The Weekly Hufflepuff #37

*insert freak-out about how fast time flies and all that jazz*


This week has been a slow reading week. I was super tired Monday to Thursday so it’s actually a miracle that I managed to finish The Rest of Us Just Live Here (4 stars – I’m so behind on reviews guys) and I started The Dream Thieves.


I already made my grandfather a victim of the Fotorus app at his birthday party, but heย really became a victim this time lol


He looks so done haha. Sorry grandpa love you (the mouse is my favourite)

My cousin celebrated her birthday last Sunday (thus why I was in a rush to finish my last weekly wrap up), even though her birthday was in May haha. She was on holiday then and decided to wait until the weather was a bit nicer so we could bbq.

I’m not really a bbq fan but we roasted marshmallows afterwards so all was good haha

thumb_IMG_2075_1024 thumb_IMG_2082_1024

Until my mom filmed me eating… They were really soft and they melted of the stick so it was hard guys. THE MARSHMALLOW WAS EVERYWHERE. AND IT FELT SO STICKY. AND MY FAMILY KEPT JOKING SO I KEPT LAUGHING WHICH MADE IT EVEN HARDER

Like I said, I was really tired this week, so I mostly just watched a lot of things: caught up The Fosters (MARIANA WAS SUCH A QUEEN AGAIN THIS EPISODE. It took me a while to remember her name – I’ve ‘casted’ Cierra Ramirez as one of my WIP characters so I wanted to call her Reyna woops)ย and on Ace Attorney, Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Love season 2 has started (which reminds me I wanted to do a post on this glorious anime – should get to that soon!), my most anticipated Kdrama of the year has started as well: Uncontrollably Fond (BAE SUZY AND KIM WOO BIN. KIM WOO BIN SANG ONE OF SUZY’S DREAM HIGH SONGS I AM STILL SO EMOTIONAL OVER THIS), I watched some variety shows (my f(x) obsession is getting worse woops), my mom and I watched Adventures in Babysitting and I quite liked it and we also watched Lilo and Stitch.

Yesterday was InterBlogCon and it was a lot of fun! I loved listening to Angelย andย Marie‘s classes.ย I’m looking forward to next year!

And of course: Pokemon Go FINALLY came out. I haven’t been playing it much yet since yesterday the servers were completely broken down (it took me pretty much all day to get Pikachu as my starter) and today I wanted to focus on blogging and writing. I’m going out tomorrow anyway so I might catch some then haha


While I was tired most of the week, I made up for it on Friday and Saturday, writing a little over 1000 words each day, and I haven’t written today yet! I wanted to catch up blogposts first, but I still want to write around 1000 words again today (though I’d be happy with any word count really). I shared a snippet again in Snippet Sunday, but if you want more updates/snippets follow me on Twitter. I tweet things like this:

Also! There’s another poll for next week’s Young Writers Chat since I’m indecisive:

what I posted-2


I’m happy to announce that I’m almost entirely caught up! So I have a great list for you guys

Now let’s hope I’ll be able to keep up a bit more this week haha. Also I’m planning on trying to find new bloggers (is this going to lead to disaster since I’m at least half the time behind on blogposts) so if you have any suggestions, let me know!

So how has your week been? The weather is suddenly really nice in The Netherlands, so I hope it is too were you live and that you’re enjoying it! And are you catching any Pokemon? Let me know in the comments!


37 thoughts on “The Weekly Hufflepuff #37

  1. Great post! I love your weekly updates. :)
    I wrote today that my week also been super slow for reading. I want to read more, but for some reason something distracts me or I’m reading just very slowly.
    I thought to start watching The Fosters. I’m always in need for new tv shows, even though I watch a lot. It’s a problem..

    • Thanks! :) Haha yeah same here. I want to read all the books, but then I end up doing other things or I only read a few pages.. Oh hope you’re enjoying it! It’s not perfect but I really love it :)

  2. Sounds like a busy week! I love the pictures with your grandpa XD Oh no, I totally forgot about InterBlogCon :( Pokemon Go has been out in the US for quite a while now. I don’t play Pokemon Go but I have heard quite a few problems both with the app and safety wise.

    • It was last Sunday and the last few days of the week! Monday to Thursday not so much :P Aw that’s such a shame! All the classes are on youtube though (you can probably find them through the InterBlogCon twitter) so you can still check them out! Yeah you shouldn’t download it illegally as it can come with viruses and you need to look where you’re going while playing! The servers are definitely causing some problems, so hopefully they’ll fix that soon!

  3. Ahhh thanks for the feature! *hugs* Oooh, those marshmallows sound delicious, and the pictures with your grandfather are so sweet! <3

  4. You’re playing Pokemon Go too? Yay! I’ve had it for a couple of days and I’m loving it so far! My boyfriend is super annoyed though because he has been playing it longer, yet I somehow have quite a few fairly rare Pokemon whilst he has mostly pidgeys! :)
    I hope you have a good week!

    • I am! I only have my starter so far since the servers were out yesterday, but I’m loving it so far as well! Haha I understand his annoyance :P Thank you, I hope you do too!

  5. You’re tweets were so entertaining :D! I heard theres some hack to get Pikachu as your starter but the hack came out after I started playing so I refuse to read it adn feel jealous haha!

  6. I keep getting the black screen for pokemon go, probably because I downloaded it on my IPOD. But my phone will die if I even attempt it (old Blackberry). Ah well :D I can’t make the km needed for the game in the next while anyway, haha.

  7. I am really happy and proud of all of the writing you are getting done, this is incredible and I hope you’ll share more snippets soon, I WANT ALL THE SNIPPETS IN THE WORLD! <3 And thank you for all your support with InterBlogCon (and my French accent haha), and for sharing my blog posts. I can't wait to read your review of The Rest of Us Just Live Here, I really enjoyed that book! :)

  8. Thank you for featuring our project!! The weather has all of a sudden become really, really hot here – IT’S 35 DEGREES TODAY AND I ALMOST DIED GOING TO THE POST OFFICE!!!!

    • You’re welcome! :) It needs to be shared so more people can participate :D I’m going to film my feet tomorrow if it goes to plan! OMG THAT IS SO HOT. It’s not THAT hot here yet. It was around 26 degrees today I think? It will be 30 tomorrow though..

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  10. Aww thanks so much for mentioning my blog post :) I just downloaded Pokemon Go and have managed to catch only 3 Pokemon so far (although to be fair, I haven’t left my house – it’s toooo hot haha!) What’s your Camp NaNo WiP about? I was planning to do it this month too, but life got in the way a bit :( But I’m hoping to get back into some writing soon. Love the pictures of you and your Grandfather – so cute :)

    • You’re welcome, I loved it so it had to be shared :) Haha totally understandable! 3 is still a lot considering you haven’t left the house! Weell I really don’t know how to describe the plot haha. Right now I described it on the NaNo website as ‘Four unexpected friends make their way through senior year. Lots of banter and karaoke (and food. There is always food)’ but that doesn’t really cut it either haha. Hopefully I’ll be better at describing it after I finish it :P Aww that’s a shame, hopefully you’ll be able to write again soon! :) Thanks :)

  11. *cries* I AM STILL UPSET THAT MY PHONE CANNOT DOWNLOAD POKEMON GO. I have truly been waiting for this since forever. But ah well — I’m sure I’ll find a way at some point. :P Ah, I love a good marshmallow! Setting them on fire is always a bit of a hazard for me though haha. And thanks very much for the shout out! <3

    • NOOOOO. Yes you must find a way *nods* Haha saaame, it was my first time roasting marshmallows and it didn’t go that well lol You’re welcome! โค

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