The Weekly (#38) and Monthly Hufflepuff: July

I’m combining wrap ups again! Also I didn’t really mean to skip two weekly wrap ups, it just happened. Though yesterday was a bit intentional, since I wanted to focus on Camp NaNo. I could’ve posted after that, but I was exhausted (more on that later). Anyway, let’s wrap these past two weeks and actually the last month up!


I could’ve read so much more this month, but I had quite a few days where I didn’t feel well mentally so I just didn’t feel like reading. Quality wise it was a pretty good month though! (quality over quantity right?)

  • The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater ★★★★★
  • The Dream Thieves by Maggie Stiefvater ★★★★★
  • The Canterville Ghost by Oscar Wilde
  • The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness ★★★★
  • The Crown’s Game by Evelyn Skye ★★★

By now I’ve also reviewed most of the books I wanted to review from last month (Uprooted is coming up this week and if everything goes to plan I’ll schedule The Hidden Oracle for next week). I’ve already written my review for The Crown’s Game, so that will be posted soon as well (still torn about my rating. I’m leaning more towards 2.5 stars to be honest). I don’t think I’m going to review the first three


I had my ups and downs these past two weeks (actually, more like last week, this past week was pretty good actually), but I had a good talk with my mom the Saturday before last and then she dragged me off to see Finding Dory (my cousin told me that there was no shark in it so it was safe for me to see – I’m terrified of sharks and thus haven’t seen the prequel). Though Zootopia is still my favourite movie of the year, I really enjoyed it.

I also met up with a friend who slept over at my house. We caught up, took a lot of pictures, caught up on Pretty Little Liars (we watch it together, so because of school we were pretty behind) and went to the park the next day since the weather was nice. Oh and my grandpa was my filter victim again


Oh and last time I did a wrap up I only had Pikachu in Pokemon Go – boy has that changed. Here are some pictures of Pokemon I caught:


If you follow me on Twitter you may have read about how Squirtle showed up in my living room and that the game froze before I could catch it *cries* BUT I ran into another one a few days later and managed to catch that one (I didn’t take a picture because I was too anxious that it would run away/the game would freeze again). And yes that Psyduck appeared at the toilet lol

I did a swap box with Em in which we sent each other stuff from each other countries, and hers arrived. I really love everything she sent me. I’ve already started colouring a bit and I can’t wait to try the chocolate and beans (I wanted to take a picture before I ate everything, but I was lazy. Also I didn’t want to open the beans because of the lovely message). I’ll save the instant hot chocolate for when the weather has cooled down (while it hasn’t always been sunny, it has been warm these past two weeks! Finally).


I’ve also been watching quite some shows these past two weeks, even though I’m behind on some. The Fosters has been great as usual, and I started watching Jane The Virgin (I’m at episode 18 of season 1, no spoilers please!) and I LOVE it. I convinced my mom to watch it as well (wasn’t too hard actually haha) and she’s addicted as well. She’s almost caught up with me and she only started yesterday. I need to hurry up because I’m afraid that I’ll get spoiled by walking in on her watching an episode I haven’t seen yet. But seriously if you aren’t yet, start watching it.

A bunch of other stuff probably happened as well, but my memory is fuzzy. So I’m leaving it at this haha. Oh yeah I went to the beach with my mom haha. See, I almost forgot this happened. I’m not a big fan of the beach (I loathe sand) but it was still a nice day and I took plenty of pretty pictures (so far only two have made it onto my Instagram because I’m slow)


Like I said before, I didn’t post yesterday because I wanted to focus on Camp NaNo. Unless you follow me on Twitter and/or Snapchat (writingmichelle), you might be curious about how it went. Well…


Like I said before, I had days where I didn’t feel well mentally this month, plus days where I was just tired and lazy and of course days where I went out so I didn’t have time to write. I honestly didn’t think I was going to make it, but during the weekend I had set my mind to it and well… I DID IT! I’m really proud and hope to continue writing like this. To celebrate I’ll be sharing several snippets later today.

It’s far from finished and it’s not polished at all since it’s a first draft, but I’m just so happy. Last month I had about 2000 words and no idea where I was even going with this story, and now I’ve written a little more than 25.000 words, an outline and plenty ideas. Plus I’ve gotten to know the characters so much better this month. Definitely a successful month.

