Mid-Year Book Freak Out Tag A.K.A. What Happened to 2016 Tag

Thank you Jess for tagging me! Go check out her blog if you haven’t already because it’s gorgeous

1. Best book you’ve read so far in 2016

This used to be Stars Above, but then I read Monsters of Men. It was an amazing rollercoaster and definitely didn’t disappoint. I havent’ reviewed any of the books in the trilogy, and I’m not sure I will. I just don’t know how to put my love for these books into words.

2. Best sequel you’ve read so far in 2016

I’m going with The Ask and the Answer, because apparently I haven’t even read that many sequels this year (and Stars Above doesn’t really count, since only the last story takes place after Winter).

3. New release you haven’t read yet, but want to

Woops still haven’t read Lady Midnight

I kid you not I’ve been at the bookstore, stared at it, and picked up other books. I’ve kind of lost my excitement and there are other books I’d rather read. But I still want to read it! It just isn’t a priority anymore (I seriously don’t know what happened. Like I was so excited before it came out and then it did and I just…)

4. Most anticipated release for the second half of the year

To be honest I’m not sure what books are coming out this year. I’m really not keeping up, because I’ve been really busy with school and now I figure I’ll just see when books come out when everyone in the community starts reading them lol. BUT I really can’t wait to read Heartless. Alice in Wonderland and written by Marissa Meyer? Yes please *grabby hands*

5. Biggest disappointment

a thousand nightsIT’S SO PRETTY. BOTH ON THE OUTSIDE AND INSIDE. BUT NOT STORY WISE. I was incredibly bored during this one. I love fairy tale retellings, but this one? Nope nope nope. Read my review here. Really wouldn’t recommend this one. BUT there are people out there who really love it, so that said if you’re interested in it still check it out.

6. Biggest surprise

Crystal Magic by Madeline Freeman. I got it for free on Amazon and the previous free e-books I had read weren’t that great, so my expectations were really, really low. But I really enjoyed this one! Read my review here.

7. Favourite new author. (Debut or new to you)

I think it’s a tie between Becky Albertali and Maggie Stiefvater, though I’ve met Becky at YalfestNL and she was so cute and lovely so I’m leaning towards her

8. Newest fictional crush

I’m afraid to say that there’s no new addition to my fictional boy harem

9. Newest favourite characterimg_0014

Definitely Simon Spiers! Also one of my favourite protagonist *nods* I mean he’s a Potterhead so how could I not love him (yes I’m biased so what ssh) Read my review here.

10. Book that made you cry

I reread The Perks of Being a Wallflower which made me cry again

11. Book that made you happy

starsaboveStars Above. Especially the last story. If you’ve read it you know what I’m talking about. It was just perfect and put a smile on my face. I loved seeing the gang all together again. The story of Cinder and Kai’s first meeting from Kai’s POV also put a big goofy smile on my face though. Read my review here.

12. Most beautiful book you’ve bought so far this year (or received)

I got Harry Potter Film Wizardry for my birthday and that definitely qualifies. It’s gorgeous inside and out. While I haven’t read it yet, I definitely recommend it

13. What books do you need to read by the end of the year?

I don’t have any specific books really. I just want to read all the unread books on my shelves (not going to happen. Like I’m going to finish Les Mis hahaha. I really need to finally read that)

14. Favourite Book Community Member (Blogger, Booktuber and Bookstagrammer)

I assume this has to be someone you discovered this year? Then I’m choosing (sounds like I’m choosing a Pokemon haha – SPEAKING OF WHICH BY THE TIME THIS IS PUBLISHED I’D BETTER HAVE POKEMON GO) Liam from Hey Ashers! His reviews are brilliant – not just well-written and with good points, but also hilarious.

15. Tag! Who’s It?

Fadwa | Evi | Zin | Annemieke | Samantha | Marie | Joan | Emma 

Don’t feel obligated to do this!

How was the first half year of 2016 reading wise for you? What is your favourite and worst book so far? Any answers we have in common? Let me know in the comments!


34 thoughts on “Mid-Year Book Freak Out Tag A.K.A. What Happened to 2016 Tag

  1. Ugh that’s the worst feeling when a physically stunning book has a lackluster story inside of it.
    And no worries– I haven’t read Lady Midnight yet either :/ I’m determined to get around to reading it eventually, though!

