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Thank you Eve for tagging me! If you’re not familiar with Eve’s awesome blog go check it out now. I haven’t done a tag in ages, but since I’m trying to get back into scheduling posts, what better way to start than with tags? SO LET’S DO THIS.


a book that has two characters who equal perfection

© Viria

© Viria

Hmm what (bro)tp to go with today? You know, I haven’t gushed about Percabeth in a long time and they remain one of my favourite book couples. They have a healthy, cute relationship and the build-up was A+


a book I would like to dissect

I dunno Les Mis maybe? GUYS DID I MENTION I FINALLY, AFTER FOUR YEARS OR SO OF IT BEING ON MY SHELF, STARTED LES MIS? Cause I did. I’m only like ten pages in but liking it so far. Since I’m not that far in yet I don’t know if I would like to dissect it, but since it’s huge and has a lot of characters I think it would be a great choice to dissect *nods*


a book with a lot of potential

I’m going with a book I haven’t read yet. There are SO many though, but I recently bought Lies We Tell Ourselves by Robin Talley and it sounds amazing. Definitely has a lot of potential so I hope it won’t let me down.


a book I really bonded to

The Perks of Being a Wallflower hands down. I definitely bonded to Harry Potter as well, but I felt that was a bit of a cliché answer haha. I relate so much to Charlie and I love this book so much. Damn, I need a reread.


a book that should be a modern classic

Aaaah okay I don’t like giving the same answer twice but… The Perks of Being a Wallflower. It is so well-written and such an important book. It definitely should be a modern classic.


a book that I raced to the finish with

While I didn’t finish it within a day or anything (because school yay) the last book that I raced to finish was Magnus Chase and the Hammer of Thor (which I really need to review).


a book that reminds me of a song

Hmm I’m not sure? I do have songs that reminds me of books, but not really the other way around. So I’m going to be boring and not choose an answer here

I’ll be tagging: Lia | Kwante | Hannah

Don’t feel obligated to do this!

What book reminds YOU of a song? And what’s your favourite subject and why? Let me know in the comments!



24 thoughts on “The School Book Tag

  1. I love your choices! Lies We Tell Ourselves is one of my favorite books! I hope you like it when you read it!

    Hmm… a book that reminds me of a song… I don’t really have one either. It’s usually the other way around for me too, I’ll hear a song and associate it with book characters. My favorite subject is math because I’ve always been pretty good at it. Literature is a close second though I really hate analyzing books I didn’t choose to read.

    • Thank you! Oooh I’m glad to hear that. I hope so too :) Haha glad it’s not just me. Oh cool! Math wasn’t my favourite, but I really liked it since was pretty good at it too. I found it quite relaxing if that makes sense haha. Aah I feel you. Analyzing books you didn’t want to read (and don’t end up liking) can be a pain :(

  2. *whispers* lES MIS YESSSSSS. I have A Lot Of Feelings about it. (I mean, if you couldn’t already tell lol.) I feel like it would be really fun to analyse! Like, there are some deep themes and symbols there, I think, but I don’t think I fully understand them. *sweats* And I SUPER need to read Magnus Chase, eep!!

    • Hahahaha your Les Mis Feelings aren’t exactly a secret :P Haha yeah I probably won’t fully understand all of them either (I really need to continue it, why won’t school just let me READ) YES YOU DO ASAP!!

  3. You should definitely read lies we tell ourselves. The author very realistically mixes LGBT+ characters into historical times when being LGBT+ was not viewed as ok. The actual plot is BOMB! and the main characters are great.

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