In Which I Judge My Own Writing XII

It is time to judge the book I wrote when I was ten again! This book is called Spy Academy and the Secret of Ethelbertha Harrison, so as you can tell it takes place at a spy school. In this weekly feature I recap a chapter and provide you with sarcastic commentary. 

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We’re at chapter 9 already! Can you believe it? This chapter is called ‘the prediction’. I wonder what that prediction is about? (no seriously I’m not just saying that I’m actually wondering)

Last chapter ended on a cliffhanger, with the squad in Patricia and Reane’s room after curfew and hearing footsteps. It was Heyligers patrolling, but they all hid in time so no harm done. They decide to quickly try out the tarot cards so they can go to bed. Apparently Reane didn’t just steal the cards, but also the instructions (loool). Reane turns three cards and this is what’s on them:

A full moon. A girl falling through a trap door. An office, with a woman behind the desk and a boy and a girl on the other side.

I definitely did NOT know how tarot cards worked. They deduce that when it’s a full moon, a girl will fall through a trap door and a boy and a girl will tell a woman. They also deduce that this woman is most likely supposed to be the headmistress. They decide that they need to know what her office looks like, so it’s time to trade food for information with Door again. She’s fallen out of love with chicken, now it’s ‘puddingbroodjes’ (I looked it up and ‘bread pudding’ comes pretty close to it but it’s still not the same) (damn now I want some). They wonder how they can get those (I dunno maybe the kitchen or maybe at a bakery just some suggestions), so in case they can’t get any their plan B is to ask Melinda (she was one of the teachers that recruited the girls). Of course they could also just go up and ask her right away, since that would be easier and quicker but okay

Ah okay, so Door only likes the ‘puddingbroodjes’ from a certain bakery, all the way in Amsterdam. Door sure is picky. Zoey, Laila and Ricky don’t think they can pay for it, because damn those shipping costs. And the pudding bread itself is super expensive too. But have no fear Tim is here! Turns out Tim’s father is rich and he easily takes out two notes of fifty euro and hands them over. HOW MANY ‘PUDDINGBROODJES’ ARE THEY PLANNING ON BUYING THAT THEY NEED 100 EUROS

After Tim is gone, Reane enters and shows them what she wanted to show them before Heyligers caught them (see Part XI). Turns out she found a yearbook of 1984 and in it she found a picture of Door. She also found a picture of Ethelbertha Harrison (okay last time I said she went to the school in the 1990’s but she did graduate during that time, so). So turns out that Door had gone to the school at the same time as Ethelbertha. They decide to ask her about it that same evening when they’ll give her the ‘puddingbroodjes’. Ah no, turns out they only ordered one. Did they seriously spend 100 euros on one ‘puddingbroodje’ and the shipping costs.

Anyway, Door is delighted at the sight of her current favourite food. Reane shows her the tarot card with the office on it and Door confirms that it looks like the headmistress’ office. She doesn’t remember Ethelbertha though, but she does remembers when they show her the yearbook picture. She tells them that no one knows why she disappeared, but some people suspect that she’s still at the school, locked inside a secret room. A secret room in a secret room.

Later that night they take another look at the tarot cards, which apparently aren’t missed by Heyligers even though she uses them every day (more #logic). They turn three other cards, and one of them shows two girls and a boy wearing the SpyUniform (don’t ask me what this is because I have no clue). Above them it says ‘1’. It’s supposed to be Team 1, so they figure that either Zoey or Laila will fall through a trap door. *internally screaming that this is not how tarot cards work*

The next card shows a bird laying an egg. In The Netherlands we have the saying ‘in mei leggen alle vogels een ei’, which means ‘in May all birds lay an egg’ (it sounds better in Dutch). So they deduce that the girl falling through a trap door will happen in May. The last card shows a man, who Bryan recognises as one of the man that kidnapped him.

Sorry but not sorry I really love this gif thus why I use it in almost all of these posts

Would you be willing to spend 100 euros on food. In one day. On one frickin’ meal. Because I love food but I’m not. Also have you been writing? How’s it going? Let me know in the comments!


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