What I’d Change In Winx Club (Besides Making It Gay™)

Winx Club was my life when it first aired here in The Netherlands. I think I was about eight and I lived and breathed Winx Club. I watched it over and over again, bought all the magazines so I could keep up with the comic, collected the stickers, we pretended to be the Winx at the playground (because I wanted to keep everyone happy I settled to be Kiko because everyone was already fighting over which fairy they wanted to be so yeah I played the rabbit omg is it weird to call my younger self Pure™) and I even got to see the musical (I still have the dvd and cd somewhere and I’m so tempted to rewatch it because nostalgia).

And you know what? I still love Winx Club. I haven’t seen it in years and I wouldn’t call myself a fan anymore, but I love what it stands for and what it meant to me as a child. It’s a show about six girls kicking ass and saving the whole magical universe. Do they sometimes need saving from the Specialists? Yeah, but they need to be saved by the Winx too (a lot if I remember correctly) and they fight side by side. Plus half of the Winx aren’t white and they all have their own unique personality (at least in the first seasons, don’t know what happened in later ones). They love dressing up and shopping and that’s never frowned upon. And Tecna being into technology? Yes please. I just really love this about Winx Club.

That said, it’s not perfect. And there are some things I’d love to change.

Realistic and Diverse Body Types

Okay so these aren’t exactly realistic right? Their waistlines are just… Kind of scary? Fun fact: I started to draw people like this because of Winx Club and my grandfather who can draw very well was just like ‘no’ (he was probably screaming on the inside). Other fun fact which is unrelated to the topic: I’m pretty sure I had this picture as a puzzle (now I want to puzzle). Anyway it’d be great if they could have more realistic bodies and if they weren’t all thin! We need more body positivity

Less Straights


Bloom x Stella aesthetic I made I’ve decided that their shipname is Bella which means beautiful and this ship is beautiful so there you go perfect shipname

My title already gave it away, but if I were in charge of Winx Club I’d make it Gay™ (I’d apologise for the overusing of ™ but I’m not Sorry™). I’d make Stella and Brandon bisexuals. I don’t know if I made this up, but I remember there being an episode in which Stella and Brandon tried to get the most phonenumbers or something? So Stella and Brandon could easily get phonenumbers from the same sex as well and ta-dah everyone knows they’re bi. I also like the idea of Stella running into an old classmate (in case you forgot: Stella had already gone to Alfea the year before the others) and she’d casually mention to the others that she’s her ex when they ask her who that was. Also come on where are my fairy girlfriends and witch girlfriends? And fairies dating witches? (Mirta and Lucy thank you please). Also I headcanon Bloom as a lesbian (no one bring up Sky I’ll just bring up compulsory heterosexuality) and I’m trash for Bloom x Stella even though I’m also trash for Stella x Brandon (why were Bloom and Sky seen as the power couple of the show when that spot clearly belonged to Stella and Brandon) and I don’t ship Brandon and Bloom so polyamory is not an option here and I’m torn.

I have so many more headcanons, but let’s get to the next thing I’d change

Co-Ed Red Fountain

You know what's weird. The school is already called Red Fountain when it still looks like this, but the name doesn't make sense until the new building is revealed?

You know what’s weird. The school is already called Red Fountain when it still looks like this, but the name doesn’t make sense until the new building is revealed?

Okay I’ll accept that only girls can be fairies or witches (but omg trans and non-binary and genderfluid fairies and witches) but why are the Specialist only boys? Technically the fairies and witches fight too, but the boys use weapons which is seen as ‘for boys’ so it really bothers me. Thus Red Fountain would be co-ed and girls who’d rather fight with weapons attend it too. I think Aisha would love to fight with weapons as well, so she’d follow some classes there while being enrolled at Alfea (students of Red Fountain would be able to take classes at Alfea as well if they have magic) and there she’d meet her future girlfriend (Aisha x Nabu can still happen, I don’t remember the relationship that well since I only watched season 3 once). And just… Let girls fight with weapons please

Dark Bloom Would be Actually Dark

Okay she wouldn’t straight up murder people and rip off body parts, this is still a kids show, but I remember that Dark Bloom just… Didn’t do much? She laughed evily and attacked if Darkar told her to, but it was very anticlimatic (maybe this was only the case in the Dutch dub? I don’t know).

Don’t Reduce The Trix To Weak Servants

The Trix were so COOL in the first season. They were actual villains to look out for and then in season 2 and 3 they’re just reduced to that season’s villain’s servants and they were so lame. Especially when they were fighting for Valtor’s love just jsgjdfg. No. Let them be sly, calculating, manipulative, let them be the Trix.

What would you change in Winx Club? Let me know in the comments!


14 thoughts on “What I’d Change In Winx Club (Besides Making It Gay™)

  1. Oh my god so many memories! I used to ADORE Winx Club but I now remember literally nothing. Dark Bloom? The Trix? whut? Must. Rewatch. Everything.
    I agree with you on everything you said you’d like to change. There is no diversity in size or sexuality which is sad. Bloom and Stella would literally be the cutest! Bella is a great ship name. Also, I always kind of shipped Musa and Tecna because why not.

    • Hahaha I rewatched it a few years ago that’s why I remember it pretty clearly. Was definitely still fun, so I’d recommend it :D
      Oooh Musa and Tecna would make a GREAT ship!

  2. I used to love winx club and I remember liking the first season. Then they changed stuff for some reason and I started to dislike it :’) I definitely agree with your changes! Also… Totally spies, remember that one?

