry Potter, so two in one :P Ooh what’s your favourite fandom?
      Aww I’m sorry to hear that! That must be painful :( Understandable that you’d make a slop job of it. I would too if it hurts to write.

      • Final Fantasy VII but I do love the whole FF Series with VII as my favorite! I have a Sephiroth sticker my friend got me for Christmas on my lappy. I’m a Harry Potter fan; it’s one of the few YA Series I really like! Are you into Pokemon Go at all? The sensation that launched a thousand memes? 😋

        Yea it’s annoying because I much prefer handwriting, but I just do what I can and try to at least make it self-legible.

      • Ooh I played FF Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates and really loved it! I haven’t really played the other games, but I’ve always been interested in them. I reaaaaally want to play Pokemon Go but it’s not out here yet 😔 I know there are ways around it but it sounded so complicated that I fi

      • Tee hee I figured. I’ve done the same thing so don’t worry. I hope it gets to you soon. It’s apparently delightful to older fans and bringing in new ones!

        Ah I love FF. It’s a huge inspiration for my stories and life in general. I need to play Crystal Chronicles actually! That, Tactics, and V are ones I’ve never played.

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