  2. YES PLS READ LES MIS. I need someone else to geek about with, and although it’s a bit intimidating, it’s so good! And ahhh yes Becky Albertalli is so sweet, omg.

    • I WILL. I think that once I finish The Dream Thieves I might start reading a few pages of it, just a few every day and then at some point I’ll finish it right? ;D Isn’t she? She’s so sweet and adorable

  3. Can I just say that I had totally forgotten about Lady Midnight, WHAT ??? I still haven’t read it and I completely forgot that it was out *hides in shame*
    And I definitely agree on Liam, HE IS SO FREAKING GREAT AND HILARIOUS, his reviews are seriously the best out there.

    • Hahaha that’s okay! While it’s in the back of my mind, I still forget that it’s out there was well, since it’s just not on the top of my priorities right now.
      Right?! I love reading his reviews, they make my day. I usually don’t read everyone’s reviews, but I read all of his

  4. Woohoo, glad you did this tag! Ah, I just saw the Film Wizadry book at my local Barnes & Noble but it was the non-discounted price so it was SUPER expensive; I had to pass, sadly. But! I definitely admire that beautiful cover. I haven’t read many sequels either, but I’m currently balancing two :D.

  5. ASDFJKL I’M SO EXCITED FOR HEARTLESS. I hope that the book inside lives up to its cover ahaha. (But, you know, it’s Marissa Meyer. So should be great. Though, er…I confess I haven’t actually read Stars Above yet, whoops!) BECKY ALBERTALLI?!?? I’m very jealous; Simon Vs was absolutely wonderful.
    *whispers* Do you hear the people siiing…? I’d love to hear if you do read Les Mis! I mean, you probably already knew that. But what can I say, I’m a shameless fan. :P (Though it is pretty intimidating, I admit haha.)

    • SAAAAAME. I need it now. I’m sure it will right?! I feel like Marissa Meyer can do no wrong, which is actually a dangerous thought lol. Ooh you must read Stars Above! I loved it. YESSS HOPEFULLY YOU GET TO MEET HER TOO. She’s so humble and lovely and cute aghsgjh
      Hahaha you’ll be the first to know :P I’m really thinking more and more of picking it up this Summer, so it might actually finally happen! 😱

  6. The Chaos Walking books really surprised me by how good they were. And how different, too. I heard it had been optioned for film, but I can’t imagine how they could convey the Noise properly in a different format. Either way, it’s an incredible rollercoaster as you said and Maggie Stiefvater is definitely a great one to have on your favorites list!

    • Yeah same here! I had The Knife of Never Letting Go on my shelf for like a year before I finally picked it up and I wish I had done so sooner! I’ve heard so too; really hope they’ll do it justice! But like you pointed out: how will they convey the Noise?? I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Yeah she definitely is! I need to get my hand on the rest of the series ASAP

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  9. This is such a cute tag! I really need to read The Knife of Never Letting Go… I’m kind of scared of the grammar, though…. OH MY GOSH I CANNOT WAIT FOR HEARTLESS LIKE COME ON JUST GET HERE ALREADY.
    And Simon Spier was just the most adorable main character ever. Except for Charlie.

    • The grammar was a bit odd in the beginning, but I got sucked into the story almost right away so I stopped noticing it. Once you get into it (which in my case was fast haha) IT’S SO GOOD. Really recommend it. Hope you’ll get to it soon :D YES SAME HERE I NEED IT. I’M IN SUCH NEED FOR A GOOD FAIRYTALE RETELLING AND I KNOW MARISSA MEYER WON’T LET ME DOWN. Haha I knoooow. I just keep buying other books instead ^^;
      He issss. YES CHARLIE. I LOVE CHARLIE SO MUCH. I just want to remove him from the book and give him a good hug and then become BFFs with him (and Simon)

  10. Oh my god you nominated me as your favorite blogging community member and then I went on hiatus and *didn’t even see or respond to your nomination*. I am *literally the worst*. Excuse me while I go bury myself and my shame under a mound of books, as is only right and just.

    That said, holy crap, thank you for choosing me! I’m so happy, my chest might burst. I’ll still go hide under those books now, but I’ll be grinning like an idiot while I do it. =D

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