Blogsterdam: KITTY EDITION 2.0

Blogsterdam is supposed to be a monthly thing but alas, the blogger behind this blog is very forgetful. Anyway, Blogsterdam is a blogging series in which this forgetful blogger talks about her hometown Amsterdam, as the city is so much more than drugs, cheese and the Red Light District.

Yes it’s true, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. It’s truly time for another Blogsterdam! KITTY EDITION (if your wondering why it’s 2.0, check out my post on the Cat Boat!). I mentioned going to a cat cafe last month, and I finally got around to writing about it.

thumb_img_4700_1024 thumb_img_4701_1024

The cat cafe is called ‘Kopjes’, which is both the Dutch word for ‘cups’ and a cat rubbing its head against you (I couldn’t find a translation for this word). When you walk in you get to the register where you need to wash your hands and can buy some cat merchandise.

thumb_img_4702_1024 thumb_img_4805_1024

Behind the register you go through the door to the cafe area where the cats live. The cafe is very cozy and full with cat related stuff. Like the menu has a cat on it of course

thumb_img_4714_1024 thumb_img_4706_1024

thumb_img_4727_1024 thumb_img_4763_1024

Of course I don’t remember everything that was on the menu, but I’d really recommend the red velvet cake.


Basically, if you like foods and cats this is the place for you. Now, time for what I’m sure you’re all waiting for: CAT PICTURES


Meet the cats (unfortunately you can’t really read their names in the picture sorry about that)

thumb_img_4730_1024 thumb_img_4728_1024

thumb_img_4736_1024 thumb_img_4739_1024

thumb_img_4738_1024 thumb_img_4758_1024

Look at that cheeky leg

thumb_img_4723_1024 thumb_img_4713_1024

Story time: I was petting the first cat, but all of a sudden it moved like it was going to bite me. So I took the hint and left it alone. I sat back down in my chair next to my friend and all of a sudden the cat charged me. I thought it was going to attack me (we both did), then it jumped on my lap, jumped to my friend’s lap and sat down. IT WAS SO RUDE. I WAS GIVING YOU LOVE AND ATTENTION EARLIER WHY DID YOU CHOOSE HER.


Look at her face lmao

thumb_img_4809_1024 thumb_img_4761_1024


I don’t wanna play favourites but… Tiny (the one in the house) is my favourite

thumb_img_4768_1024 thumb_img_4783_1024

thumb_img_4771_1024  thumb_img_4781_1024


thumb_img_4784_1024 thumb_img_4796_1024

thumb_img_4797_1024 thumb_img_4788_1024

thumb_img_4794_1024 thumb_img_4799_1024

Seriously recommend this cafe if you’re a cat lover. I had never been to a cat cafe before this one, so I don’t have anything to compare it with, but I really loved it.

Important information:
Address: Marco Polostraat 211
Opening hours: Wednesday through sunday 10.00 – 19.00
It’s best to make a reservation! You get two hours at the cafe
Also you need to pay three euros entrance (do it for the kitties)
You can only pay with a debit or credit card

Have you ever been to a cat cafe? Or something similar? How was it? Let me know in the comments! Also if you have a cat please share some cat stories with me I love cats



23 thoughts on “Blogsterdam: KITTY EDITION 2.0

  1. THIS IS THE CUTEST THING OMG ❤❤ I wish there were cat cafes here (maybe there are, I don’t know :o)
    They’re all so adorable. Especially Tiny! 😊❤

  2. OH I LOVE THIS, putting it on my to-do list for the next time I’m going to Amsterdam, I can’t WAIT. I already went to one of these places close to my hometown and it was SO much fun. I loved watching the cats and petting them, they were just too cute and there were two babies and well; sister and I were crazy about them haha :)
    Love this post! :)

  3. Omg they are the cutest little kitties EVER!!!! I didn’t even know such thing existed!!! I’m definitely going to keep an eye out for one around where I live!!!

    Thanks for sharing this Michelle!!! Xx

  4. OMG why didn’t I know this when I visited Holland last year!! :( This is SO cute; definitely wish they would open something similar here (although the Argentinians seem to be dog-persons in general so I’m not sure if it would work haha). Tiny is gorgeous! <3

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  7. Okay I am late to this post but OMGGGGG CAT CAFE SO CUTE SO PURE I LOVE THE CATS THIS IS SO GREAT I’m really sad that I missed this when I went to Amsterdam! (did persuade my mum to visit this cat museum though where we got to stroke cats which was fun)

  8. Kitties? I have 3. All rescues, didnt have the heart to give them away.
    I pretend its too much but if my husband rescues another, my heart and house will home him.
    Love the way they love us back, even when they are being superior and bossy.
    I have pictures on my post, Stray Cats, Love Found.
    Leo is 1.5 yrs old and my lion.
    Snosey is 1 and my Panda.
    Jag is my jaguar.

    • Ahhh that’s so great! I can imagine not being able to give them away haha. I hate how people always talk about cats as if they don’t love their humans like dogs do – they do, they just show it in a different way than dogs!

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