The Weekly Hufflepuff #40

Two days late, but better late than never right? I was going to post this Sunday evening, but was suddenly too exhausted. Same story yesterday when I got home, so here we are! Let’s wrap up this week shall we?


Oh boy, looking at my Goodreads shows me that this week wasn’t too good:

  • Darkness Reigns (The Kinsman Chronicles #1.1? Was this not the entire first book? What) by Jill Williamson ★
  • Magic of Thieves (Legends of Dimmingwood #1) by C. Greenwood ★
  • Crushed (The Witch-Game #1) by Kasi Blake ★

Yep. Thankfully Wink Poppy Midnight made up for it. Wink Poppy Midnight was my first book for the ReadThemAllThon hosted by Aentee and now I’ve started Persuasion.


The weather was finally nice again on Wednesday, so my mom and I went out to enjoy the sun. I also took some bookstagram photos and some photos for a future Blogsterdam post. I felt like such a good blogger haha.

Sadly the nice weather was already over the next day when I went shopping with a friend. It was pretty much raining all day, but it didn’t bother us (that much haha). We had some delicious donuts, that had filling inside of them. I had a stroopwafel one (stroopwafels would literally translate to ‘syrup waffle’):

We’re definitely going there again; we want to try more donuts haha. Favourite quote of the day from my friend: ‘where are we going to eat next’. I’ve got the right friends haha (we’re most likely going to get pizza)

I’m also trying to work on my health, because even though I eat pretty healthy (SHE SAYS AFTER POSTING A PICTURE OF A DONUT OH MY GOD THIS IS SO UNBELIEVABLE 😂) I don’t do any sports or anything, so I’m trying to walk more. Bless Pokemon Go for existing, though I’m also going to try to just listen to music.

And what’s happening with my tv shows? I loved yesterday’s episode of The Fosters which focused on the girls’ robotics team and remember how in my post about tv shows that I’m currently watching I wrote that I couldn’t really get into Supergirl? Guess who finished the rest of the season within a week. I don’t know if the first three episodes were just slow or if I wasn’t in the mood to watch it, but I’m addicted. So while waiting for season 2 I’ve now started The Flash.

what I posted-2

I did pretty well last week, especially since all of these were scheduled. I think I’ve got one scheduled for this week? And I still haven’t scheduled anything for when school starts again – eek!


And that was my week! How was yours? What did you read? Are you participating in the ReadThemAllThon? How are you doing? Let me know in the comments!


39 thoughts on “The Weekly Hufflepuff #40

    • You’re welcome! I loved it :D Right?! It was such a good episode. Definitely one of my favourites. Ooh nice! It just gets better and better each episode :D I can’t wait for season 2 to start!

      • Haha yeah she is! I think it’s also because of all the pressure she’s under though, because she’s the first girl leader and she wants to prove those sexist boys wrong. She did need to tone it down a bit during the competition though lol.
        That was such a fun episode and I hadn’t even watched The Flash yet when I saw it! I loved it :D

      • Yeah ! It’s totally understandable but she could’ve went about it in a better way, I think it’ll get worse before if gets better though hahaha!
        Aaah I’m so excited to get to it ! I love the flash soo much and I decided to start supergirl just for that episode 😁

      • Yeah definitely, we haven’t seen the worst yet haha. Ooh cool! I already wanted to watch The Flash before I watched that episode, but after that I really wanted to watch it :D

  1. DONUTS I love donuts where was that I need to go now ahah. Yes other than that, I eat healthy just like you haha :P
    The Fosters!! Funny story, I never watched this series until my sister watched an episode the other day and I got sucked in, so I saw that episode with the robotics and Mariana going crazy and I am officially worried for her.
    Thank you SO much for sharing my post! <3

    • Haha we thought it was a separate shop, but it’s inside a Frozen Yoghurt shop in the Reguliersbreestraat. Seriously if you do not know that you’ll easily pass it! But it’s definitely worth it :P Haha yeah Mariana has a lot of pressure on her right now! Though I didn’t want her to lose it, I did kind of want her to punch that guy that said ‘for a girl’. You’re welcome! ❤

  2. I’m on the second Kinsman Chronicles novella and stressing out SO BAD because I see horrible things about to happen.

    And seriously, God bless Pokémon Go. As we’re saying in America, that app did more to fight childhood obesity in 24 hours than Michelle Obama did in 8 years, LOL.

  3. Thank you for providing another book for my TBR list (King’s Folly), and another lovely blog to follow (the one about books and tea)!

    I’m glad you got at least one day of nice weather. It’s been unbearably hot here in the States.

    • You’re welcome! I hope you’ll enjoy it more than me, but maybe I didn’t enjoy it that much because apparently it wasn’t even the entire book 😂 The weather has been nice every since I wrote that post haha! Though according to the forecast today will be the last day of sunshine. Aww it’s nice if it’s warm, but not if it’s THAT hot :/

  4. I think the only exercise I get these days are Pokemon Go and walking my dog, so I could really do with trying to get healthy myself! Although I am climbing Mount Snowdon for charity soon, so that should be good exercise (although I probably should have trained!) :)

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    Firstly, lemme just drool at that donut. Secondly, me too! I’m trying to work out more and drink more water and eat a bit healthier too. I don’t think I was too bad to begin with, but there’s definitely room for improvement. I’m with ya, sista!
    Thaaaaaanks for showing my post! You are just super duper sweet :)

    • THANK YOU THANKFULLY MY READING HAS BEEN BETTER SINCE. It was soooo good. Yay let’s be healthy together or at least try haha. Yeah same here. It wasn’t too bad, mainly I just need to exercise more lol. You’re welcome! I loved it 😊

  7. Wink Poppy Midnight has, like, the NICEST cover but I haven’t got round to reading it yet. (It seems kind of…weird? I don’t know. Like it might be a weird book haha.) I am still gradually making my way through the ReadThemAllThon TBR but I’m definitely not going to read all the books I wanted to! And thanks so much for the shout-out aah <3

    • It is weird! But I found it a good kind of weird haha. The beginning was a bit slow and I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it, but at some point I just couldn’t stop reading it and needed to know what was happening! Haha yeah same here. I was super motivated when I made my TBR but now? Nope lol You’re very welcome! ❤

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