I want to take a moment to thank everyone who participated in the Young Writers Chat so far. You guys made it so worth it and I’ve had so much fun meeting you all and talking to you about our passion that is writing. This week’s theme will once again be decided by voting, so please RT and vote:


  • I have read 59 out of 100 books for my Goodreads Challenge (help I’m only 1 book ahead now I’m scared)
  • Well, one of my goals was to write more in general and that I did (but I didn’t work on any of the projects I meant to work on woops)
  • While I posted two Discussing Hufflepuffs in June, I didn’t post any again this month. Honestly I thought I still had some time left to do so?? What happened to July *cue hysterical laughter*
  • On the other hand, I did post a Blogsterdam one again and posted a Q&A announcement! I’m also really excited to post this month’s so fingers crossed that I’ll get around to it
  • Okay so this was technically last month, but I didn’t realise it. Politically Correct Bedtime Stories by James Finn Garner is full with fairytale retellings. I’m aiming for 5-9 books for my Retelling Challenge, so I’m only one away from winning!

what I posted-2


SURPRISE! I’m behind again *sigh* Hopefully I’ll be able to catch up a bit today (I also want to schedule some posts so we’ll see how that goes). Let’s see what I can share with you guys, shall we?

Phew, I was afraid I wouldn’t have much to share, but apparently I read more than I could remember haha. I’m still super behind though. Part of me is annoyed that Bloglovin no longer shows you how many posts there are in your feed when there are more than 20, but the other part of me is relieved (there are also the WordPress blogs that don’t have Bloglovin of course. I’m really behind on those too). Anyway, me being behind is nothing new anymore. I really wish I could go back to being entirely caught up every day again, but I have to remind myself that I follow more blogs than I did when I first started out and that I shouldn’t stress over this.


My last full month of freedom! I just had a deja-vu. Did I write the exact same thing in last year’s July wrap up when talking about August? Possibly. Anyway, I want to make the most of my freedom this month, but also not wear myself out. What’s the point of being on break when you’re exhausted on the first day of school because of all the stuff you did during the Summer? I am planning on blogging a lot, particularly scheduling a lot of posts at least during September. I don’t know yet how busy I’ll be (I know my schedule this Thursday eek!) but I like to have some posts ready just in case.

Also, just in case, a plea: I have no idea why you’d do this if I don’t mention The Cursed Child in my posts, but still just in case: PLEASE DON’T SPOIL ME. I won’t be getting the book until October, since that’s when I’ll see the play. I feel like it’s going to be really difficult to stay clear off spoilers, but so far it’s worked (it’s only been a day but still). Mainly I’m staying off Tumblr.

Woah, that was a big post. How has your month been? What was the best book you read? How many Pokemon have you caught? Let me know in the comments!


28 thoughts on “The Weekly (#38) and Monthly Hufflepuff: July

  1. I can’t wait to see Finding Dory tomorrow – I hope it is as good as it sounds! I’m glad you enjoyed everything I sent you and I’ll hopefully be posting about what you sent me in the next few days if I can get my blogging act together. It’s scary thinking there is only a month left of freedom – I still don’t even know what courses I’ll be doing at college yet but I only have three weeks (eek) left to wait for my exam results. It’s a bit annoying though because it feels like I can only enjoy summer after I’ve got my exam results and the stress is over but by then I’ll only have two weeks left! Well done on winning NaNo again!!

    • I hope you’ll enjoy Finding Dory as well :D Haha don’t worry about it and take your time :P I haven’t been blogging as much as I wanted too either so I totally get it (and even if I had been blogging as much as I wanted I would understand of course!) I know right? What happened to the Summer? Oooh that’s so exciting! Fingers crossed that they’ll be great. Ugh understandable! I get that it takes time to grade all the exams etc. but stiiiill. Don’t they see what they’re doing to all of you? Thank you again! ❤️

  2. It’s hard to be caught up. I don’t think you can read everything once you get to a certain amount that you follow so I only read what I really find interesting.

  3. You did so well with all the catching up and Camp NaNoWriMo! Congrats for that for sure!!!
    And I also think that you had some great books :D I can’t wait to read the Raven Cycle myself.

  4. Ohmigosh, the pictures you take with your grandfather are really cute and hilarious! :D Also, thank you so much for the mention?! I’m so glad you enjoyed the piece!

  5. You’ve sure been busy! I’m glad you got to have some fun. I hope you eventually have more mentally good days then bad. You’ve been finding some good Pokemon :) Swap boxes sound like tons of fun! Congrats on doing so well with Camp Nano. I made the account but ended up writing zero words.

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  7. Ahh, sounds like you had an awesome and extremely busy month! I love this post :) I’m so happy completed NaNoWriMo – I really wanted to participate but I was so busy and completely missed it. :(

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