Guess Who’s Back Back Again

Welp it’s been a really long time since I typed up a post. You may have not really noticed my absence since I had a few posts scheduled (so many tags I’m sorry guys I didn’t mean for that to happen, I wanted to schedule more non-tags posts but…), but in reality I’ve been gone since my last wrap up which was… September 11th woah. Almost two months ago. I have to admit I didn’t even really miss blogging, because I just didn’t have the time to miss it? I was so busy, exhausted and stressed that blogging wasn’t even on my mind.

My first term of my second year has ended though! Well not officially, but I’ve got all the work done and now I have a week off (with the exception of Friday, but that’s only for an hour). I originally planned to try and schedule as much posts as possible, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to do that since I also really need to rest. We’ll see what happens though.

Anyway, two months wow. What happened during that time? Well, I went to London and saw The Cursed Child! Obviously I’ll be blogging about that. And apart from that I’ve just been busy with school work and stressing. Oh and work! I mentioned in my last wrap up that I got a job at the Stedelijk Museum and it’s been a lot of fun. We’ve already had two events and especially Museum Night last Saturday was a lot of fun.

Also I’m obsessed with Class. I think I’ll do a post on it soon because everyone needs to watch that show it’s brilliant.

Oooh and for my blog for uni I interviewed someone from the Boekenkrant, which is a newspaper/magazine about books here in The Netherlands and now I voluntarily write for them! I don’t know how often it will be yet, but I’m reading and reviewing a book for them this week. Even if it’s just this once I’m already super excited haha.

But enough about me! I’ve missed all of you so much. What have you been up to? Hopefully I’ll be able to catch up on your blogs as well. Argh there’s so much to doooo. I really hope next term will be a little less busy.

Seriously though, how is everyone?


24 thoughts on “Guess Who’s Back Back Again

  1. Hi Michelle! Welcome back to blogging :D Sounds like you’ve had a busy couple of months but I’m happy you want to start writing here again.
    OMG YOU SAW THE CURSED CHILD LIVE??? I must know everything. Can’t wait for your post on it!
    Working in a museum sounds amazing! Being surrounded by so much history and art must be awesome.
    And congratulations for writing in the newspaper! That’s so cool! :D

    • Thank you! :) I’m happy to, I really missed it!
      I DID AND IT WAS SO GOOD. I won’t go into too much detail in my post though because #keepthesecrets but I’ll try to talk about it as much as I can :D
      It is! It’s been almost two months and I still can’t believe it??
      Thank you :D

  2. MICHELLE BEAN I HAVE MISSED YOUUUUU. The voluntary writing for the magazine sounds like a fantastic opportunity!! I’m so excited for you, plus working in the museum sounds great!! I hope the next term is less stressful and busy for you. :) 💕

  3. Waaaah, welcome back! You definitely were missed!

    Congrats on the amazing job, and on surviving (or mostly surviving) this term! Oof, you really have been busy. Do you have any specific plans (besides work) for your week off?

    Hopefully you get more than a week off soon, to recuperate. Being super stressed for that amount of time isn’t exactly good for you. Take care of yourself! =)

  4. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on The Cursed Child! I’ve heard so many mixed reviews that I just need to read it myself. I know JKR signed off on it herself, but some fans were none too pleased. Exactly why I want to read it so I can form my own opinion :)

    Welcome back!

    • Also ended up in my spam! Why is WordPress so insistent in putting you in my spam haha. Anyway I cant’ wait to talk about it (though not in too much detail #KeepTheSecrets). I can definitely see why some fans weren’t that pleased, but I still think it was great!
      Thanks :)

      • That happens to me, too! I try to check my spam folder once a week to make sure I didn’t miss anyone, and almost every time there will be a legitimate message consigned to the spam pit. I think something in their algorithms gets messed up. My blog was once blocked out for a day or two for that very reason. Super frustration.

        I actually know the major spoiler lol. I read a not so happy review of it, and at the time I was trying to reduce my TBR list so I’d removed it. I figured I might as well see the spoiler so I know the big secret. Then I decided since I kept seeing so many mixed reviews, I’d better read it myself. I think some fans were annoyed that JKR didn’t write it herself.

      • Woah that sounds so annoying! Hope that doesn’t happen to my blog.
        Aaah which one? Because I know there are quite a lot of things people aren’t happy about (I do agree with some of them (I don’t know all of the things they don’t like) but it didn’t take away my enjoyment)

      • Something popped up on their spam filter, and it caused it to automatically block my blog. I had to email them, and it was taken care of pretty quickly, but still annoying.

        I didn’t read too much at the time because then I was avoiding spoilers, but I did hear they didn’t like how Harry was portrayed.

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