Hogwarts House Cup!

Okay so this announcement has been due for a while now, but it turned out I did have/still have a concussion so YAY. I had to rest a lot and stay away from laptops/phones as much as possible, but ay it’s finally here! Anyway, while we were planning this, we found out there was something similar going on hosted by A Very Awkward Blog, so sorry for the confusion! It started out as a readathon and then became a bigger event.

So what is the Hogwarts House Cup?

It still is a readathon at the core, just with loads of non-reading challenges added. You’ll join your own House and the amount of pages you’ll read during the readathon is the amount of House Points you collect for your House. So if you read two 500-pages books, you’ll earn 1000 points for your House. The House with the most Points at the end of the readathon wins the House Cup. Sadly there’s no actual cup but ay honour am I right

How will this work?

The readathon will start on October 10th, until November 6th. During this time you’ll have plenty of time to read and accomplish additional challenges. And participate in the weekly Twitter chats. These will be hosted by the four Heads of Houses: Angel (Slytherin), Aoife (Ravenclaw), Allie (Gryffindor) and myself (Hufflepuff). We will also check if you’re following all the rules of course.

The chats are on each Friday at 6 PM in our own timezones

Friday 14th: Allie UTC+8
Friday 21st: Michelle CEST
Friday 28th: Aoife GMT
Friday 4th: Angel EST


They will be hosted on @CupHogwarts so be sure to follow that account, also because of all the information and announcements of course! We also have an Instagram: cuphogwartshouse where we’ll post examples of the photo challenges (hopefully haha) and repost our favourites.

The Hashtags

HASHTAG: #HHCup, #SHHCup (for Slytherin), #GHHCup (for Gryffindor), #HHHCup (for Hufflepuff) and #RHHCup (for Ravenclaw)

The Challenges

There are different kind of challenges: reading challenges, non-reading challenges and a photography contest

Reading challenges

These are without the Points you’ll get for the amount of pages. So let’s say you’ll read a red 100-pages book, you’ll get 105 Points

  1. Read at least 7 books – 35 Points
  2. A red book – 5 points
  3. A blue book – 5 points
  4. A green book – 5 points
  5. A yellow book – 5 points
  6. Read an orange book for Halloween – 5 points
  7. Read a book every day of the month – 155 points
  8. Read 3 books featuring magic (NOT Harry Potter) – 15 points
  9. Read a book with a clown in it – 5 points
  10. Read a book you don’t want to read at night – 5 points
  11. Read a book featuring a ghost/ghosts (NOT Harry Potter) – 5 points
  12. Read a book that came out this October – 5 points
  13. Read a book that came out in 1997 – 5 points

Non-reading challenges

Pictures can be posted on either Instagram or Twitter, you CAN post them on both platforms, but that won’t give you any extra Points. Your Head of House will check. To ensure you can get points for your house, tag any pictures & tweets with #HHCup and your House’s hashtag!

  1. Draw or act out your most favourite scene from Harry Potter (books or movie, doesn’t matter), or make a photo comic! Be as creative as you want – 20 points
  2. Draw, act out etc. your least favourite scene from Harry Potter (books or movie, doesn’t matter), maybe parody it!  – 25 points
  3. Make your very own wand – 15 points
  4. Wear your House colours as a normal, everyday outfit for the entire day! – 15 points
  5. Watch one scary movie (post a picture of your screen to prove that you’re watching!) – 5 points
  6. Watch all 8 Harry Potter movies (again, post proof please) – 40 points
  7. Write a short story featuring magic, pumpkins and the word ‘clutterbucket’. Minimum of 200 words? – 30 points
  8. Write your own Wizard Rock song – 10 points
  9. Tweet about your favourite hero and baddie – 2 points
  10. Pick a side, good or evil? And who is your partner in awesomeness/crime? Post your answer to Twitter! – 2 points
  11. Cosplay as one of the characters – 10 points
  12. Make TWO food items/recipes inspired by Harry Potter (example: Butterbeer!) – 15 points

Photography contests

There will be two contests every week and you can participate in both if you want of course. Winner gets 20 points, will be determined on Sundays
Pictures can be posted on either Instagram or Twitter, you CAN post them on both platforms, but that won’t give you any extra Points. Your Head of House will check. To ensure you can get points for your house, tag any pictures & tweets with #HHCup and your House’s hashtag!

WEEK 1: 
1. Post a picture of your Halloween outfit (or for those who don’t wear costumes anymore, post a TBT!)
2. Post a picture featuring feathers

1. Post a picture of a book and a Halloween themed snack
2. Post a picture featuring a subtle nod to Harry Potter

1. Post a murder-themed picture
2. Post a picture featuring your House colours

1. Make a Harry Potter themed art project and post a pic of it! – everybody gets 15 points for creating something, the winner gets an extra amount of points of 20 (and all the honour and glory of course)
2. Show off your Harry Potter collection

It’s totally up to you which challenges you participate in, if any! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

In summary:

Don’t forget to follow  @CupHogwarts on Twitter and cuphogwartshouse on Instagram. Don’t forget the hashtags (especially #HHCup!) and most importantly: If you want to participate, please sign up here.


I really hope I didn’t forget anything, but if I did blame it on the concussion/business/stress. Sorry I’ve been MIA the past two weeks! I’ll hopefully get to your comments soon, but I’m so busy with school right now that I just can’t afford to make it a priority. Also shameless self promotion but if you speak Dutch and are interested in feminism and Disney/Marvel/DC Comics please follow I’ll Make A Feminist Out Of You, my blog for school haha


32 thoughts on “Hogwarts House Cup!

  1. So if I sign up and find out I don’t have as much free time as I thought, I won’t be letting down my house right? I definitely want to join, it’s just going to be very casual for me :)

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