Announcement About Tags

Okay, so I should’ve done this ages ago, but part of me just didn’t want to. See, I have a lot of tags to catch up on, and let’s be real here I’m never going to be able to catch up on all of them. So unfortunately I’ve decided that if I’ve already done a tag (especially more than twice) I likely won’t do it anymore. I didn’t really want to announce this, as I’ll kindly explain it when people tag me, but since I’ve already been tagged multiple times in tags I’ve already done, I wanted to explain it in a post anyway to all the people who tagged me in those tags. I’m really, really happy you guys tagged me and thought of me and I really wish I could do them (I really like doing them too!) but the ammount of tags I have to do is stressing me out. Plus, doing the same tags over and over again might not be that interesting to read? I don’t know, but I don’t want to bore you guys.

I really hope this doesn’t sound bitchy or ungrateful or anything. I love being tagged, I really do, but can’t keep up and I’d rather do tags I haven’t done yet. I hope you guys understand <3


12 thoughts on “Announcement About Tags

  1. I don’t think it sounds bitchy at all! I really understand where you are coming from, because while I like doing some tags, others I am just not getting around to or find that they are too similar to things I’ve already done. Then it makes me feel bad for not doing the tag and that in return puts pressure on me for doing it at some point, but because I don’t really want to, I’ll just let it sit forever. It sucks, because I really appreciate people thinking of me, but I just can’t do all of them either.

    • Yes exactly! I’m glad I don’t sound bitchy and that you understand Kat. I was really nervous about posting this, so your comment really made me feel a lot better ❤️

      • No need to worry from my side at all! I think it’s completely understandable :) if you ever do see a tag you find interesting, you can still do it after all. But I totally get not wanting the pressure and repetitiveness in general.

  2. It doesn’t sound bitchy to me at all! I’ve had the same issue (and omg I hope I don’t sound like I’m humble bragging or bragging or anything like that D:). People are so nice to tag me in things, and they pile up, stress me out, and I feel awful that I don’t have time to do them. I keep a checklist and try to do them as I can, but sometimes it takes me months to get to them, too. I think the taggers will understand you’re not snubbing them :)

    • I’m glad to hear that! Noo don’t worry you don’t sound like you’re bragging at all! Yep exactly, same here! It makes me so happy that people tag me, but it also stresses me out. The tags should be fun, not stress us out right? :)

      • They’re so much fun, and I just feel bad that I can’t get to them right away. I copy the links into my notes so that I have them readily available when I have the time to do them. To add to the madness, I’m thinking of creating my own award now lol!

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