The Monthly Hufflepuff: September, October and Oh My God November Too?!

Yes I missed three monthly wrap ups. Woops. BUT HEY LOOK WHO’S BLOGGING. This new term has been crazy as well. And it’s note even over yet. EEK. But now it’s winter break so hopefully I’ll be able to blog a bit. I also have a lot of school work and I need to relax, since I’m going to need a lot of energy after the break. I’m not even going to utter my hopes for next term in regards to blogging. We’ll just have to see and wait!


What did I read during these three months in which you barely heard from me? Looking back September was a really bad month. I only finished The Raven King, but I did have a concussion, so that explains that.

Well, not bad! I did hit a huge slump during these months, but comics helped me through it. Also look at those ratings! Let’s end 2016 this way.


I COMPLETELY FORGOT I HAD GOALS FOR THIS YEAR UNTIL A FEW DAYS AGO. So let’s see which ones I unawaringly completed (probably none, but hey, maybe I’m getting closer?)

  • I didn’t write at all during these months. No time at all. I did write today though! But it’s December so that doesn’t count for this wrap up
  • Let’s just completely skip my blogging goals okay
  • OH HEY! I READ A BOOK FOR MY SERIES CHALLENGE! Siege and Storm – woo go me!
  • And I read two books for my contemporary challenge *shoulder clap*

Seriously though, I don’t think I’ll set myself any challenges/goals for next year. They don’t really help and they only pressure me, until I entirely forget about them.


I usually don’t do this section in my monthly wrap ups since I cover it in my weekly wrap ups, but there haven’t really been any weekly wrap ups so… Also I need to fill the empty space of ‘what I posted’ since I didn’t post anything.

I did do a weekly wrap up last month (oh and I forgot, but I did post something after that that I can share: What I’d Change In Winx Club (Besides Making it Gay) but some stuff happened after that! I don’t remember what! But I’m sure stuff happened.

Basically I’ve been busy with school – in my last wrap up I talked about how I wasn’t looking forward to the term, and it’s really not a fun one. Shout out to my friend for keeping me sane during this term. Apart from that I’ve wasted my time on tv shows I guess? And comics. I read a lot of comics, especially this month.

Is anyone else obsessed with Yuri on Ice? Please? I need season 2 like asap. Speaking of season 2… SHADOWHUNTERS. I’m going to try and review the episodes every week, so fingers crossed I’ll have the time. I had a lot of fun last season and it made me love the show even more.

Of course Christmas happened but I’m not wrapping up December so I’ll leave that for later.


Technically I should talk about December here, but um… There are only a few days left so let’s not. Next month is January, which is 2017. What the hell. 2017 better be good. Or just better than 2016.  Like it won’t take that much to be better than 2016. Give us a break 2017. Please



21 thoughts on “The Monthly Hufflepuff: September, October and Oh My God November Too?!

  1. It’s so good you’re back!! Even if only temporary. I van assume I should really start watching Yuri on Ice. I’ve been thinking about that for a long time but I’ll just end up obsessed 😅

  2. I totally forgot I set myself goals last year too until the other day. I don’t dare look back at them though, because I imagine I haven’t completed any of them!
    Have a great new year! :)

  3. YOU’RE BACK! :D This makes me happy. Also, have you thought about reviewing comics? I mean, Goodreads counts them as books and…well…anyway.

    I have faith you can vanquish school! You’re tough.

    • I AM! Hopefully I’ll be able to blog regularly (or at least a bit as opposed to not at all haha). I have! I’ve added all the comics I’ve read on Goodreads, just without reviews haha. I am definitely going to review Ms. Marvel and Lumberjanes though.
      Aww thanks! :) I sure hope so haha

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