It’s Time for ANOTHER Late Award: The One Lovely Blog Award

Thank you Samantha for tagging me and sorry it took me so long! When this goes up it will have been roughly a year – oops. Anyway, if you haven’t yet, go check out her lovely blog!

The rules:

  1. Thank the nominator and link them
  2. List the rules 
  3. Add seven facts about yourself
  4. Nominate seven other bloggers and notify them of the nomination

I won’t be nominating anyone today, since I know a lot of people have already done this and while I tend to do these kind of awards over and over again, I know not everyone likes to do that.


  1. Not too long ago I thought of a fact about myself and thought: hey, I could use that for one of those tags! Naturally I’ve forgotten what that fact was
  2. I’m really starting to prefer We Heart It to Pinterest – gasp!
  3. I’m in love with my new My Melody phone case (though by the time this is posted it’s not that new anymore) – it’s adorable. One day I shall post a picture of it
  4. If I could bring one Pokemon into our world, it’d be Arceus because it’s said that it created the entire Pokemon race. Which means that if I were to bring Arceus into our world it could create the entire Pokemon race here #score
  5. Ouran High School Host Club will forever be my favourite manga
  6. I tend to just reread my favourite manga all the time and occasionally read a new one
  7. Speaking of which, my most recent new read was Orange and it was brilliant and made a huge impact on me. I can’t stop thinking about it. Definitely recommend it

Since I’m not tagging anyone, what are some facts about you? Which Pokemon would you bring to our world? What is your favourite manga? Let me know in the comments!



6 thoughts on “It’s Time for ANOTHER Late Award: The One Lovely Blog Award

    • Yeah it is! I prefer it though – I find it more organised and easier to find aesthetically pleasing pictures :) I’m not really addicted to it (yet) but I’ve never really been addicted to Pinterest either so I don’t know haha

      • I’ll have to check it out! I like Pinterest, but I do have some issues with how you can organize things. I need to spend a lot of time fixing my boards because I often can’t find what I’m looking for. It’s like a months long project!

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