The Weekly Hufflepuff #42

Welp it’s my last day of the holidays. Who here is freaking out with me?


This is such a good question. Because I also posted my monthly wrap up this week I don’t remember what I read this week besides The Raven King. My memory is terrible guys


Did I already mention that my memory is terrible? Seriously what even. All I remember is seeing my psychologist on Monday and going to an awesome book sale yesterday: sale by weight. Basically you pay five euros per kilo; it’s the best. But it might have been the last time that they did this? So I’m mourning. BUT LOOK AT ALL THESE BOOKS THAT ARE WORTH LIKE 170 EUROS AND I ONLY PAID 15 EUROS FOR:

Naturally I’m a happy bookworm

OH OH AND THE FOSTERS MID-SEASON FINALE. SO INTENSE HOW IT ENDED. But I’m not worried at all because I’m used to them giving us cliffhangers like this lol

what I posted-2


Aaaand that’s all because I’m still super behind. Like I mentioned in my August wrap up I’m in a sort of slump when it comes to both blogging and reading other people’s blogs. Hopefully that will change soon.

How has your week been? Are you starting school tomorrow as well and freaking out about it? What did you read? Let me know in the comments!


15 thoughts on “The Weekly Hufflepuff #42

  1. Thooose books are beautiful and it’s definitely the best deal!!
    I feel you. Then someone asks me what I did on the weekend I’m thinking at least good 5 minutes or more. I just can’t remember and it’s so sad..
    Lovee your weekly posts!💙

  2. Well, I got to guest blog over here, so I’d say my week was pretty darn awesome. ;) I must say I definitely approve of your literary selections this week. The Hobbit, some Pokémon, and for a steal, too!

  3. That book by weight thing sounds delightful! Ah it’s that time of year for back to school for everyone! Many of the grade schoolers go back on Tuesday (Monday is a holiday in the states), but quite a few have started as early as August so I’ve been seeing a lot of posts like this. Good luck with your studies this year!

    • It was! I hope you’ll find an awesome sale like that nearby you :) Yeah most secondary schools start here in August as well, I’m lucky to be a uni student haha. Thank you!

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