Blogsterdam: Q&A Announcement

I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while now, and I got a positive response when I asked if I should do it on Twitter, so here we go! If you have a question about Amsterdam (or The Netherlands in general) let me know! It can be ANYTHING. I won’t answer the questions next month, so there’s quite some time to ask them!


29 thoughts on “Blogsterdam: Q&A Announcement

  1. Ok. What’s the most unflattering image you think there is about Amsterdam? Do you get have any bother by a person using a preference of Holland over the Netherlands? Do you cycle?

  2. I’ve been to Amsterdam once and absolutely loved it. Everyone was really friendly and even though it rained like the entire time we were there, we still walked everywhere. I love cities where you can just walk places and don’t NEED cars and stuff like that. I can’t think of any questions right now, but maybe I will come up with something later :) you said we have some time after all!

    • I’m so happy to hear that you had a positive experience :D Yeah take your time! I have no idea yet when I’ll answer the questions, so just let me know if you come up with a question :)

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  4. Are there any underestimated cities/areas of The Netherlands that tend to get overshadowed by Amsterdam that you think are worth visiting? (Sorry if that doesn’t make sense – I couldn’t work out how to word it!) Where am I most likely to find Douwe? πŸ˜‰ And if you could live anywhere in The Netherlands, would you want to stay in Amsterdam or live somewhere else? (I’m really not very good at wording questions πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚)

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  7. What’s your advice for making friends in Amsterdam? I am thinking of moving abroad (again) and the hardest part I found was making new friends. Any tips for making new Dutch friends?

  8. This is a GREAT idea and I don’t know HOW I missed it. I probably missed a lot while I was on holidays though, but I am thrilled to see this now because I might be (might, because it’s really unsure) going to Amsterdam again really soon!! So hm for questions, I will admit I didn’t read the ones above, so sorry if you have the same questions twice!
    – If I only had ONE day in Amsterdam, what place – s would you advice for me to see ? Oh and great places to eat ?
    – What kind of food should we absolutely try while in Amsterdam ?
    – Favorite place outside of the city ? Could be in the suburbs, or in the Netherlands in general
    – Do you ever go around the city on bike, and would you recommend it?
    – Did you already went to see the TFIOS bench ? (sorry I HAD to ask that one haha)

    And…. I’ll come back later ahahha :P

  9. I’m so glad I’m not too late to this party. =D

    How would you describe each season, in terms of weather and how people respond (by actions/attitude/clothing choices) to the weather? (I’m a Texan, and have lived most my life experiencing only two seasons: Stay Indoors At All Costs Hot, and Gloomy Grey & Chilly. It’s probably weird, but I’m kind of obsessed with imagining places that have FOUR seasons, or even–gasp–have little or none of the sweltering humidity than I slog through most of the year.)

    Also: what’s your least favorite part of or thing about Amsterdam?

    Ugh, I wish I could just visit everywhere. Thanks for opening up to questions from your travel-starved readers!

    • Ooh that’s such a cool question! I love the names of your seasons, though they don’t sound too pleasant. Can’t wait to answer your question(s) :D
      I feel you; there are so many places I want to visit but I need more money *sigh* You’re welcome :D

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