    • Awww yeah the first season is my favourite too. I pretty much only love season two because it brought us Aisha haha. AAAAH YES TOTALLY SPIES. I’m getting so nostalgic haha

  3. Wow what a blast from the past! I love the changes you’d make to the show, especially making it gay (I’ve been bitter over the lack of gay in winx since I was 15, let me tell you).

  4. I have…actually never heard of this series. But the unrealistic (even for animation) bodies of cartoon characters does worry me. Of course, this was also a little before the big shift toward diversity, so I’m pretty sure most the shows weren’t big on representation at the time (not an excuse, just a detail). Seriously, though…this looks like it had some great stuff in it. I wonder why I never heard of it?

    • *GASP* No that’s okay haha. Yep the bodies are really weird. Sad thing is the show is still ongoing and they’ve changed the characters’ appearances over the years, yet the bodies are still unrealistic *sigh*. Yeah true! It’s already awesome that half of the main girls aren’t white. Hmm I dunno, maybe it wasn’t as popular where you lived? At the time it first started airing it was super popular in The Netherlands, so you couldn’t escape it haha.

  5. OHHHH, how I loved The Winx Club. I remember one time in high school my best friend and I spent an entire day watching it :’) I still remember the theme song off by heart.

    And I totally agree with you on the things you’d change. I mean, YAY for the fact that not all of these girls were white, but all of them were super skinny and cishet, so, bummer. I would have loved to see a bi Stella and Bloom because that would have been amazing. Lesbian Flora would have been to cute for words, let’s be real.

    I am kind of terrified by the new series because it’s not hand drawn animation anymore and that is SCARY. Also: we all know that early seasons are the best. Although, if I heard that it was super awesome and had co-ed and lesbians etc., I’d be up for watching it.

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  7. If i got to change some things on Winx Club, I’d go with these:

    1) Add Mirta to the main cast in Season Two as a witch. Mirta turned into the most underutilized character in the series after Season One, and her story basically ends with her changing to fit in at Alfea after leaving Cloud Tower because she doesn’t fit in there. Having Mirta own her witch powers and be accepted as part of the Winx would have been a great payoff for those of us who felt her resonate with us in the first place.

    2) Have Aisha fill a semi-antagonistic version of Mirta’s role for Season Two, as a lead-in for her to join the Winx in Season Three. Adding her to the main cast as soon as she shows up makes Aisha feel like a token character to me. A non-evil antagonist role, such as a rivalry with Stella or a hatred of witches that turns her off of Mirta (or both), would have made her a complicated character, especially if she still befriends Musa or Bloom outside of her rivalry with whichever Winx rubs her the wrong way. And when she realises that she’s wrong about them, it makes her Heel-Face Turn into a better introduction to the group than the way it plays out in the actual series.

    3) LGBT+ representation. Personally, I like Mirta as a lesbian, Flora as bisexual homoromantic (dating Mirta, because why not?), Tecna as asexual heteromantic, Timmy as demisexual, Musa as asexual aromantic with some voyeuristic tendencies, Bloom as heterosexual? (that’s her questioning it, not me), Stella as pansexual, and Brandon as bisexual. Transgenderism is a topic I don’t know enough about to make a scholarly thesis on, but Riven as a closeted trans-woman (who treats women the way he/she does as a projection of his/her self-loathing) would have been a great story if done well; granted, it would have a high chance of blowing up in their faces, so that’s a low-chance idea there.

    4) Leave the Trix out for more than one season. It’s hard to want them back when they never freaking go away.

    5) Maybe Stella still needs her glasses, please?

    6) Come up with a reason for Musa to grow her hair out (other than “lol”, which is kinda what we got), or just have her try more styles with it short.

    7) Show off Musa’s intelligence more. Saying she gets the best grades and then throwing all the brainwork to Tecna just comes across as an invocation of the “Smart Asian” stereotype.

    8) For God sake, let Tecna do more than just be the brain. I’m not even sure why she’s a protagonist, she’s never getting the spotlight.

    So, that’s what I’ve got for ideas. The body diversity thing would have made my list, but I always figured that they all had the same body type due to budgetary reasons.

    • Ohhh love your ideas! I didn’t remember everything from the show (like Stella needing glasses, or Musa being smart) I especially love your idea of Mirta joining the main cast, or at least they could’ve let her appear more often! She was such an interesting character, and if she had stayed a witch they really would’ve broken their own stereotype of ‘fairies are good, witches are evil and mean’. Although I really wish they would’ve done more with that stereotype in the first place, because the witches were against the Trix so they weren’t THAT evil? Why couldn’t they just have had a different kind of magic and beliefs, why did they have to be downright bullies. And yes I agree with you on the Trix, they definitely shouldn’t have been in every season! Honestly they were such interesting villains in season 1, but after that…

      Yeah the body diversity definitely could’ve been a budget thing! I have no idea how big there budget has been over the years, but I remember lots of animation mistakes in season 2, so I guess it wasn’t great lol

      Again, love your ideas!

  8. Male fairies! I’m a gay male and growing up my favourite fairy was Tecna. I loved the show and wished it had atleast one male fairy for all the young queer boys like myself. To think it had male teachers and villains who use magic. It doesn’t even need to mention anything about queerness as it’s a kids show. Although to be honest I knew that I was attracted to men from the young age of 4. Kids won’t be negatively influenced. The male fairies would also need a bit of variation in behaviour some being masculine and others being feminine.

  9. Aisha and musa are girlfriends, idc, it’s clear for me <3
    And i looove how stella and bloom shipname's bella, it's just meant to be!

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